Winning $1 Million?

I remembered more of this dream but I kept trying to go back to sleep without voice recording it, and so I ended up forgetting most of it.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day, I remember walking outside until I reached a field of probably a high school, and maybe my former baseball coach Mr. M was coaching a girl’s high school soccer team.

I ended up talking with some people and one of the conversations involved me possibly being considered to somehow get involved with the girl’s soccer team as maybe a coach or player (which makes no sense) or something like that.

I walked away at some point and talked with some of my family, I then walked away and met my former male classmate DH by accident when I was walking through a trail near the soccer field, and I talked with him.

At some point my former classmate DH walked away while I was still in the trail alone, I remember thinking about the negatives of my current situation in life, and I remember wishing for things to be better.

After mentioning several wishes I named one somewhat joking wish that it would be nice to win $1,000,000 or more, and then I was thrown through a portal and/or alternate universe or parallel universe or dimension that opened up near me suddenly.

The world was mostly the same but I probably got a phone call telling me that I had won a contest or sweepstakes for at least $1,000,000, but I had to go to a certain location at or near the soccer field from earlier and take part in maybe a televised event or something to get my money.

I told my family and my former classmate DH, I then started my journey to reach this location, but there were some threats (maybe Gunners from the video game Fallout 4) and obstacles in the trail that slowed me down.

I remember wanting to warn my family about these threats, I probably met my former classmate DH in the trail again and I warned him of the threats, and he probably gave me some advice before leaving again.

I remember thinking about the money and what I could do to help my family, others, and I with it and I was determined to reach the location after dealing with or avoiding the threats.

I remember maybe a workshop from the video game Fallout 4 being in the trail and I remember maybe a radio being on top of it, I remember adjusting something with this, and I remember being closer to the soccer field.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr


Sam Mitchell From ScrewAttack Wants To Give Away $1 Million Dollars And My Former Classmate BH Has Serious Stomach Pains

Source: Wikimedia Commons

My body seems to be fighting back against the sickness but I still forgot most of my dreams because I did not voice record them each time that I got up to use the bathroom, but I do barely remember the end of my last dream.

The dream took place late in the afternoon or during the evening in the city of D at a fictional multi-story house/apartment past the BB Grocery Store on Eastside near where the gas stations should be near Master K’s martial arts dojo, and the members of the YouTube channel ScrewAttack owned the house/apartment along with a few other people like my former classmate BH.

For some unknown reason(s) I was visiting their house/apartment and there were other people visiting the house/apartment as well, everyone was having a good time, and at some point Sam Mitchell from ScrewAttack either won $16 million dollars in a lottery or he already had $16 million dollars; and he was running around celebrating wildly.

I remember standing outside the entrance/exit door to their house/apartment watching as Sam ran outside wildly, and he jumped in the air to do a belly flop in a grassy ditch on the side of their yard; and he hurt himself a bit, but he still laughed as he got up holding his hurt stomach/ribs.

Sam told me that he wanted to give away $1 million dollars to all the supporters/fans/et cetera of ScrewAttack by dividing the money out among them, but he was not sure if he should do that or just have a lottery to divide the money out in larger amounts to fewer people; and he walked inside to talk with the other members of ScrewAttack to see what they thought he should do.

After Sam walked inside my former classmate BH walked outside and he was holding his stomach like he was in a lot of pain, and he told me that his stomach was hurting very badly; and he fell to the ground in pain, and he started crying.

I was shocked/surprised/et cetera and I ran over to help my former classmate BH, I asked him to describe the pain, I asked him when did the pain start, and I asked him what he thought might be the cause of the pain; and I named some possible causes like something he ate and/or drank, an injury from a contact sport because he plays a contact sport of some kind, appendicitis, et cetera.

He still was not sure what the possible cause(s) of the pain was/were but he named a few possibilities, he was in too much pain to walk, and so I carried him inside the house to put him in his bed; and I called him mom so that she could come check him and decide if he should go to the hospital or not, but I woke up as we waited for his mom to arrive.

The end,

-John Jr