Acid Reflux & The Wolf Among Us

I got in bed later than I wanted to last night, I could not sleep so it took me at least two hours to go to sleep, and to make things worse I woke up during the night with an acid reflux-like reaction where it felt like stomach acid was moving up my throat (which probably also caused me to forget most of my dream or dreams).

I went to sit up in bed and the stomach acid tried to shoot up my throat and out my mouth, but I forced it back down preventing myself from vomiting it out on my bed but this hurt my throat a bit.


Hulk Hogan Says N####r

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at a fictional college having a nice time enjoying the outdoors walking around sidewalks, courtyards, ponds/lakes, and more as college students and other people did the same; and I remember somehow learning about a website where you could pay the entertainment wrestler Hulk Hogan to come to where ever you are and sign autographs, talk with you, and hang out with you briefly.

I was in a good mood and I decided to do something crazy/different/unlike me so I went to Mr. Hogan’s website and I paid for him to come to the college but I can not remember how much it cost, but shortly after this I changed my mind but I do not think that you could cancel your payment or I did not know how; and so I hoped that if Mr. Hogan did show up that he would leave if he could not find me or that he would sign autographs and talk with and hang out with other people at the college.

At some point I saw Mr. Hogan standing around waiting on me, he knew that my name was John but he did not know what I looked like or sounded like, and so I watched him from a distance to see if he would leave or talk with other people at the college; but to my surprise he continued waiting, and he slowly started to become angry and frustrated and I remember him calling someone on his mobile phone several times telling them that he did not see me and that he has been waiting.

I should have just walked over to him to explain the situation and apologize to him but my social anxiety levels were high and I was uncomfortable and embarrassed and I did not want him to know what I looked or sounded like, and so I did not; and at some point Mr. Hogan started walking around asking people if they knew me and where to find me, and he started angrily accusing some people of being me.

I decided that I wanted to leave before Mr. Hogan asked someone who knew me and because I needed to urinate so I started to walk away, as I walked past the area where Mr. Hogan was I saw him arguing with my former male classmate MJ who Mr. Hogan was accusing to be me/John, and I remember hearing Mr. Hogan say: N####r..

Mr. Hogan was not calling anyone that word but he did say it in his sentence, this caused my former classmate MJ and the people who heard it to get angry, and their argument became more intense and they got closer to violence; and I remember my former classmate MJ saying something like: “First of all, I am not John but I know him, second of all no one cares about your old washed up self, you are nothing but an old washed up retired wrestler; and so you better get out of my face, and you better stop using that word around here or we are going to have a problem and I am going to have to knock your old a#s out.”

I continued walking until I reached a building and I went inside a classroom of students, oddly there was a bathroom in the middle of the classroom among the desks of students, and I went into one of the bathroom stalls to urinate but some of the walls were missing so there was a woman at a desk right behind the toilet facing me and some other students around the side; and so I remember moving a roll of toilet tissue from the top of the stall and putting it in its proper place, and then I decided to sit at a desk instead of use the bathroom while class was still going.

Before I could reach my desk my former male classmate JF was trying to get to the bathroom stall so I had to say excuse me as I walked around him, we greeted each other, and I sat at a desk; and I remember talking with a male student with brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair, and I told him about the Hulk Hogan situation and he told me what he had just heard before coming to the classroom but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my family and I possibly went on vacation I think to maybe see my brother CC or my brother CC joined us on our vacation, we stayed at a whitish colored one-story house in a nice quiet neighborhood that was maybe a house that was possibly used as a hotel/motel/whatever, and I left during the day to a house on the left side of the street on a street that reminded me of the street where the volleyball court in the city of D should be.

A fictional woman with whitish colored skin and her son lived there and I possibly somewhat knew them, I remember us talking and things were going good until the son asked his mom about what had happened to her grandmother or her dad’s grandmother or her husband’s grandmother who had died years ago, and the woman started to get emotional and she started to become unstable; and she told her son to never ask her about that again.

She grabbed her son and she dragged him to the kitchen where she filled a bowl with water, she sat her son at the dining room table, she sat the bowl of water on the table in front of him with a spoon, and I think that she told him to eat it or something strange like that; and so her son started eating/drinking the water from the bowl with a spoon, and then the woman left the house so I followed her because she was clearly becoming unstable and I wanted to help her if possible and make sure that she did not hurt herself or someone else.

