A Project Housing Apartment? | An Ides Of March Inspired Dream | A Private School / College

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of three dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place during the day, and I think that I had just started moving in to a fictional project housing apartment in a LC/Eastside-like area; I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I think that I drove to the apartment to unpack a few things.

The entrance/exit door was on the left middle side of the apartment & the parking lot was on the front side of the apartment, with a large window on the back side maybe where the only bedroom was, with a large window on the front side where the living room/dining room/kitchen was, just a wall on the right side, a bathroom on the left side next to the only bedroom, and maybe a laundry room on the right side of the bedroom.

I put a few things in the closet of the bedroom and looking out of the window on the back side of the house I saw the two houses across the street from my grandfather’s house, oddly, and out the window on the front side of the house I could see a multi-story project housing-looking apartment building that looked like it was in LC; and sitting on one of the balconies of that building I saw a woman whose body was obese with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair sitting down while her daughter played.

The weather was gray outside and the weather was slowly getting worse, someone knocked on my door, and it was my former classmate JC; and he said that someone told him that I had just moved to LC, and so he came to visit me since he was also living in LC I think.

Unlike some of my most recent dreams with JC, things were more positive more like old times, and we talked about this & that; and at some point he showed me a new gun that he got, a .223 / 5.56mm rifle, and he said that he no longer had his .22 rifle.

He said that he had no ammunition for it and so we looked through the ammunition that I had in the bedroom oddly (even though I do not remember having a gun), but the ammunition that I had would not work for his rifle; I can not remember the exact types of ammunition that I had, but .308 was probably one of them.

The weather outside got bad with the wind blowing and it was raining, I remember closing the front window curtain since it was dark enough outside for people to see inside, and I opened the window a bit to feel the wind; and this part of the dream was very realistic, no wonder I did not realize that I was dreaming, because I could feel the wind & the temperature of the wind which was a cool temperature & I could see the wind blowing the curtains & the curtains moved realistically & I could hear the wind blowing & I could probably feel the moisture in the wind from the rain.

Anyway, JC probably left at some point, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was inspired by the film The Ides Of March, which I watched last night, and the character Molly Stearns was in the dream; but that is all that I can remember unfortunately.

Dream 3

My third dream took place at a fictional private school/college that had a upper class & good reputation & look to the entrance/main building, but it was a low-priced school that almost anyone could afford to attend & most of the other parts of the school had a lower class look to them; and the school had a lot of building in a straight-line with some connected and some separated and/or connected by catwalks or you had to walk to the front of the building(s).

Some of the upper-class students wore special school uniforms and spent most of their time in the main building, but most people spent most of their time in the lower-class looking buildings like the schools that I grew up in.

This was a long dream with many parts that showed flashbacks from false memories and/or past dreams, I experienced/participated in some of these parts, and at some point time moved forward to the current time; and so I had already spent several years or semesters at this school.

We got signed up/started the new year/semester, the students & parents explored the main building during orientation & I briefly explored as well to see this nice looking building, and then I went to class/several classes.

I can not remember most of the dream since there were so many parts/details, but I do remember being in a classroom where I was one of the oldest/veteran students & the teacher probably left me in charge while the teacher went somewhere for a moment; and a lot of my former classmates went to this school/college, and so I talked with & went to class with many people I knew during the entire dream.

There was a lot that happened in this dream, many conversations & classes, breaks, going to the cafeteria, and I remember going outside several times during the day & it was nice outside; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


Unknown Planet(s)

Dream 1

Last night I only remember some of my last two dreams, with one that took place in my parent’s yard.

I was outside talking to my dad as he raked leaves in the yard and one of my brothers was playing basketball or something, on a grayish afternoon/evening; when I noticed what appeared to be a meteor or something enter the atmosphere.

It appeared to be your average small one and so I told my dad, and turned away thinking nothing of it; but then I heard a sonic boom and I saw a flash from behind me in the sky.

My dad, brother, and I looked at the sky and wondered what had happened; my guess was that the meteor was going so fast that it made a sonic boom and then accidentally hit something in the sky.

Then we saw more objects quickly entering the atmosphere and we thought it was just a meteor shower, so I told my dad & brother that maybe we should go inside; but they wanted to stay outside and watch it.

Suddenly the objects started to move around oddly, so then I realized that they were not meteors, but were probably some kind of spaceships are something; they were too far away & too small to tell what they really looked like, but that was my guess.

I started to get worried and once again told my dad & brothers to get inside, but they wanted to see what the objects were, and so did I; but I was worried.

As we were watching these objects moving around oddly in the sky, suddenly a planet or something appeared in the sky not far from the Moon or Sun (I am not sure which), it appeared to be moving but maybe the Earth was moving or maybe both of them were moving.

I think the planet had a ring around it that was tilted at an angle, but I could be wrong; the only planet I know that somewhat looked like it was Jupiter, but smaller with maybe slightly different colored stripes around it.

As this planet and/or the Earth were moving, I noticed either the same planet and/or another one or two planets appear in the sky, and either they were moving too and/or the Earth was moving.

I think I remembered part of my dream(s) with the Sun or whatever it was, so I got very worried and started yelling for my dad & brother to get in the house and gather supplies, but they were not listening; I had to yell at them several times until they finally ran inside the house with me.

I felt that something obviously big was happening that was possibly somewhat related to one of those other dreams so I felt that we needed to gather supplies, stay inside, and be ready to move if necessary.

Once inside I started trying to find the pistol and ammunition, but I found the pistol & could not find the ammunition, and my dad said that one of my brothers probably moved it; everyone else wanted to watch the sky from the window but I kept yelling at them telling them to gather supplies and do not look outside, if some blinding light/flash or something happened.

I could not find the ammunition and so I started to gather other supplies, enough to still stay mobile, and I started trying to think about what to do next; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream took place inside my parent’s house, and I had just bought a .243 caliber bolt action rifle with a synthetic stock from Walmart I think.

A former classmate and friend came over to play video games or something, and I showed him the rifle; he wanted to shoot it, so I let him shoot it while I played the video game for a while.

After a while I went to see how he liked the rifle and I noticed that he had used up all of my ammunition, and I think he said that he liked the rifle; I then told him that the rifle could also shoot .308 caliber rounds, and that I was going to buy some when he left.

He left and I went to Walmart to buy some .308 ammunition, and the woman behind the cash register was a former police officer I knew in real life; we talked about how I had never shot .308 rounds before and that would be the largest caliber that I have ever shot.

She let me buy the ammunition without a background check or anything, and then I found it odd that I also had bought the rifle earlier without a background check; but before I could realize that it was a dream, I woke up. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