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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream but my memory it is very unclear, and so this dream will not make much sense without all of those missing parts of the dream.

All that I can remember is being at a maybe one-story windowless carpeted somewhat dimly lit multi-purpose college building where I was a student and this building had dorm rooms (including my dorm room), classrooms, halls, a cafeteria, and more all in this one building.

This dream probably took place over a period of several days or weeks with me going to classes, going to my dorm room, going to the cafeteria, talking with other students, and more; and some of my former classmates were probably in the dream, and in the dorm room to the left of my dorm room lived a female student who liked me but I did not realize/know this.

I am not sure if I was myself or someone else during the dream or during parts of the dream and at the end of the dream I remember walking to a strange room that was deeper inside the building with the woman who liked me, a male student whose family were famous designers (probably fashion designers) but he did not seem to have much interest in fashion design or he felt that he was not good enough at it compared to the rest of his family (so they were probably ashamed of him), and an unknown man and woman with whitish colored skin who were either professors or visitors to the college maybe.

The strange room had a tall ceiling and a small stage in front of the entrance, in the middle of the room was a dark sink/hole/drop that went so far down into the ground that you could not see the end and maybe there was a bridge/middle area that you could use to walk across the room to the other side of the room, and I remember us exploring this room which felt cave-like and/or like we were underground.

At some point I remember gliding across the entire room from the wall behind the stage across the sink/hole/drop to the wall on the other side of the room like maybe I had a wingsuit or somehow I could glide oddly or maybe there was wind from the sink/hole/drop that allowed me to do this, and I remember the unknown woman and man climbing down in the sink/hole/drop; but they climbed back up on the side of the room across from the stage.

I told them that I could glide across the room and I showed them this, even in the dream this made no sense to me and so I wondered how was this possible, either way I thought that it was fun; and I remember the male student and the female student who liked me showing us a fashion design that they created together (the male student designed it and did most of the work on it, and the female student who liked me only helped a bit at the end).

It was a nice dress military-style uniform/outfit (suit, shirt, a pair of pants, and more) that was probably a dark-blueish color with golden-colored trim and buttons, it looked very good, and I remember us telling them this and telling the male student that this was a great design and that he should not be ashamed of his fashion design skills and that even his family would probably be impressed; and we encouraged him to not give up on fashion designing.

The female student who liked me became suddenly impressed with him and she gave him a big hug not letting him go, which confused him, and then she looked into his eyes and she started to feel a bit of attraction to him; and then she looked back at me like she thought that I knew that she like me, which I did not until I realized this during this moment, but that I did not like her.

It seemed that she decided to give the male student a chance and that she wanted to make me jealous/hurt me so she looked at me and she gave him a big long kiss, which shocked and confused him even more, and then she told him that she wanted to try dating him; and she asked him out, he was confused, but he decided to agree to try dating.

I congratulated them both and then I talked to her privately telling her that I did not know that she had liked me until that moment, I apologized to her for not realizing this, and I told her that she probably should have told me; but either way that I was glad that they were happy, and I wished them both well.

I remember smiling and laughing a bit to myself because this was a bit funny to me and it was a happy moment, also I probably wanted to show that her attempts to make me jealous/hurt me did not work, and then I started thinking about how did I feel about her now that I realized that she liked me; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr