Bully Problems

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream during the day I was standing on a sidewalk in a small quiet nice neighborhood with an unknown man, my dad, and maybe someone else outside a fenced yard with maybe a mostly destroyed house.

The man was looking at the yard and the remains of the house deep in thought remembering old memories as he told us about his life and the history of that house / yard: he was probably an orphan from another country who was adopted as a child by a man with whitish colored skin who lived in the house, the man was nice to him and he grew up to be very successful in school and around the neighborhood and maybe the military and then as a business owner, but the man who adopted him was dead now and the house mostly burnt down or something like that.

The man had many positive memories but it was still a bit sad/emotional hearing his story and seeing how much love and that respect that he had for man who had adopted him, it seemed that he would come to see the yard/house sometimes, and at some point we said goodbye and walked away.

I remember walking away alone at some point until I reached a back alley-like area that somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the alley by the former BP School Board Shop but it had concrete-like walls, which is now the Computer Department, and in this alley were some of my former classmates/schoolmates and some fictional ones; and we seemed to be younger and in school again, and this area was connected to a school.

I would walk through this area on my way home after school, I would say hello to various people as I walk by, including a few of my classmates/schoolmates who the others looked down on; and those few students would stand in a very nasty corner that looked like an old dirty wet public shower with mud and/or feces and mold to avoid getting physically bullied by the others who avoided this nasty area.

These students did get verbally bullied and made fun of every day, one of the students in this area was a short girl with whitish colored skin who somewhat reminded me of one of my former schoolmates who was in a special education/handicap class because she was a bit slower at learning the most students probably, and another was my former male classmate AP.

I started talking to these students each day and I would tell the others to stop bullying them, when I was around the others would mostly leave them alone, and I remember having good conversations each day with the girl in this area who was very nice; and one day a female teacher who reminded me of the character Antigone Bezzerides (Ani Bezzerides) from season 2 of the television show True Detective stopped to ask me a question as I was entering her classroom, and there were other students already there watching and listening.

She smiled and somewhat jokingly asked me if there was anyone who owed me anything and I replied with something like:

“Yes, there are many people who I have helped over the years and who have used me over the years who owe me things like: money, items that I let them borrow that they never returned, gasoline and other resources, time, and more; but I doubt that most of them will ever give me what they owe me or even offer to help me in any way, I am tired of that and being used by people, and so I try to avoid having to deal with people mostly (or something close to that with a better explanation).”

The teacher and the students were surprised by my response, they went from smiling to laughing to having their moods drop, and I continued walking to my desk normally after apologizing for the gloomy response but letting them know that was an honest answer to the question sadly.

Then there was a time jump to years later, and this group of students had grown as more students joined them and many of the female students among them grew to be attractive and had better looking styles now so some of the other students were jealous of them now.

A group of female bullies would bully them when I was not around, there was another time jump to after we graduated high school maybe, and one of the female students from the bullied group was speaking at maybe a pornographic convention during the day outside under a large tented area about one of the bullied students from her group who grew up to be very attractive and bullied a lot by the jealous girls; and she became a pornographic actress, but I think that she died somehow so the female students said some things in her honor.

I was watching a listening from a distance in a field but then an old man with whitish colored skin in the crowd carrying a large container of clear liquid started yelling at her and trying to throw the liquid on her like he blamed her and pornographic industry for the death of the other female student, and I ran over to stop him.

I tried to talk to the old man but that did not work so I had to grab the container and as we were struggling over it two men with dark brownish colored skin ran over wanting to know what was going on, I explained the situation to them, and then they started dealing with the man; and so I walked away to see if my former fictional female schoolmate was okay because I did not know what that liquid was.

There was another time jump and I was in military recruit training outside in a field during the day it seemed, our male drill instructor probably asked me a question and gave me a compliment (he seemed to like me like I was one of his good recruits), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Family Reunion At A Buffet? | A Man Finds His Real Mother And Multiple Versions Of Her Keep Getting Murdered?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is riding during the day with most of my family in an automobile to a fictional city for maybe a family reunion for my mom’s side of the family, maybe everyone was going to stay at a hotel, and have the family reunion at a buffet restaurant; and I remember not wanting to go or be seen or talked to really (social anxiety disorder, shyness, et cetera), but I went anyway.

We parked across the street from the buffet at a small parking lot along the sidewalk as other family members slowly arrived, my family went inside while I stayed inside the automobile briefly to do something that I can not remember (maybe I changed clothes and/or I stalled to try to prepare myself because I did not want to be there and/or to be bothered), and then I went inside the buffet; and some of my family and family members were already inside eating/drinking/talking/having a good time, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second last dream was interesting and confusing and my memory of it is messed up badly and my memory of it probably has errors so it will not make much sense, and the errors will probably ruin what really happened in the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I possibly/probably was not myself and maybe I was an unknown man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair but I am not sure, and this man/I would sometimes go to a metal storage building-like business in a field that was like a larger version of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard.

This business was like a combination of a thrift store and arcade and drink/food stand where people could buy random objects, food, drink, and play video games and games; and there was a somewhat older woman who worked there with whitish colored skin who wore a colorful bandana, and she looked like the stereotype of a gypsy (this word was possibly mentioned in the dream, but I can not remember).

*The dream gets too unclear, confusing, and probably error filled at this point; and so some of what I typed below is possibly incorrect because of my flawed memory of this dream, and will probably ruin trying to make sense of it.*

One day the man/I found somehow found out that his/my parent’s (who were a man and a woman who I have not seen before who had whitish colored skin, but that is all that I can remember about them) were not his real/biological parent’s, and that he was adopted; and this shocked/surprised him because he did not know this, and no one had told him this all these years.

