Stopping An Active Shooter & Getting Reincarnated?

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Official Anime Trailer 2

All that I can remember of this dream, is that some of my family & I were inside a large multi-story multi-purpose building that had many types of businesses inside it including: various stores / Dollar General / casino / hotel / restaurants / banks / upper class counters / an indoor pond / an electronics store with maybe Chinese employees / and more.

At some point, my brother GC & I were inside a store when there was an active shooter (who was a man with light-color skin with blonde hair) nearby who eventually entered the store that we were in, and I managed to disarm & stop him; but I am not sure if I was injured or killed or not as a result of stopping him.


Shooting An Evil David Tennant

David Tennant in Bad Samaritan (2018)
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I had more dreams, but now I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream started in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and in the dream I remember wanting to go to a fictional city or maybe the city of LC so that I could stay at a hotel and go out to eat and shop et cetera like a mini vacation or something.

I ended up waiting to late to where I would not get to do much other than checking into a hotel, maybe eating if I was lucky, and then go to sleep and wake up the next day; but I can not remember if I went ahead and left the city by automobile or not.

If I did then I possibly turned around and I went back to the city of D to a fictional restaurant that was near where The Military Surplus store is, this was possibly my last chance to catch a restaurant that would be open, and the restaurant was possibly partly a buffet but I can not remember.

The restaurant was owned by a family with light-color skin (husband, wife, and several children), and some of them were behind the front counter where you would probably pay first and where you could possibly order some food that was behind the glass like some desserts which included some large cinnamon roll-like desserts that looked pretty good.

This was supposed to be a pretty good restaurant, I remember being in line, and at some point there was an attack but I can not remember the details other than guns and shooting was involved.

I remember helping stop the threat(s), and some people I saved (maybe one or more people I knew like maybe some coworkers and/or some other people) went outside and got into my automobile to wait on me.

The final or only threat was basically villainous/evil David Tennant who was somewhat like his character Kilgrave from the TV show Jessica Jones, I had defeated him, and he was in a room; and there was a revolver and an old-style one-shot pistol that was possibly a flintlock pistol or musket pistol that I had taken from him.

Somehow he convinced me to give him the revolver back while I kept the single-shot pistol (flintlock pistol or musket pistol or whatever it was), I am not sure if he tricked me or if he used mind control powers on me or why I gave him the revolver back, and as I was walking away to leave the room he tried to shoot me from behind.

Fortunately he missed the first shot and I shot him with the single-shot pistol, maybe a head-shot but I am not sure, and he died.

I probably kept the single-shot pistol but I am not sure if I took the revolver, and I walked outside to my automobile where the others were waiting on me.

I was not sure if I should call the police and wait for them to explain the situation et cetera or if we should just leave and hope they never find out who shot and killed him, I am not sure why I even needed to think about this, I had clearly acted in self-defense but there were no witnesses or video of this so maybe that is why I was worried.

But I woke up before I could decide what to do.

The end,

-John Jr


An Active Shooter & Jennelle Eliana & Korey Coleman

Dream 1

This dream is unclear, and one or more characters changed throughout the dream without me noticing during the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember possibly watching the news and possibly seeing live footage of an active shooter situation that happened during the day.


A Conjuration Class | The Hit & Run Killings (Shootings)

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

I had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch after watching Toonami.


An Active Shooter | Robert Pattinson Watching His Own Movies

I had a variety of dreams but most were lost, and so now I can only remember part of two dreams; and my third dream involved things from one or both of those dreams, but I can not remember it now.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I was with my mom and my brother GC, and we were outside along the sidewalk of a shopping center-like area maybe.

A woman with light-color skin either approached us for help or she looked like she needed help so we asked her if she needed help, either way the woman needed help, and she told us that a man (maybe her boyfriend or husband or someone) was after her.

The man was possibly abusive and I assume that the woman was trying to leave him but I assume that he was going to try to stop her from leaving him, and so we were going to help the woman.

My mom and my brother GC and the woman entered a Walmart or Walmart-like store to talk about the woman’s situation some more and to hide until the man leaves the area, and then maybe we would take the woman to the police station.

After they entered the store I noticed a suspicious angry-looking somewhat unstable man walking along the sidewalk like he was looking for someone, and the man somewhat reminded me of a live action (real life) adult version of the video game character Gary Smith from the video game Bully.

The man entered the Walmart-like store so I entered the store so that I could warn my mom and my brother GC and the woman because I assumed that was the man the woman was talking about, but when I entered the Walmart-like store the man had a black pistol out as he stood in front of the cash register (checkout) areas and he was threatening people with the pistol and he was asking people if they had seen a certain woman as he also ranted.

