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Learning The Fundamentals | Day Ten: Build A Better Blogroll (Day Ten: Build A Blogroll)

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Day Ten: Build a Better Blogroll

Today, let’s continue to weave the fabric of the blogosphere using one of the web’s essential tools: links.

Today’s assignment: use a widget to create a blogroll, a list of links you love that you want to share with your readers.

Here’s how:

  1. First, decide what kind of widget you want to use: the Blogs I Follow widget, or a Text widget.
  2. Next, click the button below to open the Customizer, then select Widgets, and add the widget you want to use.
  3. Finally, customize the widget’s settings and/or add your text, then click Save & Publish.

Recommendations are like getting advice from a friend rather than blindly searching the internet; adding them is a no-brainer — and often comes with traffic-building benefits.

Open the Customizer

The Blogs I Follow Widget will generate a list of your most recently-followed blogs automatically, while the Text Widget requires you to enter text and links yourself.

Learn more in the tools and tips for this assignment.

Michelle W. and the Team

I find it strange that the widget designed for blogrolls which is called the Links widget was not mentioned for this part of the course and that there is a blogroll option (feature) in the Links Menu built into itself and that the Links widget shows your blogrolls that you created on in the Links Menu, and so I have contacted the staff using their Contact Page to report this strange omission of that widget and that option (feature).

I am also surprised that they did not mention Reader Lists.

Instead of using either of those three widgets I am now using my About page to show my blogroll (links) and the Posts I Like widget to save space in my sidebar and for a few other reasons.

The end,

-John Jr

Blogging: Learning The Fundamentals | Day Six: Make An Irresistible “About” Page (Day Six: Publish An “About” Page And Add A Widget)

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

We read blogs because we love the people behind them.

When a visitor is intrigued by your site, they’ll want to know more about you.

Today, create and publish an “About” page, and adapt it into a widget for your home page.

Here’s how:

  1. First, create a new page by clicking on the button below.
  2. Next, write your description — use your Day One post for inspiration if you’d like — and click Publish.
  3. Finally, go to My Site > Customize, then select the Widgets tab. Add a Text Widget with a one- or two-sentence version of your story, and click Save and Publish.

Create a new page

Widgets are little items you can add to your blog to provide more information, like a short description of who you are, a photo, your latest tweets, and more.

Today you’ll add a Text Widget, but there are dozens of options — Learn more in the tools and tips for this assignment.

We’re looking forward to learning more about you and your blog!

Michelle W. and the Team

Here is a link to my About Page: About.

I am using the Gravatar Profile Widget in my sidebar to show an excerpt from my About Page, my Gravatar image, and a link to my Gravatar Profile.

The end,

-John Jr

My Blog & Donald Trump & Wikipedia?

This morning my memory of my dreams from last night got mostly destroyed by a strange interrupting and distracting dream and sleep and wake cycle that kept happening as I was dreaming and thinking that I was blogging my dreams in the real world but I was actually still dreaming.

I was trying to blog my dreams inside a dream thinking that I was in the real world but my blogging of my dreams kept getting interrupted by things related to Donald Trump, and it was like someone or something kept messing up my posts that I was typing and making messed up pages and making messed up Donald Trump articles on Wikipedia and on my blog and maybe other wikis online and adding messed up link text and links on my blog.

Seth Rogen And People Joking / Goofing Around Inside A Building And A Fictional WordPress About Page-Like Shortcode

I slept pretty well last night, but I forgot all of my dreams for some reason except for some of my last dream.

The dream took place inside a large fictional one-story building that had dark reddish/orangeish/brownish/yellowish colored carpeted floors with various hallways and rooms, and I do not remember there being any windows inside the building.

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