A Scary Reflection? | A Missing Person & Abby Martin

I had a variety of dreams that I remembered but I could not get myself to get my phone so that I could record them, so I kept going back to sleep without recording my dreams, and so now I can only somewhat remember part of two dreams unfortunately.

Dream 1

I think that I had a dream that someone else or I looked in a mirror, and there was something scary about our reflection; maybe our reflection seemed to be its own person and / or there was something creepy about it and maybe it started speaking to us, this possibly scared me awake, I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.


Chris Hedges And Abby Martin: No Way Out Through Elections

Chris Hedges & Abby Martin: No Way Out Through Elections
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The 2019 YouTube video interview Chris Hedges And Abby Martin: No Way Out Through Elections by the YouTube channel Empire Files.


NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do

Source: YouTube

The YouTube channel Empire Files uploaded a video called NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do where Abby Martin interviewed former NSA agent(?) William Binney:

More people need to hear about some of the things that were mentioned in this video involving mass surveillance and abuse of power involving it et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


A Man’s Conspiracy Theory | Racist Towers (Tow Truck Drivers)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved Abby Martin doing a news report about some facts involving some countries, and some of the negative things that they have done / are doing / et cetera.

Abby probably had a special guest who was a man with light-color skin, and the dream jumped to a man with light-color skin who was watching this news report.

This man did not think that Abby went far enough in her news report, and he had his own conspiracy theory that combined a lot of unverified and questionable assumptions / opinions with a few facts from Abby’s news report.

The man seemed a bit obsessed about this and so he went around telling his family, friends, et cetera about this.

He possibly even called Abby’s show to argue with her about his conspiracy theory, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I seemed to be at a new job that I used to have in the past, maybe it was a fictional version of The BP Library combined with something else, and part of the building was connected to an area that was like The BP School Board combined with an automobile dealership.

At some point I remember being in a room when my coworker Mr. CF walked in to tell me something, some other people walked into the room as well doing something else, and Mr. CF told me that he wanted me to help him with something so he told me to follow him and he walked off.

I had to quickly finish something else before I could follow him, and so when I went after him I did not see him so I walked around the building looking for him and maybe I asked a few people if they had seen him.

I walked into The BP School Board-like area where a man with light-color skin with gray hair wearing dress clothes was talking to a woman with light-color skin with red hair who either was or looked like my former female classmate HM, and the man turned around and greeted me.

He said something that I could not completely understand that sounded like he incorrectly assumed that I was the new architect or person who was going to move some buildings or something, and then he started telling the woman that she was to go with me so that I could train her or show her her new job or something.

After he finished talking I probably let him know that he was mistaken, and then I walked outside looking for Mr. CF.

I did not find him but my brother GC showed up like he was getting off work, and so I gave him a ride home.

When we were almost home I noticed some vehicles towing some mobile homes toward my parent’s street, and so I drove around the back route to cross the field instead where I let my brother GC walk across while I tried to reach the yard to park if I could.

To my surprise the mobile homes were already moved to their spots between the yard of our neighbor Mr. RD and The Gas Money Family at The B House, and the people who moved them were standing next to their vehicles talking.

All of the people who had driven the vehicles had light-color skin and they all looked and acted like stereotypes of rough racist lower class Southerners, and I waved at them as I drove past and I pulled into my parents yard to see The B Van flipped upside down and something else was tipped over so I had to deal with one of these before parking but I was not sure how I would deal with The B Van because it is too big and heavy to flip over.

Near the street one of the racist-looking towers was struggling to do something, and so I asked him if he needed some help and he angrily yelled No! without looking at me really like he hated me and was annoyed and was being racist.

Several other towers walked over to him including a woman, they gave me the cold shoulder too, and ignored me while talking to the man.

I was annoyed and angered by this but it was predictable behavior so I just in my mind I just said: “Beep you! Getting an attitude with me, I was just being nice and asking if you  needed help, that is no way to treat someone” and quietly out-loud I said something like: “Help yourself then, that saves me time, you saved me from wasting my time; and so thank you.” and I mumbled some more complaints about wishing they would try to attack me or something because I was ready to knock them out if they tried.

I calmed myself down and told myself to not let them ruin my day, and I continued what I was doing.

The racist towers looked like maybe they were going to either rent out the mobile homes and / or live in them, and maybe they were going to try to take over the neighborhood and push the rest of us out; but I hoped that they were just towers dropping them off for someone else, and that we would not be getting any new neighbors especially people like them.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Saving Abby Martin From A Protest

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I only saved part of this dream that involved a female journalist who was angry at a certain politician about something, but I can not remember the details or how or where I was seeing and hearing about this.

I am not sure who the politician was who(m) she was referring to, but she kept calling this politician The Pig.

I think that the female journalist and some other people were going to protest.