She walked to a somewhat dangerous/bad/rough part of the city to a small store/restaurant/maybe gas station in a corner-like area by maybe an alleyway, like she wanted to do some shopping and I think that she gave me a piece of paper that she wanted me to take to the cash register to have them print her a receipt and/or a copy of the paper or something strange like that, and so I stood in line waiting to do this as she looked around the store.

The owner of the store somewhat reminded me of Caesar Millan combined with someone else like maybe the character Daniel Salazar from the television show Fear The Walking Dead, I told him the strange request that the woman wanted, and to my surprise he was going to do it; and he even offered to show me how to do it myself using the cash register, I thanked him, but I told him that I did not think that it was a good idea to try to teach me how to use the cash register to print the receipt and/or make a copy of the paper and/or whatever it is that she wanted done with the paper.

I told him that it was better if he or one of his employees do it, he said okay and he was about to do it when we got interrupted by something happening outside the store, and so we walked to the door to see people standing around the parking lot looking at a homeless man laying on the ground behind and under a large automobile like he either got run over or wanted to get ran over but he was probably alive; and we heard people talking about a dead man lying not far away, possibly in the alleyway, and then shortly after this a group of male gang members with brownish colored skin walked from the restaurant area into the store where we were.

They had just found out that the man lying dead not far away was one of their gang members and they were angry and they wanted to know who killed him, they started threatening people with their guns out and asking them if they knew what happened, and at some point they left to go find out who did it.

Shortly after they left two men entered the store, one of them looked like he might be one of my male cousins who I have not seen in many years but I was not sure, and the other man was a strange and dangerous-looking short thin man with blackish or dark-brownish colored skin wearing maybe a reddish or orangish colored winter hat/cap with strange somewhat bug-like eyes (they looked human, but they poked out a bit) who was possibly a vampire or something else; and the strange short man stayed in the store area while the other man went into the restaurant area, and they also around with guns threatening people trying to find out who killed the dead man.

The strange short man seemed like the type of person who likes to play mind games with people and then torture them slowly and then kill him, he was a creepy and strange and dangerous and violent et cetera dream character who really stood out, and he was not very loud when he spoke and he probably talked a bit strange and he was harder to understand, and to make it worse my hearing was not so good like in real life right now because of some possible sinus congestion or something like that.

The strange short man started to question me at some point but I could barely hear him and I could barely understand him so I told him so, he became angry and he pointed his gun in my face, and he told me that if I asked him to repeat himself or speak louder again that he would shoot me in the face; and I explained to him that I could not hear too well because of sinus congestion or something like that, and I apologized.

He repeated his question again but I could not understand him, I did not say anything because I was afraid that he would shoot me in the face, and so he yelled for me to answer the question or he would shoot me; and fortunately the other man called him, maybe he learned something, and then they both left.

The woman who I had come to the store with was gone now so I decided to go back to the house where my family was, once I returned to the house I walked across the street toward it, and a man with dark-brownish or blackish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing maybe a suit followed me to the door; and he said that he needed to talk to my dad, and so I opened the door to tell my dad but the man followed me into the house without asking for permission which surprised me and I thought that was rude.

My dad was sitting in the living room on a couch and I told him that the man was here to talk to him, the man started to move a table and a couch into different locations without asking, which also surprised me and which I also thought was rude; and now I was starting to get annoyed, and I looked at my dad and he also thought that it was rude but we did not say anything.

The man sat down in a chair that he moved, he started talking to my dad cryptically about money, and then he asked my dad if he had the money to pay back for the money that he borrowed from him; and my dad said that he had some of it, but not all of it.

The man continued talking cryptically with veiled threats and he said that he wanted his money in two days, I sensed danger so I grabbed two sharpened pencils and hid them in my hands behind my back, and my dad told him that he would have his money by then; and then the man continued with his veiled warnings, but then I heard my brother CC say something to the man but I could not see my brother CC because he was in a hallway.

The man became angry and he stood up asking my brother CC what he had said to him, he started threatening my brother CC and he started reaching for a blackish colored pistol that he had hidden in the front of his pants under his suit jacket, and it is possible that my brother CC possibly had a weapon as well; but I could not see my brother CC still because the hallway wall was blocking my view.

