Skeletons + John McCain + Snakes = ?

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The other night I remember what I think was one dream, and I think that one dream had 3 parts that did not really go together.

The first part I can barely remember, all I can remember is that I was in some dark cave-like room fighting a lot of skeletons.

The skeletons were easy to beat, I would hit them once and they would crumble into dust, but there were more that kept coming.

I was getting tired of beating the skeletons so I went into another room, this room was pretty dark and in the room was a Skeleton God, at least that is what I called it in the dream.

It was tall and I was a bit afraid to fight it since I was already tired of fighting, so I somehow switched to the second part of the dream.

The second part was about a conversation between James Earl Jones and John McCain.

I was not there but I could see things like a camera person in a movie or something.

Mr. Jones was talking to Mr. McCain about ways that they could get more funding for McCain’s presidential campaign, since Barack Obama had way more funding for his campaign.

Mr. McCain did not seem worried and was telling Mr. Jones to relax, and that things were going well.

Next Mr. Jones started talking about the need for more security for Mr. McCain and his family.

As they were talking about that, I could see another scene like in a movie.

In this scene Mrs. McCain was driving a truck to the McCain ranch, and there was an old truck with a few men in it that were following her from a distance.

I was able to see inside the truck, and the men were talking about something, I think they were trying to see if Mr. McCain was in the truck.

They seem to have tried to stalk Mr. McCain and hoped to get close to him when his security was not around.

I can not remember what the men looked like exactly, but I think they looked like your stereotypical hillbilly type with a shotgun in the truck, I remember thinking that they looked liked people who you would expect to be trying to attack Mr. Obama not Mr. McCain.

The men stopped their truck as Mrs. McCain got close to the ranch, the ranch was on a hill and there was a gate & a fence, but you could not see anything past that.

The hill was too high so you could not see what was up there, you could not even see the house or the land.

I did not see any security guards by the gate or with Mrs. McCain, which I thought was odd.

The men in the truck must have realized that Mr. McCain was not in the truck and they seemed to be afraid to try to go through the gate because there would probably be security guards up there.

The scene switched back to Mr. Jones and Mr. McCain, Mr. Jones was begging Mr. McCain to improve his security but Mr. McCain seemed to think things were okay and told Mr. Jones to relax.

Mr. McCain said that he believe that his security was good, and that he was not in danger but said he would talk with his security guards about it, then it switched to the last part of the dream.

In this part I was in dream again and I was riding in the back seat of my former uncle-in-law’s truck, and my two youngest brothers were there too.

My former uncle was driving, it seemed like we were on a road that was a fictional version of the road leading to the Boise Cascade plant and there was a bridge like the one in LC by the big beach.

The road is somewhat a familiar road in some of my dreams, so I did not even come close to realizing that I was dreaming this whole dream, maybe one day I will finally have a lucid dream.

Anyway, my brothers were being a bit annoying, so my former uncle would tell them to be quiet.

It seemed to be afternoon outside the window and the weather looked normal.

After driving for a while we stopped on the side of the road at what appeared to be an old tennis court.

It was pretty dark outside, and we walked toward the old tennis court but it was hard to see the ground.

The court seemed to be very dry and the court was like broken up dirt, so there was no way anyone was going to be playing tennis on it.

My former uncle seemed to be somewhat disappointed, like we drove all this way to come play tennis or something.

Then we started to walk back to the truck, but I noticed something moving on the ground by our feet.

It looked like a snake but it was hard to see in the dark, when I got closer to it I realized that it was a snake.

The snake was moving away from us like it was trying to go somewhere else.

I then saw another snake that was smaller and it did not seem poisonous, so I told my uncle to look before he walks because there were snakes on the ground.

I then saw a bigger snake, but none of the snakes really seemed to be worried about hurting us or anything, in my dreams snakes do not seem to try attack me they usually are just on the ground in the way and I have to walk around them or I will see some snakes swimming in water sometimes.

