That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime With Amy Klobuchar?

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and it involved most of my family except for my brother CC and his family, I can not remember why, but we ended up walking across the field to the now abandoned Action Packed House.

We went inside the house, I can not remember why or what we did, I just remember wanting to leave as soon as possibly before someone saw us.

We entered the house from a fictional door on the left side of the house, and then I remember being the first to leave and walk back to my parents house.

Oddly, inside of my parents house was a door on the wall facing the field that was connected to the Action Packed House, which makes no sense because the house is across the field in real life and it was in the dream.

Somehow I did not notice how this did not make any sense, I only worried about someone using that door to enter our house, and so I started trying to adjust and close the door and block it with something.

The door was old and messed up with no door knob / door handle, I managed to close it as secure as I could, and then I used a large wooden board to cover some of it from our side while trying to put some heavy objects behind the wood to hold it in place.

My family returned while I was doing this and I explained the situation and they started to help, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by the anime television show That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, that I am watching with my brother GC, and a video that someone sent me called This Is The Question Amy Klobuchar Says She’d Ask Trump:

This is not clear but I think that the dream involved maybe me being a slime monster from the anime television show That Time That I Got Reincarnated As A Slime or I was just a head or something strange like that, and I had a special ability that was like the ability Predator that the character Rimuru Tempest has except weaker.

I could touch an object (living and non-living) and scan / analyse it, and fix or heal it too if I wanted to and if I had the resources to.

I remember using this ability to help people by scanning / analyzing them for health problems, and then healing them; and so people would come to me for diagnosing and healing health problems.

Either in this dream or another dream I ended up interacting with some politicians who were campaigning in The United States I assume (maybe The 2020 United States Presidential Election, but I am not sure), one of the politicians was The United States senator Amy Klobuchar, and the other was a male politician but I can not remember who he was.

I am not sure if they had asked me for help or not at first, I just remember wanting to scan / analyze them to test their truthfulness et cetera, but I am not sure if I got to do this or not; I just know that I remember thinking that some of them were probably afraid of what I might find if I used my ability to scan / analyze them.

I am not sure if this ability would also allow me to access some of their memories or not, I just know that some of them wanted me to use my ability to scan / analyze them for health problems so that I could heal them if there were any health problems, and maybe some of them wanted me to improve them and / or make adjustments to them if that was possible.

Senator Klobuchar was probably one of the politicians who wanted me to check them for health problems et cetera, so I talked with her, and I probably went to use my ability on her.

We were at an indoor / outdoor area with marble pillars like a government building, and so I assume we were at The United States Capitol.

But I that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

After work today I watched an episode of the television show The Punisher (Season 2) and then I took a nap, and I had one or more dreams and I woke up remembering part of a dream that was fading quickly but I did not record it.

The dream was possibly partly inspired by The Punisher (Season 2), but I can not remember.

There was something going on that I can not remember now, but I decided to type this anyway even though that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr


New Black Mirror Episodes | Alice Morgan Returns | Shopping At Walmart

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream is unclear now but I remember finding some fictional new episodes from a fictional new season of the television show Black Mirror, there were at least 3 episodes, and they were at least 15 minutes long.

I probably watched some of the episodes, I am not sure if I became part of an episode while being unaware or what happened, I just know that the next thing that I remember is being at my parents house either early in the evening or late in the afternoon.

Outside the living room windows I noticed light at the back of The Abandoned House, I noticed several automobiles, a thin man with light-medium color skin, and two dogs in the back yard of that house; and the dogs went into our alley, and the alley gate at the end by the field was gone and there were some pulled up bushes / trees near where the gate should be to keep dogs / people out.

In the windows to the left I noticed maybe Afro Dog Man and maybe the owner of The Action Packed House on the right side of The Action Packed House, and the house was pinkish and smaller and the yard was cleaner than in real life.

I went to tell my parents what I saw, my dad walked with me outside for a closer look, and we went into the alley but everyone and all the automobiles were gone including the dogs oddly.

Eventually my dad went back inside, but I stayed in the alley walking back and forth looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

Eventually a woman with dark-color skin driving a white sport utility vehicle (SUV) or van drove up the alley toward me so I moved out the way as she turned sharply and she parked, and she got out looking around.

The woman asked me if I lived at The Abandoned House, I said no but that I had seen some people there earlier, and then she looked at my parents house and she asked if I lived there and I said yes.

The woman falsely assumed that I owned the house and she was impressed, but I told her that I live there with my family.

We then noticed an 18-wheeler with possibly several connected long containers in the back yard of The Abandoned House that reach into the field, somehow we missed this at first or it just appeared magically, and I recommended that she go to the front door of that house if she was trying to find who lived there.

I walked away somewhat as she was possibly leaving to do this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me watching episode 1 of the television show Luther (Season 5) before going to sleep, I had no idea that the new season was about to be released and that it had started, and I found out by accident because no one that I follow mentioned this anywhere.

In the dream Alice Morgan showed up at wherever John Luther was staying, Luther was surprised to see her alive, and he let Alice inside so that no one would see her.

They talked about both of their situations, I can not remember the details, and Luther was going to help hide Alice; and maybe Alice was going to help him, but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me shopping at the Walmart in the city of D for the first time since the Christmas holidays, I was walking around hoping that they had restocked their supplies of the things that were sold out when I last shopped there, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Man At The Abandoned House

I went to sleep after 5:00 AM and I had a variety of dreams and woke up and went back to sleep several times without typing or thinking about any of my dreams, and so now I can not remember most of my dreams except for some random dream fragments.

Dream 1

One dream involved The Abandoned House, I heard what sounded like a male voice coming from over there, and maybe a short bald man with dark-medium or dark-color skin was there who looked like a man I saw in real life walking on side of the street on my way home from work.

Dream 2

One or more dreams were inspired by one or more of the animes that I watched on Toonami before going to sleep like one of the seasons of the anime television show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012 TV series), and so maybe stands / stand users were in this dream or dreams.

I possibly had a Dragon Ball inspired dream that was also inspired by a video called Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Episode 60 – Part 3 – #DBZA60 | Team Four Star (TFS) that I watched before going to sleep:

Dream 3

I possibly had a dream involving glasses (eyeglasses), but I am not sure.

Dream 4

I possibly had one or more dreams that involved my blog and / or my job and / or home and / or something else from my real life.

Dream 5

I possibly had one or more dreams that were inspired by some YouTube videos that I watched before going to sleep.

The end,

-John Jr


My Dad Taking Us To A Supposedly Abandoned House

File:Embarrassed woman.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The daylight saving time change still has me messed up, I remembered several dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

This dream from last night possibly involved someone going around different places in the world searching for something or someone, I assume that they were searching for someone to fight and / or train, but I am not sure and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during either early in the evening or late in the afternoon, and I was walking through my parent’s neighborhood with my parent’s and my brother GC and maybe my brothers KD and TD.

My dad was taking us to a supposedly abandoned house that belonged to a man he knew because he wanted to show us something, and we turned right at our stop sign and we walked down the street through a fictional version of this street that is often in my dreams of this street and the streets along it.

We reached the house which was on the left side of the street, we started walking toward it and I asked my dad if he was sure that it was okay for us to go inside the house and my dad said that he was sure that it was okay and that he had talked to the owner and that he knew the owner of the house and that no one was living in the house at this time when he last talked to the owner.

As we were going to enter the house I saw a man who looked like he was returning from work walking from the back of the house to enter the house from a side door, and so I tried to warn my dad but he kept talking and he did not hear me.

I followed my family inside the house still trying to warn my dad who was still talking loudly and not hearing me, and my dad said that we were free to look around and take what we want or something like that as I continued trying to warn him about the man.

I knew that the man could hear us and that an embarrassing situation was about to happen, but it was too late to stop it as my dad continued talking loudly without hearing my warnings.

In the darkness I saw a large tall muscular man with dark-color skin holding a blunt mêlée weapon walking into the living room where we were, he had taken off part of his work outfit that I saw him wearing before, and he entered the room to face us as intruders.

After entering the room armed to confront us the man then recognized my dad and the man started joking about how my dad had said that we could take what we want, I was embarrassed, but I started joking too to help improve the mood.

The man was living in the house now, my dad and him had talked before but something things had changed since they last spoke, and so that is how this misunderstanding happened.

I think that the man’s mom had owned the house but she died so he became the new owner, he was thinking about selling it and no one was living in it when he last talked with my dad, but he changed his mind and he started living in it.

After joking about my dad and this misunderstanding, I started joking about how someone would have a hard time trying to grapple a man as large and tall and muscular as him, and I started showing him an example of what I would have done if he had attacked us earlier but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Dating My Own Cousin (Scarlett Johansson)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I somewhat remember part of one dream, I had another dream before it but the second dream was longer and more detailed than the first dream and I woke up trying to remember the second dream first because it stood out more to me than the first dream, and so I forgot my first dream unfortunately; and I think that the first dream would have helped my second dream to make more sense because my second dream is unclear/confusing, and I was even confused in the dream on a major important detail/part of the dream.

The second dream/the only dream that I can remember took place at a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s house that was slightly larger than in real life, and a small family reunion/family gathering (my mom’s side of the family) was taking place there (like in real life at this time but I have not attended it so far); and unlike in real life I went to this small family reunion/family gathering, and some of my indirect family members were there like my aunt ME/aunt DE/aunt VE/aunt RE/aunt SE/uncle CE/uncle JE/some of my cousins/et cetera were there.

