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Matthew // Normal Happenings from Normal Happenings gave several other bloggers and I a blogging challenge called NEAR MISS | DAILY INKLING.

Here is the challenge:

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:


Describe the closest you’ve ever come to getting into a deadly accident, but nothing bad ultimately ended up happening.

Here is my response:

One day years ago back when I was still in public school my dad and I went to visit one of his male coworkers or former coworkers who lived in the countryside of the city of D with his wife.

He had invited us to come shoot a small .25 ACP caliber pistol that we had bought for my mom for self-defense, I had never shot a real gun before and I was not expecting this small pistol to be loud at all, and so I thought that there would be nothing to it.

After talking with him and his wife for a while, my dad’s coworker or former coworker walked us to the forest behind his house to shoot the pistol at an old plastic 5 gallon paint bucket, and I went to shoot the pistol first.

When I fired the first shot it was so loud to my surprise and shock that I jumped and the pistol fell from my hands so I caught it, but when I caught it the pistol was pointing at and on my stomach and I almost pulled the trigger by accident when I tried to catch it in a panic; and so I almost shot myself in the stomach by accident.

After that scare I handed the pistol to my dad for him to shoot, then maybe my dad’s coworker or former coworker possibly shot the pistol, and then we walked back to the house because I was still shaken up and scared and embarrassed after almost shooting myself like that by accident and being shocked by how loud that small pistol was (how can something so small be so loud?).

It took me a while to shoot a gun again after this experience (I did again eventually), eventually we got rid of that gun, and I learned some important lessons that day.

The end,

-John Jr


Super .25 ACP Rounds?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After getting in bed I finally remembered part of a dream from last night, I had forgotten all of my dreams this morning when I got awakened suddenly by someone about a phone call, but laying in bed triggered a memory.

The dream took place during the day, and I remember being in a slightly fictional version of what seemed to be my parent’s yard & some other people were there along with one or more people I knew; but I forgot the beginning & the middle of the dream.

I remember having a .25 ACP pistol at some point or finding the pistol along with some ammunition for it, maybe some law enforcement officers were looking for someone and/or a gun, because I remember possibly being worried about someone finding it maybe (maybe the gun belonged to or was found by someone I knew, and I did not want them to get in trouble but I am not sure); and I think that law enforcement officers and/or someone was searching the area & people looking for someone and/or something but I can not remember what was going on.

I remember noticing that some of the bullets (rounds) looked strange, some were normal full metal jacket .25 ACP bullets, but some of them were an organish color plastic-like material & a bit roundish/fat & they looked like they were filled with liquid maybe; and I just assumed that those bullets were some custom/super/unique bullets or something like that.

I decided to load the regular .25 ACP bullets into the pistol, but I noticed that the magazine had a lot of the strange super .25 ACP bullets randomly placed at the bottom of the magazine in a way that would make it impossible for the bullets to load into the chamber; and so I removed all the bullets from the magazine so that it would not be jammed, and I loaded the magazine properly with normal .25 ACP bullets.

There was more to the dream before and after this, but that is all that I can remember; it is amazing that I remembered that much.

The end,

-John Jr


A Serial Killer

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot most of this dream so it will not make as much sense and I just remember the end, and the dream took place during the night in a fictional city.

My family and I were on vacation or we had traveled to this city and my mom, cousin DE, and some or all of my brothers went shopping in a shopping center; while my dad, maybe one or none of my brothers, and I walked the sidewalk of the shopping center outside.

The shopping center had a variety of separate businesses that were sharing a divided building each with its own entrance, and a man in a black colored BMW-like car drove up & parked next to the sidewalk.

Something happened earlier in the dream involving the man who was in the BMW-like car who most people would probably call a serial killer, I think, because he had murdered several people earlier in the dream; and the police were looking for him, even though they did not know what he looked like.

Somehow the serial killer had been killing people without getting caught or seen, he was supposed to be professional like a hitman or something, and he would kill people at random times usually in uncrowded areas.

After killing someone earlier in the dream he went to get something to eat at a restaurant at the shopping center, he started a conversation with one of the female workers, and she invited him to come visit her later when she would be closing the restaurant for the night; the serial killer was a smooth talker, and good with people it seemed & he dressed nicely too I think.

So he came to see her again now that she was closing the restaurant alone & she had invited him, my dad & I happened to be walking the sidewalk when he arrived, and I saw the female worker invite him in the closed restaurant & she locked the door.

