The Invisible Man (2020 Film)

Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in The Invisible Man (2020)

Titles: The Invisible Man
People: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
Languages: Austronesian languages, English, Slovenian
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What is it?

The 2020 science fiction horror movie The Invisible Man.

A Whistleblower | Driving With My Uncle CE | A Football Field In My Parents Yard | Sniper Training

Dream 1

This dream involved a religious school that was being investigated over abuse allegations, a former employee of the religious school who was possibly a former security guard who was an overweight woman with dark-color skin with black hair was a whistleblower helping law enforcement, and she was sharing information of things that she had saw and heard back when she had worked at the religious school.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, it was possibly morning, and I was riding in a car with my uncle CE who was driving.

My uncle CE wanted me to go somewhere with him, first we stopped in a fictional neighborhood before you get to downtown so that we could pick up one of his grandsons / one of my cousins, and my uncle CE was talking during most of the drive.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of my parents yard that had an American football field that was almost in the middle of the yard with one end zone being by the dogs and the other end zone was near the street in front of The B House.

I was playing in an American football game, the game was almost over and my former male schoolmate TC was on my team and we had the ball, and on this play I possibly handed off the ball to TC when I saw that he had an opening.

I started running behind him to block for him, only one male player from the other team was able to try to catch up, and they both sped up past me but TC was able to get the touchdown.

I remember us celebrating and being tired as we talked about that last play, and we had won the game.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during a gray day and I was in the alley by my parents yard near the back gate, and playing in my parents yard near this were some children.

I was a sniper and I had a male spotter, and we were training and having a fake / training sniper shootout / battle against another sniper and his spotter; and so our two sniper teams were training with / against each other.

The other sniper team were somewhere near The E House lying low, and my sniper team was in the alley lying low.

We went back and forth taking shots at each other, taking cover, having our spotters look for openings et cetera, and this was pretty fun.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

The Teacher And I | A Creature Suit Actor Gets Abused

I went to bed later than I should have and during the night I woke up several times from some anxiety about the all staff meeting at work that I was going to go to (the anxiety did not hit me until I was sleep oddly), the anxiety was not as bad as the last two all staff meetings so that is good, but this interrupted my sleep and dreams several times and drained some of my energy because my body was in an energy boosted state from the anxiety.

I woke up with a fragment of a dream on my mind each time, I did not really feel that they were worth voice recording really because my mind was just thinking about something in each dream, and so unfortunately I went back to sleep each time without voice recording my dreams as I tried to force myself to sleep so now I can only remember part of one or two dreams that I will separate because I am not sure if it is one dream or two.

For some unknown reason I woke up from one or both dreams with the song Papel Principal by the musician Adelaide Ferreira on my mind:

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a college or school-like area during the day I think, and I remember walking into a strange somewhat dock / warehouse / school-like building that had some stairs that led to a smaller room and that room had some stairs that led to an even smaller room that was our teacher’s room.

I was with a class of other students including some of my former classmates and schoolmates like my former male classmate JC and his sister JC who is a former schoolmate of ours, and our teacher was a woman with light-color skin who was also the college or school counselor and nurse or doctor.

Our teacher took us to the smaller room below her teacher’s room, she wanted us to do some kind of group activity, and she had us stand around a circle on the floor that was full of water and it was deep.

Our teacher explained the activity to us, she was going to put an object in the water that would sink to the bottom, and one-at-a-time we would have to dive in the water to try to swim to the bottom to get the object and bring it back to the surface if we could.

For safety purposes she chose one or more of us as lifeguards who would stand over the water watching in case something goes wrong, and we would have to jump into the water to save our fellow classmates.

I was chosen as a lifeguard to stand over the water along with the teacher, and then the teacher had us take our clothes off for this activity so I remember only wearing a towel because I had no swimming trunks.

I possibly changed my clothes in our teacher’s room for some privacy but I can not remember, but I do remember learning that in our teacher’s room she had one or more computers that she was using to convert videos and to rip / copy the audio from those videos so that she would also have an audio file of each video and she was saving those converted videos and audio files to either another computer or hard drive and / or online.