I remember things going pretty well surprisingly, some fictional younger indirect family members of mine were probably there as well, and I was having a good time surprisingly; and at some point I remember meeting a woman (I am not sure who she was or why she was there, maybe she was introduced to me, but I was not even sure later in the dream or even now that I am awake) who had whitish-to-light brownish colored skin with maybe somewhat long brownish colored hair who might have somewhat looked like and acted like the actress Scarlett Johansson (I am not sure though and I have only seen two films with Scarlett Johansson in them, and so I am not exactly sure how she acts exactly and I could be wrong about how the unknown woman looked exactly because my memory is too unclear but I think that she slightly had a face similar to Scarlett Johansson), and we started talking.

We both started to have a great time together and maybe some of my fictional family members were with us as well, we got along so well that it seemed like we were dating and/or maybe we did start dating and/or maybe we were dating (I am not sure which if any of those is correct but we did seem to have a possible romantic connection), and I remember us mostly hanging out in a fictional RV (recreational vehicle)-like room that was in the family room; and we had a very good time late into the night.

I just remembered something that was either from the first dream or the beginning of the second dream that seemed so real that I did not know that it was part of a dream, it involved me being either in my parent’s kitchen or my grandfather’s kitchen looking at desserts from the family reunion (in real life my family brought back no desserts and they did not mention any desserts being at the reunion) and my parent’s were in the kitchen as well, and I remember thinking and/or saying: “So there are some desserts!” but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment

We probably talked, ate, drank, held hands, she probably laid her head in my lap and sat across my lap a few times, we probably were physically close or touching/hugging/et cetera often, and at some point we probably went to sleep together (no sex, just sleeping); and we woke up the next morning, we probably had breakfast, and we left with my family on a small trip to a fictional abandoned house that was familiar to me like I have dreamed of it before in the past.

The abandoned house was a large one-story house I think that still had lots of stuff inside of the house, especially toys, and this house reminded me of areas that are sometimes in dreams that sometimes contain memories/objects from my past; and so this house might have seemed familiar to me because many old objects/toys/et cetera from my past might have been among the many old/dusty items in the house, but I am not sure because I do not remember directly recognizing any objects as being from my past (but I was too busy spending time with the unknown woman).

My family and I had clearly been to this abandoned house before because we were familiar with it and I remember showing the unknown woman around the house as we probably held hands/held each other while walking and talking, and the house actually was a bit scary but I was not scared really because I was familiar with the house and because I was having a good time with the unknown woman so I was too distracted to be afraid but I was a bit cautious sometimes because anyone/anything could be hiding in the house.

At some point we reached the middle of the house near the main entrance and there was a desk with a man behind it who had whitish colored skin with medium length brownish colored hair, and tourists were coming inside of the house to tour it but you had to pay to tour the house; and so the man told us that we had to pay to my surprise, and so I paid for the unknown woman and I while talking to the man about how we never had to pay before.

It seemed that whoever owned the abandoned house was trying to make money from it now, and so they were charging $4-to-$8 a person for tours of the house; and so I asked the man for a discount since I have been to the house several times before in the past it seemed, and so he gave me a discount for the unknown woman.

Some local college students were coming into the abandoned house to donate/leave Christmas gifts on the floor(s) around the house as part of some Christmas gift donation program/tradition or something like that maybe, a male tourist with whitish colored skin with short hair and I thought that this was strange because there were already too many toys/items on the floor around the house, and we felt that those items could be donated instead; and so the male tourist said this out-loud, and a thin female college student with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair got angry after hearing his comment and they started arguing about it in front of the desk where the male worker was.

Their argument got so serious that the male worker and I had to calm them down, this helped to avoid a fight, and eventually they stopped arguing and went their separate ways; and I briefly talked with the male worker about the situation after the male tourist and the female college student walked away, and I forgot to mention that the unknown woman with me had left to explore the building some more with my family while I was paying for us earlier and so she was not with me at this time.

I took a moment to think about my relationship with the woman and how well things were going between us, but then I started to wonder if we were really cousins because there was a chance that when she was first introduced to me that she was introduced to me as being my cousin (a first cousin) but I could not remember if this was true or not; and so this started to bother/worry me but I could not remember, but I know that she did not look or act like any of my other cousins that I know.

I did not want to believe that it could be true that we were cousins and so I was afraid to ask, I felt that it could not be true because dating my own cousin goes against my beliefs and is probably illegal and is something that I would probably never do, and so it did not make sense to me; but there was a chance that we both forgot that we were cousins and/or that we did not know that we were cousins, but I would have to ask my family and the unknown woman to be sure.

Things were going so well between us that I hoped that it was not true, so I stood there trying to decide if and/or how should I handle the situation and how should I ask the question of if we are cousins or not, and when should I ask the question; but this situation bothered/worried me so much that I decided to not think about it for now, and I walked off to find the unknown woman and my family so that we could finish touring the house together, but I woke up.

-John Jr