At some point I remember him being at the business in the field and he found out that the woman working there was his mother, she told him a bit about her life and I think that she was from Romania (Romanian) maybe, and maybe another woman was there who was the owner who had whitish colored skin with medium-length yellowish-colored hair wearing a light-colored suit; and the man was happy to learn the truth and finally meet his real mother, the owner saw this, and she decided to tell him the real truth.

The owner told the man that she was his real mother and that she had told her worker to lie to him, she told him that she decided to tell him the truth once she saw how happy he was because she had expected him to be angry, and so that is why she had told her worker to lie and pretend to be his real mother; she probably apologized to her worker and thanked her and maybe sent her home for the day, it was close to closing time so all the customers were probably gone, but I can not remember.

The owner/his real mother reminded me of several characters that the actress Jessica Lange has played on the different seasons of the television series American Horror Story, and she told the man how she had given him away as a child because she did not want a child interfering with her life; and she was the type of person who was after fame, fortune, fun, et cetera and she was selfish/et cetera.

They had a very emotional conversation with crying, hugs, et cetera and the man forgave her and he was happy to finally meet her and to hear the truth; and he wanted to meet/spend time with her later after she finished closing her business for the day and got ready for their meeting, and so they were going to meet later and so he left until then.

His mother did not contact him or meet up with him so he returned to her business to see if she was there, the door was unlocked oddly so he went inside to find blood and that his mother had been murdered, and so he probably called the police; and he was possibly the last person to have seen her alive, and somehow the same thing continued to happen possibly without the dream repeating like he somehow had many versions of the same mother and her business.

I remember a constant cycle/loop/pattern of him going to his mothers business and she would be there and alive and maybe the same thing would happen, he would find her dead before their meeting, and this kept happening to each version/copy of his mother and her business that he would go to; and he started to wonder if he was the murderer and just could not remember, and he wondered how were there so many versions/copies of his mother and her business but that is all that I can remember and I woke up.

This is all too confusing and error filled and missing too many important parts of the dream to make much sense of it, and I was probably this man which made it even more confusing.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dance And An Orphan And A Storm

Dream 1

I had several interesting dreams last night but I forgot most of them except for one or two dreams, I can not remember if it was one or two dreams, but I remember being in a dimly lit gym-like building at some point; and there were other people there.

I probably explored part of the building while meeting people as I explored the building, and at some point there was a dance at the building with music / food / bunk-bed-like furniture/drinks/et cetera.

I remember being on one of the bunk-bed-like furniture things with several other people, I started to use the bunk-bed-like thing to goof around doing some fake gymnastics/dance showing off my strength/balance/flexibility & to cover up my lack of dancing skills; and some people started to watch & be entertained, normally I would be too shy to ever dance or do anything like this, but I was having fun & I was not that nervous to my surprise.

I stopped at some point when I might have been interrupted by my family arriving and they might have had a female orphan with them who either they were going to adopt as my sister or they were temporarily taking care of her, either way I was going to treat her like a sister as long as she was living with my family, and so I stopped to greet them near a desk/bar-like area.

The orphan had very light brownish/whitish colored skin with interesting natural slightly shiny & dry & maybe slightly wavy & slightly wild-looking brownish/blackish colored hair that made a cool wild almost-afro-type hairstyle but I do not know what the hairstyle is called but I have seen it before, she probably was high school age(d), and she seemed to probably have a slight mental/physical/whatever handicap/disability that was only slightly noticeable.

I think that my family warned me about a terrible storm that was coming, it was already starting outside, and so we were going to try to get home before we got trapped at the gym-like building; and so we left.

Dream 2

Either a new dream started or the dream continued, and we barely made it home; and the weather was getting very bad once we got inside, it was worse than the hurricane a few years ago, and it was one of the scariest winds & one of the scariest realistic weathers that I have ever experienced in real life or a dream.

The orphan, who was a sister to me now in my mind, went into shock as the wind got so bad & loud that we feared that most of our house might get destroyed; and I told everyone to get to the hallway where there were no windows, but the orphan was having a breakdown/was in shock, and so I had to carry her to the hallway.

The wind was loud and through the window I saw trees bending like during the hurricane, I went around trying to make sure all the windows were closed as things outside were being thrown through the air by the wind, and I was afraid; and it felt real.

Even though I was afraid I focused on how to best help my family survive, after checking all the windows & making sure that everyone was in the hallway, I got two bed mattresses to block the two sides of the hallway for protection against debris flying if things got that bad, and I started trying to help the orphan calm down; but it was clear in my mind that this experience might scar her for life, and that she would need counseling later to help her get over the shock of what was to happen.

I am not sure if this is a daydream in the dream or if this is what happened later, but I remember a jump in time that did not show what had happened exactly during the rest of the storm, but it showed the orphan in the future scared emotionally/mentally from the experience of the storm; and I was still alive I think, but I am not sure about everyone else in my family.

The orphan was receiving counseling because she still was afraid of loud winds/storms, she still had bad dreams about the storm, and it probably caused her to have an anxiety disorder & a panic disorder; and I think that I came to visit her after one of her counseling sessions.

I am not sure if my family had adopted her or if she was still temporarily living with us, either way I still treated her like a sister regardless, and I was going to make sure that she got the help that she needed to help deal with her problems caused by the storm & the problems she had before the storm; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr