A Luke Cage Inspired Dream

I probably only got about three hours of sleep last night and I did not voice record my dreams, and so now I barely remember part of one dream.

This dream was inspired by the Netflix television series Luke Cage, which I have been watching an episode of each day until I finish this season, and it involved a man who seemed to be based on the character Luke Cage.

Resisting Superpowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream from last night was more clear but I forgot a lot of it, the dream started normal and was easy to remember at first even though I can not remember these parts of the dream, and I seemed to be at a college area during the day.

At some point and somehow I met a somewhat older man with white skin with white and/or gray hair who reminded me of my former male coworker Mr. LS, he was working on his job (possibly a security guard at the college but I can not remember), and I possibly was working with him on my first day on the job or I was just talking with him.

After work he took me to his house where I met his wife who was a somewhat older woman with white skin with white and/or gray hair, they were both nice to me, and I visited with them for a while before thanking them and saying goodbye and leaving back to the college alone.

The college building or buildings that I returned to had hallways, dorms, houses, classrooms, bathrooms, and more but probably no windows.

My memory is unclear but on one of the hallways I remember seeing a tall strong independent somewhat seductive super model-like type woman with dark brown skin with long black hair dressed nicely using one or more special abilities (powers) on some people (probably men) but I can not remember what her powers were or what she did to them, she looked human but she possibly was not human but I never learned if she was human or not, and she realized that I saw her so she tried to use her powers on me too.

It seemed that I had one or more powers too and/or that I was resistant to her powers, her powers possibly almost worked on me but I easily resisted them, and so this caught her attention and we had a conversation once she realized that I probably had powers like her and that I was possibly not completely human either.

She was very curious and interested in me because I was possibly the first person to resist her powers, she asked me what was I and what were my powers, and I told her that I was human as far as I knew and that I did not have any powers as far as I knew.

I asked her about what she was and about her powers but she just smiled and avoided answering those questions, she probably told me that she would have to kill me if she were to answer those questions, and so she rather stay mysterious.

She did say that there were others like us with powers, maybe even non-human and/or only part human, and she said that she wanted to learn more about me because she was curious about what my powers were and/or how was I resistant to her powers and whether I was completely human or not.

We talked about some other things that I can not remember and she had some other business to attend to so she said that she would see and talk with me later like she knew where she could find me, and she walked away seductively and confidently with a super model walk and she looked back at me and smiled and waved as she left.

Down another hallway a group of strange dangerous-looking women (they seemed more like a gang) with dark brown skin with black hair were using powers on people (probably men), their powers seemed to be some type of mind control powers that allowed them to manipulate people into wanting to do whatever they wanted them to do, and they were planning a large conspiracy of some kind.

These women seemed even less human than the super model-like woman, they also looked human but something about them felt/seemed non-human so I wondered if they were aliens or some kind of other entities in disguise, and their conspiracy was probably focused against humans and/or humans without powers and they seemed to not like humans or humans without powers like maybe they felt that normal humans were beneath them like they were better than humans or normal humans.

The super model-like woman saw them using their powers and she confidently approached them smiling and complimenting them on the use of their powers, they used their powers on the super model-like woman and their powers worked on her to my surprise, she slightly resisted them at first confidently smiling and laughing and telling them that they were not the only ones with powers and that their powers could not effect/affect her but then her resistance failed to her and my surprise.

The women then realized that I was watching them so they tried to use their powers on me, I felt their powers trying to effect/affect me and they almost did, but I resisted them but not as easily as I did the powers of the super model-like woman.

The women realized that their powers failed on me so they surrounded me angrily like they were going to kill me, I tried to talk them down by lying and saying that I did not see much and that I did not know what was going on, but that was not working.

So I told them that I was somehow resistant to powers it seemed, that the super model-like woman had tried to use her powers on me as well but failed and that she had powers too, that maybe resistance to powers was my power or one of them, and that maybe I was not even completely human but I was not sure what I was or what my powers are.

I asked them to let the super model-like woman go and release her from the control of their powers, they stopped to try to decide what to do with us, but then people started entering the hallway to go to the bathrooms.

One of these people was the somewhat older man from the beginning of the dream, and then to my surprise I saw The President Of The United States Barack Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle Obama and some United States Secret Service agents enter the hallway as well.

There were too many people around now so the women let the supermodel-like woman and I go for now and they backed off, I briefly said a few things to the supermodel-like woman before heading toward the men’s bathroom to urinate, and President Obama entered the men’s bathroom with several Secret Service agents while First Lady Michelle Obama either waited in the hallway with the other Secret Service agents or she went to the women’s bathroom.

Many people were pouring into the hallway and my former female classmate PI was among them and she got pushed in the men’s bathroom as I was entering the bathroom because so many people were trying to get inside the bathrooms, and I remember seeing President Obama urinating while standing at an urinal and he looked back at my former female classmate PI with a negative facial expression probably wondering why she was in the men’s bathroom.