The teacher was going to be busy with other things (the class et cetera) so she asked me to go to her room sometimes to start converting and ripping the next video / audio file between and / or after my lifeguard duties, and I accepted her offer.

I remember helping as a lifeguard and going to the teacher’s room sometimes to start converting the next video when the previous one was finished and to start ripping the audio, she was using a certain program for the video conversion but I was not sure what she was using for the audio ripping, and so I used a program that I was familiar with to rip the audio until I could find out the proper process from my teacher when she was not busy.

My teacher seemed very comfortable choosing me to help her with these things and letting me be in her room and there seemed to be hints of there possibly being something between us or that there could be in the future depending on the circumstances, but I do not think that anything improper was going on between us but it felt like maybe she was possibly considering it.

I remember my teacher checking on me in her room sometimes, and I started to feel and wonder if she was intentionally trying to keep me close to her and to be alone with her.

I remember asking her to show me the proper video conversion and audio ripping procedure, I showed her how I was doing it, and she said that I was doing everything correctly except that she used the video conversion program to also rip the audio so I had her show me how to do that in that program so that I could stop using the other program that I was familiar with.

After she left the room my former schoolmate JC briefly talked with her before walking into the room with me smiling and looking back at our teacher like she also felt that there was possibly something going on between us or that something could happen between us, and she wanted to help make that happen.

I explained to my former schoolmate that nothing was going on between our teacher and I, and she started to explain how she could see and sense that we had feelings for each other and that she was okay with that and was in the process of trying to get us into a relationship.

I thanked her for trying to help me but that I did not want her to do that because that did not seem ethical because she was our teacher, and I assumed that she was married even though I was not sure.

My former schoolmate JC did not care if she was married or not, I told her that I cared, and that I refused to be part of an adulterous relationship.

My former schoolmate JC laughed, and said that she would back off for now because she felt that our teacher was already in the process of trying to form a relationship between us so she did not need to get involved much at this time.

Then my former schoolmate JC left the room, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not (probably not).

There was a movie that was in the process of being made so the film crew, actors, actresses, and the director were on set working on the movie.

One of the actors a creature suit actor who was a man wearing a very uncomfortable tight tall werewolf-like (without that much fur) bat-like creature suit that had wings, and the creature suit actor had to stand up in this very uncomfortable suit for hours while basically being abused by the director and film crew and other actors and actresses who kept having him do various things that made life even worse for him and they probably did various things to him as well that I can not remember.

I just remember the other actors and actresses doing scenes and reading lines et cetera, and them and the film crew and the director talking with each other and coming up with new ideas that always ended up making things worse for the creature suit actor.

I remember the creature suit actor looking like he was in complete pain as he was forced to stand and to do all of these different things, and at some point they came up with an idea for a scene to fly the creature suit actor in the air above a lake in the middle of a forest over the film set which was inside a building and outside in this forest.

Usually they would trick the creature suit actor and do something by surprise without telling him, usually after lying to him, and the same thing happened this time where they lied to him about this scene.

Once they had him in the air inside a helicopter or airplane I assume, they pushed him out of it, the idea was for him to use his wings to fly down and they thought that this would be a great action scene but the problem was the creature suit was not designed to really fly and the creature suit actor had no idea that they were going to push him out of the aircraft.

The creature suit actor was already tired, in pain, depressed, emotionally / socially broken by the abuse on set, et cetera and now he was in complete terror as he fell from the sky flapping his wings and trying to fly to save his life as he screamed for help and for why they were doing this to him and reminding them that this suit was not designed to fly and that they had lied to him and he was possibly even crying because he thought that he was going to die.

The director and the others were smiling and laughing and were recording all of this and it exceeded their expectations because the creature suit actor was really afraid so it was better than if he had been acting during that scene, and the creature suit actor manage to fall in the lake but he hit the water so hard that the crew members that went to recover him assumed that he was probably seriously injured or dead.

I am not sure if the creature suit actor survived or not, he hit the water very hard and you heard a terrible noise, and he went under the water.

I woke up as the crew members were trying to find him.

The end,

-John Jr

A Psychic Reading And Rebecca (Rebekah)?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside maybe a house or building, and I was in a maybe carpeted room with some other people.

At some point I remember there being a woman with whitish-color skin with maybe medium-to-dark hair in the room, and maybe this woman claimed to be maybe a psychic and/or to have some special abilities/senses/powers/superpowers and/or something like that.

The woman then offered to maybe give each of us a psychic reading and/or reading and/or something like that, I did not believe any of this because I try to be more skeptical but I try to keep an open mind, and so I decided to let her read me/give me a psychic reading/whatever out of curiosity and as an experiment/test because I have never seen or had something like this done before so I was curious to see if the woman really had any special abilities/senses/whatever.

The woman probably gave some readings to some others before she reached me, when it was my turn we probably stood face to face making eye contact which was a bit awkward for me, and I wondered if my awkward eye contact would ruin the results of my reading so I asked the woman about this but I can not remember her response.

The woman/psychic/whoever then gave me my reading: she mentioned seeing a woman named Rebecca (Rebekah), she mentioned that maybe I knew Rebecca (Rebekah) or maybe I met her and spoke with her once, she mentioned that Rebecca (Rebekah) said that she was abused by her alcoholic father growing up or the woman/psychic/whoever saw or somehow knew/felt that Rebecca (Rebekah) had been abused by her alcoholic father growing up, and then the woman asked me if her reading was correct.

I paused for a moment to think, I could not remember knowing or meeting or talking to any woman named Rebecca (Rebekah) who matched her reading, and so I told her this and I asked her if maybe we should try this reading again without the awkward eye contact which I assumed possibly messed up the reading.

But before she could respond I then remembered that I had a dream or a dream within a dream about the Rebecca (Rebekah) that the woman had described in my reading, and so I told the woman about my dream or dream within a dream that matched her reading of me.

To me that meant that maybe somehow this woman was able to somehow read me and see my dream or dream within a dream or maybe it was just a coincidence, but that was just a dream or a dream within a dream and not about something from my real life; and so I asked the woman if maybe the awkward eye contact had messed up the reading causing her to read my dream instead of something from my real life.

But unfortunately I woke up before the woman could answer this.

Dream 2

I assume that this dream or dream within a dream took place before the previous dream (unless the psychic from the previous dream predicted this dream or dream within a dream before it even happened), and it involved a dream or dream within a dream that I had about a woman with whitish-color skin with maybe brown and/or dark hair named Rebecca (Rebekah) who was abused growing up by her alcoholic abusive father who also had whitish-color skin.

Maybe Rebecca (Rebekah) was telling me her story but I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream or this dream within a dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my sister-in-law JC, but I can not remember any thing else about this dream.

Dream 4

This dream possibly involved a very recent real life incident that happened to a male former classmate of my brother GC named C, and in that incident C was sitting outside in a public area when it was dark when a truck being driven by a man stopped in the street not far from C.

The man in the truck then accused C of committing a crime (which I will not specify) against his sister, and the man started to angrily threaten C’s life (he threatened to slit his throat).

The man claimed that his sister said that a black man (his words, not mine, I do not believe in race or support race) committed a crime against her somewhere in this area, he did not even know what the man supposedly looked like and he alleged that his sister could not see her attacker because of her bad vision or something odd like that, and he just assumed that C was that man even though he had no idea what the man looked like he just went after the first person in this area who he saw who(m) he considered to be a black man.

C managed to deescalate the situation, and so no one was harmed during this dangerous incident.

It is not know whether the man was on drugs and/or mentally unstable and/or if he was telling the truth or not and/or if he was just going around trying to start a fight or something, the man’s story did not make much sense and the man did not want the police involved when C offered to go to the police station with him to prove that he was not the one who allegedly attacked the man’s sister, and so who knows what that was all about.

I assume that this dream was about that real life incident, but I could be wrong.