I used my mobile phone to text my family as I sneaked around, I wanted to sneak around to find them but it was too dangerous and I did not want to risk letting the man find them, and so I decided to risk my life and sneak closer to the man so that I could stop him or at least distract him so that my family and the woman could escape or hide.

I decided that I would either sneak up and attack him or I would sneak up and pretend that my mobile phone was a pistol and try to get him to drop his pistol, I crawled to a cash register not far from him waiting for my chance to attack, but unfortunately he walked to my direction and he found me when I was trying to text my family so I pretended to be weak and afraid and helpless and not a threat and I pretended that I was not just texting anyone.

The man pointed his pistol at me asking me what I was doing and he asked me what I was doing with my mobile phone, I lied and I told him that I was just laying here afraid for my life and that I had my mobile phone out because I did not want him to think that I had a gun or something, and I even changed my voice to pretend to be terrified for my life.

I was actually just distracting him and wasting time and trying to get him to underestimate me as I thought about and quickly daydreamed about what to do now, and my plan worked and he left me alone and he walked back to his previous spot.

I am not sure if the next part is a daydream or if it is what actually happened (probably a daydream).

In this assumed daydream of me testing out how to handle this situation I waited for the man to walk closer to me and then I attacked him and I disarmed him.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place over several days, and it took place at a shopping mall-like building that had a variety of areas.

On several different days as I walked through the building I happen to see the actor Robert Pattinson walking through the building as well going in the same direction as me and he was probably ahead of me each time, and each time he would walk to the movie theater part of the building and he would go to watch a different movie each time that he starred in.

I was not sure if he was being paid to do this or if he just liked watching his own movies, I assumed that he was getting paid to do this, but that was my wild guess.

I saw Mr. Pattinson do this probably on 3 different days until the last day when some unknown people and my female cousin ME and me went to go watch a movie (maybe a Harry Potter movie or a Harry Potter-like movie), and as I was walking through the building I saw Mr. Pattinson.

I am not sure if this was the first time that we ever said anything to each other or not, but this time we communicated in some way (I assume that I greeted him or something).

Something happened that I can not remember where there was some kind of misunderstanding where Mr. Pattinson possibly made some kind of unwarranted physical contact (maybe he put his arm around my shoulder or something, but I have no idea) or something with me that caused me to instantly verbally and possibly physically end it and make it clear that was not acceptable to me, whatever happened I reacted instinctively and quickly in a way that was not as nice as I usually would handle a situation, but I still tried to be as polite as I could under whatever the unknown circumstances were.

Mr. Pattinson looked angry and annoyed like he felt led on or something like maybe he misinterpreted me somehow and he somehow felt that what he did was acceptable like he assumed that I had gave him permission or something, maybe he misinterpreted my usual friendly smile and friendliness or something, but I can not remember what happened at all and he never did say why he thought / assumed that.

After my response Mr. Pattinson’s response seemed to be a mostly non-verbal (facial expression, body language, and maybe an angry / annoyed sound effect of air that people sometimes make when angry / annoyed) that I interpreted as: “Well f##k you too then! Whatever!” and then he walked off angrily toward the movie theater that we were heading to (I do not think that the others saw this because it probably happened before we met up).

I remember wondering what misunderstanding happened there that led to that, and then I reached the movie theater with the others.

Mr. Pattinson went to watch one of his movies again as usual, and some of us went to use the bathroom before going to watch the maybe Harry Potter-like movie because I needed to urinate.

I walked past the movie theater area and I walked down some hallways until I reached a resort-like area, and I found a huge amazing luxury women’s bathroom that was super nice and it was so big and full of things that I was not sure if all of it was a women’s bathroom or not so I entered it to see.

The bathroom was like a super nice bathroom that I would expect at a resort where super expensive weddings take place and there were expensive clothing store-like changing rooms and mostly open changing rooms with just simple dividers, sitting areas, various super expensive areas to use the bathroom or take a bath and shower, and maybe even hot tubs and more.

My female cousin ME and some other women entered the bathroom, and my cousin ME asked me what I was doing here because this was the women’s bathroom so she told me to get out.

I told her that I was trying to find the men’s bathroom, and she pointed in the direction where it might be so I thanked her and I apologized and I left toward that direction.

I saw a few of the men in our group who were also looking for the bathroom, I warned them and told them about the super nice women’s bathroom, and I told them to follow me toward the direction where my cousin ME assumed the men’s bathroom was.

We all assumed that the men’s bathroom would not be as nice or big as the women’s bathroom, and I think that we were correct but I can not remember.

I just remember reaching the bathroom and urinating and maybe we left back to the movie theater but I woke up, and in the real world I really did need to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr