A Gift From Your Registry 👶

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Today I got a strange and confusing email from Amazon.com that said:

A Gift From Your Registry

Hello Amazon Customer,

Someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry!

You can visit your Thank You List to easily keep track of all gifts purchased.

PS: Remember some Gifters like when it’s still a surprise.

Have a great day!

Your Amazon Baby Registry Team

This email confused me because I do not have any children and I do not have any children on the way, and so I was like:

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I do not have a baby registry, but I did buy something once for my nephew CC’s baby registry on Amazon back before he was born.

At first I thought that this was possibly a phishing email or a scam email or some kind of other malicious email, but the email address seemed to be a legitimate Amazon email address (always look at the sender’s email address) so I opened a new tab in my internet browser (never click on or even manually type the links / URLs in an email like this when you are unsure if it is legitimate or not) so I logged into Amazon to check out my account to see what was going on.

I did not find any baby registries linked to my account or anything unusual, and so I assumed that it was an error on Amazon’s part.

Later in the day I found a news article by The Verge called Amazon is telling customers that people bought gifts for their non-existent baby where they mentioned that many other people got the same email, and so I was not the only one who got that email.

Tonight I got another email from Amazon:

Oops! We’re sorry, we made a mistake.

Dear John Jr,

Earlier today, we accidentally sent you an email from Amazon Baby Registry.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The Amazon Baby Registry Team

I am glad that Amazon emailed us about this, but I wish that they would have given us some more details about what happened exactly and I wish that they would have made a blog post about this or something (maybe they did, but I did not see it on their blog).

I am not sure if this was truly an accident or a hack or a glitch or intentional, either way this will probably bring attention to their baby registry option because some people do not know about it, and so this will probably increase their sales but who knows.

The end,

-John Jr

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