In my dreams with snakes I usually see more and more snakes as I am trying to walk around them without stepping on any of them.

Anyway, the last snake I saw looked poisonous so I made sure to keep a distance from it, then as we were almost to the truck I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Murder?

Last night I only remember a bit of one of my dreams.

Across from my friend DH’s house there were military medical tents set up where medics were helping soldiers.

An Affair?

File:Straight hair with highlights.jpg
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Last night I only remember a bit of one of the dreams I had.

I think it was a night and I was riding in an automobile.

I was in the back seat talking with a woman with blonde hair and she looked like a more attractive version of the character Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

I do not remember most of what we talked about, but I do remember asking her if she had ever tried to learn another language.

She said that she took an intense French class once, but she gave up because it was too hard and that she still wanted to learn French one day.

I told her that I too wanted to learn French, and that I was in the process of trying to learn it.

So I started to practice some phrases I learned using Pimsleur’s French with her.

I remember asking her if she spoke English and if she spoke French. (In French of course)

I can not remember what other phrases we practiced.

We seem to have a lot in common and she seemed to be flirting with me too, anyway I went to the front of the automobile and talked with the driver a bit.

I asked him about his automobile mostly I believe, on the passenger side of the dashboard there was a digital map of the World that moved strangely.

You could see the continents and the name of the continents, but the map kept moving in ways that changed the shape of the continents.

I thought it was strange but interesting, and still did not realize this was a dream.

I turned on the radio and there was a song in French playing, it was a song by Camille called Ta Douleur.

I thought that was strange and interesting since I had never heard a song in French on the radio before in the United States.

I still did not realize this was a dream and I continued to listen to the song.

The next thing I can remember is that it was now day, and the man dropped me and the woman off at a nice looking apartment complex.

There was a nice big clean parking lot, and the apartment complex may have only had one floor.

There probably were not many apartments, and I think they all were connected by sidewalks and each led to a garden-like park in the middle of the complex.

Me and the woman went into the house talking, and we probably were talking about starting a romantic relationship or dating or going on a date.

The apartment looked nice and was kind of dark because most of the blinds were closed.

The apartment had a modern, clean, natural, Japanese, and efficient style to it.

I looked around the apartment a bit as we talked.

During some part of our chat I found out that the man who dropped us off was her husband, and that this was his apartment.

I started to ask her why she did not tell me that earlier and why was she flirting with me, and talking about us possibly dating if she was married.

I was somewhat surprised and annoyed since that is against my beliefs, as she went to explain herself I saw her husband walking across the parking lot to the apartment.

He came in and had no idea about what was going, and he thought we were just talking about French or something.

I told her that she needed to make a decision on whether she was going to divorce him and for some reason her husband did not hear it, and I left.

As I walked across the parking lot I thought it was odd that her husband did not notice her flirting with me during the time we drove to the apartment, and I wondering what should I do.

Wait for her to divorce her husband and then date her?

Have an affair with a married woman?

Or neither?

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂

Lady In The Puddle

File:Exploring new continents 1200728.JPG
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Saturday night I remembered a bit of two of my dreams, and in the first dream I remembered part of a strange and detailed story I was told by a dream character; and I think the second dream was related to my body’s fight against a real sickness, that I had since Thursday.

The first dream took place in a fictional version of my job, the building had no windows and the building was almost empty.

There was only one work table and there was a room that may have been the office or offices, and I think some workers were in there were talking.

In the main area my cousin CE was working by herself at the only work table I saw, and I stopped to talk to her; but I can not remember what I said.

Not too far from her across the room, there was a dark area near the only entrance I saw in the building.

The only light in the area by the entrance, was from the crack in the entrance door.

I walked over near the door to look outside but I saw water in the dark area, and it was like a small deep pond or aquarium; but I did not see any fish or anything.