The situation was dangerous and it felt real and I thought that it was real, I did not want my brother CC to get shot, and so I decided to risk my life and distract the man and try to calm the situation by apologizing; but he saw that I had a sharpened pencil in my hand, and he went to pull his pistol out even when I tried to explain that I was not trying to sneak attack him.

I ran to grab or knock the pistol from him but I can not remember what happened next, I can not remember if I failed or not, I think that I almost got it but that maybe he managed to point the gun at my brother CC who I still could not see because I was looking at the man; and I probably tried to calm the situation down, but I accidentally woke myself because the situation was too intense.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being inside my parent’s house talking to my dad, he told me that he had talked to a family he knew who had a large house and several properties and a business and I possibly had went to school with one of their children who said that they would let me stay with them for a while, and maybe that they would probably try to help me find a job and maybe get help with my anxiety/depression/et cetera.

I accepted the offer and I went to their house/business, surprisingly I was not very nervous, and I remember going inside a multi-story modern house/building/business/hotel/apartment-like place where there were many people (family, friends, renters, et cetera) getting rooms and there for business; and there was an office in a lobby where I talked to some of the family and their workers thanking them for the offer, and one of the family members showed me which room that they were going to let me stay in.

I can not remember what happened next until later in the dream when I returned to my room to find that someone else was staying in it now so I went to the office to find out what was going on, my former female classmate LM was one of the workers, and she told me that someone was renting the room now according to the records and that no room was assigned to me; and so it seemed that either the family had possibly changed their minds about letting me stay with them or they had forgotten or they were going to let me use a different room but had not picked on yet.

My former classmate LM said that all the rooms in this building were taken now so she had me follow her outside so that we could walk to the other properties to see if there were any open rooms, all the properties were on the left side of the street next to a sidewalk on a street that reminded me of the street going to B’s Park in the city of D, but there were some rivers and water in certain areas; and it was different and nicer than in real life.

We walked to several sets of one-story motel/apartment-like properties near the water but I do not think that we found me an open room so I think that my former classmate LM went back to check with the family when they return, and I remember talking with my former male classmate BH who was in a field by the water as various other people were outside enjoying the outdoors.

We saw three young men with whitish colored skin through dangerous powerful acid-like stuff at someone and/or something, they were also throwing rocks at people for fun, and so my former classmate BH yelled for them to stop; and they went to turn around to see who said that, I was afraid that they would throw acid on my former classmate BH, and so I walked forward so that they could think that it was me who had said something.

They were angry and ready to get violent so I tried to calm the situation letting them think that I was afraid and that I was going to walk away, I started to walk away and let them hit me with a rock because I predicted that they would throw a rock at me, and I would fall to the ground and pretend that I was hurt badly to make them feel like they had won hoping that they would leave people alone and walk away proud.

Like I predicted they threw a rock at me but they threw a large rock or stone at me which hit me in my back, it actually hurt more than I had expected, and then I fell on the ground pretending that it hurt worse than it really did; and this made the young men laugh and feel proud like I had expected, they taunted me, and they walked away proud without bothering anyone else.

After they left I got off the ground and I stopped faking, my former classmate BH asked me if I was okay and I told him that I was okay but that I was hurting more than I had expected, and I told him that I had been faking and that everything that I had done was part of my plan.

I either said goodbye or we walked and talked until at some point I started to walk home to tell my dad that I was not sure if the family had changed their mind or not, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Using Conjuration Spells From The Apocalypse – Magic Of Skyrim Mod

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a large windowless building that was somewhat house-like but also building-like, my male cousin EE and some of his friends/family and maybe some other family members and I were inside this building, and I think that we were playing hide-and-seek or something like that; but strange things happened that I can not remember.

During the dream I remember using various conjuration spells from the Apocalypse – Magic Of Skyrim mod for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, maybe some other people did as well, but I can not remember.


Róisín Murphy + Acid = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night but I forgot one of the dream fragments, the first dream fragment took place in D during the day near a slightly fictional area near my grandfather’s house, and I was in this slightly fictional area for some unknown reason.

