Mad Libs

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Mad Libs, and this is what it said:

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun.

There’s your post title!

Now write.

And this is my response:

I asked my brother GC and he provided me with this article, adjective, and noun: “An Odd Question.”.

An Odd Question

Today I was asked an odd question that left me a bit confused at first, an article, what kind and what is that; and if they are referring to the grammar term article is that an, a, and the (and sometimes some)?

I checked on Wikipedia to make sure: article (grammar), and here are the Wikipedia articles for adjective and noun and mad libs for those who are not sure about what those mean.

I wondered how were people who were alone would be able to answer this Daily Prompt, and this Daily Prompt seemed a bit inconsiderate to me; and I felt that this Daily Prompt should have been more clear, and that it should have provided in-text links that would define those terms and that they should have more clearly said what they want you to write about.

Also for almost a month or for a month now there has been a bug where the Daily Prompts do not show up in the Reader so you have to be following by email or manually to even know that a Daily Prompt is released each day, I reported this bug twice to the Staff and it was acknowledged as a bug and they said that they were working on it, but it still has not been fixed yet weeks later; and so it would be nice if they could fix this, and I would recommend that other people also report this to them too ( Contact Page if you have noticed this same bug.

The end,

-John Jr