I then walked toward the door but I heard a voice of a woman, so I looked down, and next to the door was a water puddle between the door and the small deep body of water.

The water puddle was only about ankle-deep maybe, and in the water puddle there was a small woman with long blonde hair and whitish colored skin.

She was under the water but I could hear her voice clearly, and she began to tell me a story about her past.

I do not remember the entire story, but it is probably one of the most detailed conversations I have had with a dream character that really did not have anything to do with the dream or me.

I think it is rare for a dream character to tell me a story about themselves like that, and for me to actually remember some of it.

She told me that she used to be a scientist working with a team of scientists, that were researching marine animals.

I do not remember why they were doing the research, but I think she mentioned it.

She talked like you would expect a scientist to, she gave details and used scientific-like words.

She said something about one day she had the desire/need/want/wish to kill the marine animals or something, but I forgot the details she gave me about this.

I can not remember why or what made her start thinking about killing the marine animals.

I think she described how she started noticing some strange changes in her thoughts, behaviors, and personality.

All I can remember is that she said that she killed the marine animals, and that they were doing research with/on a neurotoxin made from a plant or tree.

She put it in the water, and I do not know if she killed the other scientists or not; she did not say.

As she told the story, I think her voice started to slowly sound crazier & crazier, as she told the story.

I can not remember if she stopped talking or did I just leave while she was still talking, because she started to sound pretty crazy.

I remember wondering what happened to her colleagues, why did she kill the marine animals, I thought she was crazy, and since she was trapped in the water puddle and she was so small, I was not worried about her hurting anyone else; so I walked off.

I then talked to my cousin CE, my cousin TE was there also, and some random workers in the office.

My second dream took place in a building with no windows again, which is common for my dreams.

It was like a big garage for automobiles and small boats.

My mom, uncle JF, and I were talking on one side of the room and on the other side there was a party.

At the party there were Humans and Vampires, and they were talking and dancing I think.

All I remember is that a fight started between two female Vampires and some Humans, and the two female Vampires seemed to be too tough/powerful for the Humans to defeat; so the Humans ran outside.

I ran outside and I tried to stop the fight, but the two female Vampires wanted to fight and they seemed to hate Humans.

They were the ones that started the fight, and it appeared that the Humans and Vampires were trying to get along; but these two Vampires wanted to stop that.

As we were about fight, a group of Vampires flew from the air and attacked the two female Vampires, and then they ran into the building to fight.

The group of Vampires came back outside and said that the situation had been taken care of, but they did not say if the two female Vampires were dead or not.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂

The College Doctor

File:OUTulsa ResearchandMedicalClinic.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream about being at some unknown college I think, I remember being in a building that reminded me of the area at M where you can buy snacks but it was not M.

There was a man sitting at a table or desk in one area of the room, some people were waiting in line for money loans or to cash checks or something.

I think my mom or some one called me on my mobile phone to tell me that I needed to pay a phone bill or something, so I go into line to get some money also.

The two people in front of me did not get money because the man believed that they were lying, it seemed that would ask people questions about why they need the money and then he decided if he would give them any or not.

When it was my turn in line the man asked me why did I need the money, and I told him that I needed to pay my phone bill.

He believed me and gave me the money, but then he noticed something on the corner of my lip and asked if I had felt tired or sick.

I told him that I have felt tired, he said that he was a doctor so he took a closer look and said some medical stuff that I did not understand and said that I should go to his medical clinic with him so he can do some tests to see what sickness I have.

He seemed to be a very smart doctor and he offered to do the tests for free so I rode in his automobile to his medical clinic.

This doctor had an accent and I had the feeling that he could speak Hindi also, and he seemed to be nicer to me than he was with the other people in line, I had the feeling that he thought I was from India (Indian) or maybe my parents were or maybe he thought that I may be a good match for his daughter or something, I just remember thinking that as we drove.

Outside it was a sunny day, I can not remember what we talked about and he had an important call on his cell phone so we were not able to go to the clinic.

He had to go to do something so he left me by some building and told me that his son would give me a ride back to the college.

Later his son came to pick me up in some cool customized automobile, his son was a bit older than me and seemed to be a person that liked to be cool and party.

He said he had a special shortcut to get back to the college faster and we drove through a little field, which was illegal, we passed by a campus police officer but she was too busy writing parking tickets.

We drove to a building that looked like an old college hall at an expensive college, there were people talking outside and enjoying the sun.

Everyone looked like they were from up North or something they had nice cloths, they seemed very relaxed, and just seemed different from people I am used to seeing.

A lot of people noticed the doctor’s son’s automobile when we parked and they were looking, he seemed to be glad that everyone noticed his automobile.

We got out of the automobile and he started looking around talking about the different women he saw, and was trying to decide which ones he would talk to.

He seemed to be much different from his dad, he seemed to enjoy partying instead of studying, but he probably did pretty good in school though.

I had the feeling that he went to school here, for some reason he was going to wait outside talking to all the women while I went inside to do something.

So I walked toward the building feeling like I would in real life I was a bit uncomfortable, I wondered what other people were thinking, and I was thinking about some of the stuff that had happened in the dream so far.

Once inside the building had a lot more space inside than it seemed from the outside there was a library, a movie room, dorm rooms, class rooms, bathrooms, a cafeteria, and a few offices.

I walked around looking, thinking, and said a few things to a few people.

This building seemed to be for women mostly from some reason, I noticed a woman I went to school with named LM, I stopped to talk with her but she did not seem to want to talk much, so I saw a few quick words and said good-bye.

I walked into a classroom by accident and everyone stopped to look at me, so I walked to the back of the classroom and sat down.

The class had a lot of people in there for a smaller classroom and there were only four men there, those were the only men I had seen there so far.

The class ended almost right after I sat down, so I got up and walked out, I noticed that this building seemed to be for only a certain amount of students.

I had the feeling that an almost all female club must use this building for students that are part of the club.

I saw a few people talking, a symbol on the wall that may be the club’s symbol, and some papers on the wall about upcoming events.

I then went to the library to ask about something, when all of a sudden the doctor came and told me that his son had left, he told what day to stop by the medical clinic, and he said that his son had a message for me about that he had found a woman for me or something like that.

I left the library to go outside of the building and look outside, the doctor’s son was gone like he had said and there were still people outside, also I noticed three women that were walking together and for some reason one of them caught my attention.

I think maybe that was the doctor’s daughter or something, I do not even know if he had a daughter or not, but I guess that is why she caught my attention.

I guess even in dreams I like to practice my guessing/prediction skills.

I then went back into the building, they were starting a movie in the movie room, which is right by the entrance of the building.

There were some students, but there seemed to be mostly parents and family members of the students and even my family was there for some reason.

The film was some unknown international film I remember hearing English, German, French, and I think an unknown language in the movie.

As the movie was playing I noticed that some if not most of the family members seemed to be like people from the South, and were not like the people I had seen outside earlier.

Their clothes were not that nice, they seemed uncomfortable, and they did not seem to like hearing other languages in the movie.

A few people were talking negatively about the movie while it was still playing, I left to go to the bathroom and I felt uncomfortable getting up to leave during the movie just like I do in real life.

After returning from the bathroom, I noticed right behind the TV that was playing the movie there was a room, and it appeared to be a dorm room.

For some reason the movie stopped and they had to try to fix it, so I went inside that room by the TV and it was a dorm room.

And it seemed familiar, I even had a key that I believed could open the door, and I had the feeling that I stayed in this dorm room before.

The dorm room had two beds, two closets, and two desks.

My dad and one of my brothers came inside the room, and my dad said that the door needed to be fixed.

He also said a few other things, I decided to lay on the bed to think about college, but then I woke up.

-John Jr 🙂

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