Later in the dream I am in a room when my mom enters the room telling me that there is a protest that is taking place now, and my mom turned the television to the news and I saw the protest being filmed live.

I assumed that this was the protest that the female journalist was probably at, and the riot police were completely geared up with body armor and helmets with face masks and riot shields and batons and riot guns with rubber bullets and probably tear gas et cetera.

The protest was taking place during the day on a street in a big city I assume, the protest had started peacefully, but now the police seemed to be in the process of riot control so they were advancing slowly and shooting people with rubber bullets and tear gas so things were violent now but I am not sure if the police started the violence or if some of the protesters started it.

The police were slowly surrounding the area, pushing the protesters back, attacking them with ranged weapons to break their morale et cetera I assume, and then I assumed that they would do a baton charge and attack and then arrest the protesters once they had them completely surrounded and broken down enough from the rubber bullets and tear gas et cetera.

Some of the protesters were fighting back against the police or trying to, but they did not stand a chance because the police had full riot armor and riot shields and weapons and training and a good formation and better tactics.

Near the approaching riot police I saw a thin woman with light-color skin laying on the ground on her back with her head facing the approaching riot police who had a shield wall formation, and she was wearing a small t-shirt so it was pulled up a bit where you could see her stomach muscles and she was moving and breathing like she was in pain like she had been shot by the police.

There was another woman with light-color skin with long dark slightly curly hair standing near her (possibly one of her friends or just a fellow protester) yelling and maybe throwing stuff at the approaching riot police and trying to fight them or getting ready to fight them.

The woman on the ground did not seem to be bleeding so I assumed that she only got shot by rubber bullets and that they had knocked the air out of her lungs and that they hurt her enough that she needed a moment to recover.

I then saw the woman’s face and it was the journalist Abby Martin to my surprise, and she got up and she picked up a thin black makeshift shield and she ran at the approaching shield wall of riot police yelling and attacking one of them who was a male riot police officer with light-color skin.

The riot police officer that she was attacking just ignored her weak attacks, her attacks did not even hurt him with all of that armor, and she got tired and she was still hurting from the rubber bullets.

I remember saying out-loud:

“Abby, what are you doing, are you crazy, attacking a police officer, are you trying to get arrested, are you trying to get killed or seriously injured?”

“You should be reporting not protesting and even if you did want to protest, you obviously already protested and things were violent now so it was basically a riot now, and it is obvious that the police are surrounding the area and about to attack and arrest everyone they can so you should leave now before it is too late.”

My mom either left the room after this or not long after, but I can not remember if I told her what I was thinking about doing or not.

Abby was not getting out of there and she was encouraging others to fight back and riot I guess, and so I remember saying:

“I guess I will have to try to get her out of there before she gets arrested and / or seriously injured and / or killed; what is she thinking, this is so stupid, now I have to risk getting caught up in this mess, and I mumbled some other things as I complained”

I am not sure if the next part is a daydream within the dream or if this really happened, either way, I remember gearing up in some body armor and long sleeve clothing and a ski mask and gloves and possibly even a voice changer to protect my identity and a riot shield.

I did not bring a mobile phone or any electronics that they normally track in these situations and I mostly covered my license plate so that they could not see most of the license plate numbers or even where I was from exactly, and I drove to the protest taking a back route through an area that the police had not surrounded yet.

I walked through the chaos to the front line looking a bit like a riot police officer wearing maybe a dark duster (which I probably used to conceal some extra gear in case of emergencies) because I was armored and I had a riot shield on my back and I found Abby, and I told her that I was there to get her out of here and I told her why (I explained the situation about how they were being surrounded and were going to be attacked and arrested soon if we did not hurry) and that I was a friend(ly) (since I was hiding my identity, and so she had no idea who I was at the time and I could not risk telling her because the police were probably monitoring everything).

I quickly talked her down and I told her to take the battery out of her mobile phone and any electronic devices that they normally track because the police sometimes track and intercept things like that during situations like this, and then I started moving her through the crowd to our escape route which the police had not surrounded yet but they were getting close.

I can not remember if the other woman joined us, I just know that we reached my automobile that was hidden in a back alley, and then we drove through a back route under a bridge to wait a moment before using a hidden underground tunnel.

While I waited to make sure that we were not followed, I remember complaining to Abby about what she had done and how stupid it was, and then we drove through the hidden underground tunnel that took us to another part of the city so we escaped.

I remember pointing out how Abby and most of the others were not even dressed or equipped or trained et cetera to properly to riot or fight the police, and I pointed out the many flaws that I noticed.

I went to take her to a safehouse used by various people (who seemed to be more experienced and trained and smart compared to those protesters) to see how bad her injuries were so that I could decide whether to take her to the hospital or not, and the safehouse had a woman there with medium-color skin who had some medical knowledge so that is why I was taking her there first because I was not sure if we could risk taking her to the hospital yet.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr