Un Peu Le Français

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I do not remember my first dreams or my last dream but I do remember part of maybe three dream fragments, two of which had a bit of the French language in them & I got to use a bit of French, but I can not spell well in French yet so there will probably be errors when I type some of the French that I remember from the dreams. 😉

I think that the first dream fragment that I can somewhat remember took place at a fictional building during the day, I had a job at this building, and I remember working on the first floor in a room with other workers; but I can not remember what our jobs were.

One of the managers or someone like that was talking on a telephone with someone in French, as he walked around our work area, and I tried to listen to see if I could understand anything to practice my French language skills; and I was able to understand a few words here and there.

After the manager finished talking on the telephone I greeted him to practice my French:

Me: Bonjour Monsieur.

Manager: Bonjour.

Me: Comment allez-vous?

Manager: Bien, merci, et vous?

Me: Très bien, merci.

Manager: *Phone rings* Pardon *Answers Phone, And Walks Off*

I continued working and then I saw the manager walking back into the work area with a slightly obese man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair with a bald spot wearing a suit who looked & sounded a bit mean, and the manager was trying to talk to him in English & talk with someone on the telephone in French.

It seemed that the man might have been one of the owners or someone higher up in the company or a customer, and the manager was trying to translate from French to English & English to French between the person on the telephone & the man.

At some point I saw an opening for me to try to talk with the manager again to practice my French:

Me: Pardon Monsieur.

Me: Vous comprenez très bien le Français.

Manager: Oui, merci.

Me: Je comprends un peu le Français.

I then started to explain in English that I am not even at the basic level in French, but I have attempted to study French a few times alone briefly without much success in the past; but I do hope to get formal training/tutoring and/or real world learning of French and/or another language one day, so that I can finally improve & one day be able to study French and/or another language independently if necessary.

We said a few more things in English, and at some point:

Me: Au revoir Monsieur.

Manager: Au revoir.

I learn better with direct help from another person/hands-on, so trying to learn French alone with no one to teach me & show me the basics, and with no one to practice with is almost impossible for me; anyway I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The next dream fragment took place in a building that might have been the same work building but there were people there that appeared to be from an older time period or time periods, like the 1920s, and a group of men seemed to be watching a woman who looked a bit like Marilyn Monroe but with brownish or darkish colored hair; and there was a formal social gathering going on in the building, so everyone was dressed up.

There was music, food, drink, dancing, and people talking; and the woman who looked a bit like Mrs. Monroe seemed to be an experiment, but she did not know it, and my guess was that she was an android or something had been done to her by some scientists/doctors or something who work for an intelligence agency or the military or some secret government facility.

The group of men watching her seemed to be some higher level men in the military, government, intelligence, the private sector, and a few scientists/doctors; and this seemed to be a test to see how the woman acts in public, which was dangerous, but they did not seem to care.

The woman was going around having a good time and various men approached her during the dream, she even had to fight off one man who went a bit too far, and she easily defeated him without even causing the social gathering to stop and the man did not die & he was not seriously injured.

At the social gathering were some women working as prostitutes who were dressed like they were from maybe the 1920s mixed with the 1890s with jeweled caps/skull cap-like hats/& bigger 1890s style hats, a lot of necklaces/jewelry, and revealing 1920s style dresses with some bigger 1890s clothing pieces/part of their dresses

; and they were not happy that the woman was getting so much attention from the men at the social gathering, and they were losing clients.

I can not remember what happened exactly but at some point the woman started working as a prostitute at the social gathering, and the head prostitute was jealous and angry that the woman was doing so well; and so she went to face the woman.

The head prostitute had an accent, maybe a French style English accent, but I can not remember what happened when she faced the woman; I just remember a man approaching the woman and the head prostitute, and the head prostitute had an old single shot handgun pointed at the man (maybe she was pointing the handgun at the woman at first) & she asked the man in her probably French style English accent: “Are you friend or foe? (or something like that).

The situation was tense and close to getting out of control with the head prostitute threatening the woman and the man with a gun, and the woman was close to defending herself; but the group of men watching did not try to stop it, but I can not remember the rest.

The last dream fragment that I remember part of, took place during a bright day outside in a fictional area that reminded me of an area near MB, and my mom and I were traveling by foot on a journey.

We crossed forests, trails, and we reached a shallow river that we had to cross that had a few grass spots with land and some rock areas; and so we tried to cross the river by jumping on the grass spots with land and the rock areas, but I noticed a few thin long blue & black colored snakes in the water & some on land, so I told my mom to wait for them to move before we crossed.

We had to step in some of the shallow water once or twice to avoid the snakes, there were about four snakes maybe, but we managed to cross the river without bothering the snakes; and after crossing the river, there was a dirt & rock wall that we had to climb to reach the top.

That was a challenge but we managed to climb it, and then my mom and I continued our journey; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