I was suspicious about the man but I was not sure if he was the serial killer or not at first, but then I started to see flashbacks of what he did earlier in the dream & what he was doing now.

The woman was giving him a tour of the restaurant, she was the only worker there since she was the one closing for the night, and they both seemed to have connected well; but the serial killer wanted to kill her regardless, so he waited until they were in the kitchen area or something before he slowly killed her or whatever.

After seeing the flashbacks & what happened in my mind, I told my dad, and I was going to get our small .25 ACP caliber semi-automatic pistol from our automobile; and I was going to take photographs of the BMW-like car & license plate & the serial killer (if I got a chance) & I was going to call the police but my mom, cousin DE, and my brothers came out of the store at the same time as the serial killer was leaving the restaurant before I could do any of the things that I wanted to do.

I was afraid for their safety and I remembered that my cousin DE had just got his firearm license in the dream earlier & so I asked him to hand me his Glock-like pistol which was probably a 9mm, but he had no ammunition; and so I told everyone to pretend to not notice the man as we walk past him & his BMW-like car, because our automobile was parked behind his.

I hoped that the serial killer would not kill us, we managed to get into our automobile, and I quickly got our pistol & got it ready just in case; and I took a photograph of the back of the BMW-like car with my mobile phone.

I told everyone about what I had seen & about the serial killer, I waited for a chance to photograph the serial killer & then I was going to call the police once I got the photograph (I am not sure if I got the photograph of him or not), but I feared that if I called the police they would record my information (standard procedure); and the serial killer or someone would kill my family & I in revenge for calling the police (this happens sometimes, that information is not protected very well in some places, like where I live).

I hesitated trying to decide how I could contact the police anonymously with my information, so that I would not risk having my family & I killed by the serial killer, who I was sure would escape the police again as usual; and I felt that he would hunt us down.

I wanted to report the serial killer and have him stopped, but I was afraid of the risks; and so I tried to decide what & how to do it.

But I woke up as the serial killer was getting into his BMW-like car to leave as police sirens were going off in the distance, I am not sure if the police were dealing with something else, or if someone else had called them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Trying To Murder My Dad Or A Bigger Conspiracy?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of my last dream, but the dream is unclear during some of the important parts.

I remember being in D during the day at my parent’s house but I am not sure how the dream began, but I think that people in my family would take turns going over to Pastor BW’s house (which is not really in our neighborhood in real life) near MT Church; and who ever would go over BW’s house would help Mrs. W for a few minutes or hours each day.

It seemed that Mrs. W needed help with small everyday chores due to old age and health problems, and so one of us would help her each day; but I do not remember seeing Pastor BW during the dream, but maybe he was in the parts of the dream that I can not remember, I am not sure.

I remember that one day it was my turn to go over to BW’s house to help Mrs. W, I probably did not want to go and/or I was not comfortable and/or I wondered how long would we have to keep doing this, but I went over to BW’s house to help Mrs. W regardless.

I remember that Mrs. W was sitting on a couch watching TV in the living room mostly, while I did some of her chores, and I brought her food & drink; and I talked with her a bit.

I probably helped her for about an hour or so, and then I went back to my parent’s house; but this part is very unclear and the important parts are unclear, but this is my wild guess about what might have happened:

“I think that my brother GC and I were the only people at my parent’s house at first, and I think that we talked about being tired and/or uncomfortable with going over to help Mrs. W everyday; and we talked about some other things that I can not remember, that involved things that we did not like or something, maybe.

I think that at some point we had the small .25 ACP caliber pistol for some reason and we talked about something that I can not remember, maybe a plan and/or how to use the pistol and/or something, and we might have even tested the pistol; but I am not sure.

My dad came home at some point but I think that only my dad, GC, and I were in the house now; I am not sure if GC and I talked with my dad or not, but I sense that a strange/uncertain/dark mood/or something was present during this part.

I think that it was almost like a scene from the movie The Godfather where maybe GC and I had planned to possibly murder my dad or something, I am not sure, and I remember GC and I looking at each other like we were trying to confirm if we were going to murder my dad or not, but I could be wrong.

I think that for some reason it could not be me to murder my dad and that I could not be inside the house to witness it, so GC and I exchanged looks with no words, and I went outside.”

When I walked outside for a moment it was almost like I snapped out it/like I realized that what was about to happen was wrong/like I was not in my right frame of mind at first/like I was not myself at first/like the part before this was a false memory/ or I realized that GC probably thought that I meant to go through with the plan but I actually meant to cancel it or there was no plan but GC mistakenly thought that there was a plan, and so I went back inside to stop GC; but I saw GC standing or kneeling over my dad, who was laying on the ground on his back, and he seemed to be dead.

I started to panic and variety of thoughts & feelings rushed through my mind, and I started to ask GC what had he done and I made other panic sounds while saying/asking various things; I remember telling GC that this was not supposed to happen and/or that if it did happen, why did he not shoot our dad in the head to make sure that he was dead.

I tried to see where my dad was shot or if he was shot, oddly I did not see GC with a pistol and blood was not all over the place, and GC would not say what happened like he was in a trance or shock or something; I thought that I might have seen an area on my dad’s chest where he might have been shot or injured, but I was not sure.

I wanted to call 911/emergency services but my dad seemed to be dead at first and I was not sure what happened exactly, so I paused trying to decide what to do, since GC and/or I could be suspected of murder; and I was worried about GC going to jail, and so I started trying to decide should I try to clean up the crime scene or something.

I realized that cleaning up the crime scene and lying was too risky, so I started trying to forget what happened before I went outside, and since I was outside at the time I had no idea what had happened exactly; and so I did not need to lie about what happened while I was outside, because I did not see or hear what happened.

I literally started forgetting things and trying to fill in the blanks with my guesses of what happened in a way that would not incriminate GC or me & that would seem real to me, that is probably part of the reason that I can not remember this dream well enough, but then to my surprise my dad was still alive; and he started waking up, to my surprise/relief/and horror.

Surprisingly my dad did not remember what had happened to him, and I questioned him to see if he would remember anything but he did not; and then I tried to get him to let us take him to the hospital but he refused to my surprise, and then my mom & my other brothers came home.

I was still worried that my dad was seriously injured or had a bullet in his chest or something and I was worried that he would remember what happened to him and/or that he heard me talking to GC while he was on the ground, and so I was worried that GC might have actually tried to murder him and I felt responsible for that, if that had happened.

I had a variety of conflicting feelings and thoughts & there was a feeling of doom/dread/a feeling of that it was my fault, and I felt very awkward/ashamed.

I continued questioning my dad and trying to get him to let us take him to the hospital, he still did not remember what happened and he refused to go to the hospital, but he did agree to see the doctor in a day or two thanks to my mom helping convince him; and he said that he felt pretty good, surprisingly, just a bit of pain or discomfort.

At some point in the dream my dad, GC, and I were outside of the D High School but I can not remember the parts of the dream leading to this part; but I think that we were investigating what happened to my dad, and he was leading the investigation.

Something strange happened and my dad said that he finally remembered what happened somewhat, that him and another man up/kidnapped by a group of unknown people, and they executed or tried to execute him and/or the another man; and that he was not really our dad, but he was the other man (who looked a bit like Mitt Romney, oddly).

He showed us a burned dead body partly buried at the D High School near the road, which he said was either his real body or our dad’s body, and he said that the group of people had executed them or tried to execute them & they burned & they buried their bodies or one of their bodies there; and that somehow he was now in a body that looked like our dad and/or he was now in our dad’s body or they had changed his body to look like our dad or something crazy like that.

He said that he remembered that one of them was taken away by the group of people, that they thought that he was dead but he actually survived, and that our real dad was probably the one that they took away but he was not sure; he only knew that we had to find those people to figure out what happened to our dad and/or to his real body, or something crazy like that.

All of this seemed like some crazy conspiracy or something, but the burned and dead body did look fresh, and so his story/memory seemed to be based on some facts; and I started to realize that this situation maybe was a lot bigger than I thought.

I started to wonder if someone had tried to make it seem that my brother GC and I had tried to plan to murder my dad, to trick us and my dad (the man in my dad’s body or the man who now looked like my dad), like maybe they did something to confuse our minds or something to cover up a larger conspiracy; maybe they needed us alive and confused about the situation through their mind tricks, instead of dead.

I also started to wonder if this part of the dream was just me trying to fictionalize/rationalize/lie/cover up what really happened, to avoid facing the thought that I might have made a  plan with GC to murder my dad; but I was not sure.

As I was thinking about this and exploring the evidence, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