I probably said something out-loud to my former classmate PI so that the others would know that she was pushed into the men’s bathroom by accident, I said a few things to help her feel less awkward, and I helped her outside before returning to urinate as President Obama and the somewhat older man from earlier were finishing.

To make things even more strange there was a classroom connected to the men’s bathroom so you could see a class taking place as we used the bathroom, Korey Coleman from Double Toasted was teaching the class, and after urinating and washing my hands and briefly talking with the somewhat older man I walked to the classroom to join the class.

My former male classmate HT was in this class so I sat not far from him, we briefly talked, and I remember asking him if he was in any of my other classes and he said that he thought so.

We then focused on listening to Korey Coleman as he taught our class, several men were not listening and they were talking, and so Korey angrily called them out and embarrassed them in front of the class and then he started back teaching.

I remember thinking about my other classes, the dangerous women or female entities with powers and their conspiracy that seemed to involve using mind controlled humans to carry out their conspiracy, the supermodel-like woman or female entity, my resistance to powers and whether I had other powers or not and whether I was completely human or not, and more but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Trying To Avoid Being Identified By A Woman

I got awakened from my dream feeling sick again today, congestion causing nausea and slight dizziness et cetera again it seems, and so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams from last night; and I did not voice record part of the dream that I did remember part of, and so now I can barely remember part of the end of that dream.

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it took place in an area that seemed like a fictional area near where the D Courthouse should be, the parts of the dream that I do remember took place during the day I think, but some parts of the dream may have taken place during the night; but I am not sure.

My memory of this dream is mostly destroyed now and so it makes no sense and I can not remember the important details, I remember being inside a building, and there were other people around and maybe one or more non-humans or it was just that some of us had special abilities (powers, superpowers).

At least one other person and/or non-human and I had special abilities (powers, superpowers), someone or something was using their powers for probably negative purposes, and maybe they murdered some people and/or something like that; but I can not remember.

I just remember that a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair was trying to find this person, she was searching around trying to identify this person to the police, and I think that she falsely assumed that I was the murderer or whoever (maybe she saw me using my powers near where someone was murdered or whatever); and so I tried to avoid her identifying me to the police.

I remember moving around where she could not see me, hiding, using disguises, blending in with crowds, et cetera as I probably tried to escape the area; but maybe I was staying around trying to hope and/or indirectly help them find the real murderer or whoever by moving around near this person or non-human and hope that the woman realized her mistake.

Outside the building I remember crowds of people like maybe a parade was about to take place, I slowly sneaked near the entrance hoping to sneak into the crowd, and I forgot to mention that my powers possibly involved something to do with a video game like Fallout 4 (maybe I was able to use the workshop mode, and adjust things in the dream world like it was a settlement).

But that is all that I can remember and make sense of with this mostly destroyed dream.

The end,

-John Jr

On Vacation And Being Afraid Of People With Superpowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I, except for my brother CC and his family, seemed to be on maybe vacation.

We met a person (maybe a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-length brownish colored hair) who had special abilities (superpowers, powers), and at some point we left and we were trying to avoid this person (her) like we were afraid of this person.

I remember us going to another city to stay at a house-like hotel with a whitish and grayish colored interior during the day, I remember that we seemed to be sharing a large suite with several other people, and some of these people also had powers.

One of these people with powers was a man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who was from The United Kingdom and who spoke English with an accent from somewhere in The United Kingdom, and during the dream he showed us some of his powers.

He was not even sure how many powers that he had, he seemed to be constantly finding out that he had more powers by trying to do different things, and so during the dream he kept discovering more powers that he had.

At some point the man talked with my mom and it seemed that he started to be interested in my mom, and then I remember my family and I leaving to avoid him like we were afraid of him and we were also still trying to avoid the person (woman) from earlier in the dream who also had powers.

We seemed to be afraid that both of them were after us so we ran outside to a ditch-like river near a road and a clearing between a forest, the river led to a lake that had a forest behind it, and this area looked nice with green grass.

We were in such a rush to escape or hide that we did not think that we had time to reach our automobiles or we decided to hide first before trying to leave in them, we considered swimming down the river into the lake and then escaping or hiding in the forest, but we followed the sides of the river first to hide and check the area before making a decision.

The man did not seem to be following us as we hid so we started thinking about what we should do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Theon Greyjoy-Like Man Being Sexually Abused By His Mother

I went to bed super late last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream, which possibly took place in the future on a different planet (a human colony), but I am not sure; and I possibly was not even in the dream, but I am not sure.

The main character of the dream was a woman who possibly was not human even though she looked human, she had special powers that she kept hidden around/from other people (humans), and one day a group of people entered her home claiming to be there on official business like maybe they were investigating her (one of them looked like Theon Greyjoy from the television series Game Of Thrones).

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