A Young Abraham Lincoln

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I had more dreams last night but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and unfortunately now I can only barely remember part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a young Abraham Lincoln, and I remember talking with this younger Abraham Lincoln but I can not remember what age he was supposed to be.

I remember Mr. Lincoln being honest, sincere, maybe a bit strong-willed, maybe a bit of a troublemaker, and more but unfortunately I can not remember the other personality traits that stood out to me.

I remember respecting Mr. Lincoln for some of these personality traits, and I felt that he had a bright future ahead of him if he stuck to some of those personality traits and maybe I told him so during our conversation.

Mr. Lincoln possibly told me about some of his interests and goals for the future, but I can not remember.

Later in the dream I remember talking to my mom about Mr. Lincoln and how I respected how he was honest and maybe strong-willed et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr


11-7-2012 | Dream Fragment | Walking With Abraham Lincoln

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place in a fictional city, and my family & I were at a motel that had several one floor brick project housing looking buildings that had two or three motels per building.

There was a parking lot and some of the building were on grass and/or dirt, and near/between two of the buildings was a large puddle of water with tall grass by it, like a tiny natural pond; and near the motel was a multi-floor apartment complex.

I forgot most of the dream but my family and I went to sleep probably at some point, and woke up the next morning to get ready to leave and/or go get breakfast; and I remember going outside in my pajamas for some unknown reason, and I was walking around.

I came across members of Reckless Tortuga, who were probably filming and/or working on something in a storage building like the ones my parent’s have, and I went inside the storage building with them for some unknown reason; and I remember them talking and/or arguing about something that I can not remember.


A Strange Semi-Sleep / Dream Phenomena | A Story About My Great Grandmother | The Conscious Versus The Subconscious?

I had forgotten about this experience I had, fortunately I wrote it down, here it is. 🙂

Last night I had a dream that had my mom in it and she told me a story of how one of my great grandmothers had gotten sick and was taken to the hospital; and there she had a terrible fever and the doctors did not know what was wrong with her exactly and she died.


The Old White House | Two Short Dreams

The Old White House

Now for the main dream of last night, which started with a commercial on television that was narrated by Alec Baldwin.

The commercial started in a nice looking small mansion in a bedroom, and it was supposed to be the White House I think but it was smaller.