I was standing outside my grandfather’s fence near the garden next to the G house where my cousin CE, several other people, and a man who often walks through our neighborhood were; and where Mrs. R’s house should be was a dock-like area, and Róisín Murphy was practicing for a concert there along with some other people & probably her manager or someone like that.

I remember talking to my cousin CE and the man (he lives in our neighborhood) who often walking through our neighborhood (Mrs. MM’s son), and the man seemed to be in need of money/work like me; and he told me about some of his methods to make some money/work, one of which was a transportation service where he would pull you by hand around on a wooden board-like thing that had no wheels or anything. 😀

It literally was a long piece of wood that you would sit on and he would have to drag you around by pulling the long piece of wood, he is a thin small man & the process is already slow & inefficient, and so it would take forever to get anywhere and/or it would be impossible for him to pull you if you were too heavy. 😀

The man also did small yard work and repairs jobs when he had a chance, I felt sorry for him since I am in a similar situation & I know what it is like, and so I decided to pay him to pull me somewhere on his wooden board taxi even though I had my automobile there with me; but first I wanted to go see Mrs. Murphy practicing for her concert.

Mrs. Murphy was practicing her singing, dancing, checking the sound, et cetera; and then she took a break, and somehow we ended up talking.

At some point I offered her a tour around town and/or to go exploring and/or to go get something to eat & drink and/or something like that; and she agreed, and so I walked over to the man to let him know that we were going to use his wooden board taxi service for the trip & I paid him.

He said okay and supposedly started preparing the wooden board taxi, Mrs. Murphy and I continued talking while we waited, but the man seemed to be mostly smoking and/or drinking and/or talking to someone instead of preparing his wooden board taxi; and so at some point Mrs. Murphy decided to start back practicing until the wooden board taxi was ready, and so she walked back to the dock-like area.

I reminded the man a few times about preparing the taxi but he still failed to try to get it ready, and so I told him to keep the money; and that I would just drive Mrs. Murphy and me/I in my automobile instead.

I went over to the dock-like area to talk to Mrs. Murphy and I think that her manager or someone stopped me to talk to for a moment, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream was positive but I can not remember it.

The third dream was not positive, I was watching the news on TV, and there was a story about a family (The McDonalds or Mc(Somethings) or something like that) who were attacked in a cinema or theater by a man; and the man escaped, and the police were still looking for the man.

The family had many young kids, one of those large families who probably were on the news since the wife had so many kids at one time, and so they were already somewhat known by the public; most of the kids were little girls with whitish colored skin with blondish/brownish colored hair, and all the kids were still young & cute little kids.

The father had whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair and the wife had whitish colored skin with medium-long blondish colored hair, and they seemed like a nice family.

There was video of the attack, the family was clearly targeted by the man, they were sitting in the cinema or theater; and suddenly a man came up near them yelling something like: “The kids must die! (or something like that)”, and then he threw some acid on the family, mostly on the kids and in their faces, and he ran.

There were screams of pain and you could see some of the skin/muscles melting & maybe even smoking a bit, it was terrible, and a few people/kids died in the attack; and the rest were seriously injured or had some injuries or were in critical condition.

The police knew who the attacker was, a somewhat rich man who had seemed like a stable member of society, but after searching his hideout (which he probably wanted the police to find, I think that he was playing around with the police, like a crazy/violent Joker-like character/villain) they found that he had hidden his true nature for years.

The attacker was a somewhat rich man with a good job, he had a beautiful girlfriend, he was an active member of his church, he had friends who were respected members of the community, and he was a somewhat respected member of the community.

His hideout showed that he had covered up his true nature for years and he had grown tired of pretending, he was good at hiding his true nature, and his journals showed that he was ready to let his true nature out/free; and he purposely targeted the family, and he probably had many other bad things that he wanted to do.

The attacker clearly had a plan and he was clearly a threat to the community, and so the police were working hard to find him; because they knew he would commit more terrible crimes if he was not caught.

But the attacker had planned things out well and he had a system in place to help him avoid being caught & to continue randomly committing crimes, and so the police expected a long search; and they warned the community to be on guard, and to not approach the attacker if spotted.

The news report continued, I remember telling someone in the room with me how terrible that acid attack was & it really bothered me, and I felt like doing something to help find the attacker; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