Dream 5

This dream was inspired by a Itsreal85Gaming video that I watched on YouTube last night called FUNNY SAVAGE EPISODE! ( LEFT 4 DEAD 2 GAMEPLAY #4) W/ITSREA85 & PU55NBOOT5:

In this dream I was probably inside a house playing the video game Left 4 Dead 2 with some other people, I assume that this dream took place during the day but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Abuse And Crimes In A Pea Coat And Guards Guarding A Door And A Research Paper On Pauline Croze At A School

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I continued sleeping instead of waking up to voice record my dreams and so now I only barely remember four parts of my last dream which all took place during the day at a fictional school, and I was a student at the school and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate BH; and I remember him telling me that a male teacher with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who possibly wore glasses did not like him and that this male teacher would sometimes physically abuse him (push, grab, and hit), I was surprised by this considering that my former classmate BH’s mom Mrs. H is a teacher who probably worked at the same school, and I wondered why would the male teacher do this.

I know that my former classmate BH could be a bit weaselly/weasel-like and that he would probably annoy teachers sometimes but physical abuse was unacceptable, we talked about the situation and I gave him some advice/recommendations, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the second part of the dream I was going around the school possibly over a period of several days but it is possible that it all happened in the same day during a time where a man who possibly looked a bit like me was going around committing crimes around the school wearing a blackish colored jacket/coat or pea coat that was probably the same Sportier Pea Coat that I bought from The Sportsman’s Guide about two weeks ago on sale for $19.99 (thank you Seepurple, Flynn, and my brother GC for the color advice/recommendations), and I was wearing the same pea coat or jacket/coat or one like it during the dream; and they even had video footage that possibly was of me and not the man committing the crime, I think that they made a mistake because I happened to be walking through that area after a crime, and so I was afraid that they would arrest me by mistake.

I wanted to tell the police and school about their mistake but I had no real proof that I was innocent and they did not know it was me in that video yet so I hoped that they would catch the real man behind the crimes because I feared that they would arrest me if I went to tell them about their mistake, and I remember walking around hoping that no one recognized me in that video clip (which was blurry/unclear and from a distance and at a high angle so you could not see my face really); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the third part of the dream I was walking outside under the catwalks to another part of the school, this part of the dream was like an adventure/journey that I was taking alone because no one else was around this area at first and it was a long walk, and at some point I saw a door to a building being guarded by two dangerous possibly armored men with assault rifles who looked and acted like video game characters whose only job was to guard the door and scare people away because only certain people were allowed to enter the door/building.

I needed to pass the two guards to continue my journey but as I got closer they started looking in my direction and getting their assault rifles ready, and they pointed their assault rifles at me telling me to stay away as I tried to explain that I was only passing by; and so I walked away until they calmed down/reset, I started walking toward them again as they repeated the same actions as before, but this time I kept my distance and walked by without looking at them until I passed them but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the fourth/last part of the dream I reached my destination which was the library and I needed to do a research paper that was supposed to be turned in on March 26, in the dream it was March 26 and I missed turning in my research paper before school ended for the day, but we had a substitute teacher this/that day so I hoped to finish the research paper in the library and put it in my teacher’s room/office before someone noticed that I was still at school because school was over for the day; I wanted to avoid missing the March 26th deadline, which I would miss if I did not finish before someone noticed me and/or before they closed/locked the school/building for the day, and so I tried to be quiet so that no one would notice me.

I decided to do the research paper on maybe the music artist Pauline Croze but there were no books about her that I knew of so for my sources I was going to use some facts from an encyclopedia in reference to the classical guitar, a dictionary in reference to the genre/genres of music, a book about France and/or the French language, and some information about Pauline Croze from her official website/Facebook page.

I got my materials/sources and I sat down at a table and I used my dream blogging methods to help me get started writing and I hope to finish quickly with over a page of words double-spaced after every sentence but at some point my teacher for the class that I was doing the research paper for entered the library and she was a nice over-fat/slightly obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, it seemed that she came to check on her classroom and gather the research papers to start grading them now that she was back from whatever she had left school for and needed a substitute teacher for earlier during the dream, and I briefly talked with her; and she said that what I was doing was okay, but that I needed to finish before she was finished grading the other research papers.

I thanked her and I continued hurrying to finish my research paper in time, but I woke up.


The end,

-John Jr

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