A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Inspired Dream

Last night I several dreams that I remembered part of but each time that I woke up to use the bathroom I did not voice record these dreams or think about them, and so I forgot all of them after going back to sleep and dreaming several times so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream and I can not even remember most of it now because I did not think about it or voice record it when I had the chance.

I think that this dream was inspired by the Japanese animated (anime) television series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which I watched an episode of last night (I have only seen the first two episodes so far), and during at least one part of the dream I remember hearing the song Roundabout by the music group (band) Yes which is the ending song for this anime during the ending credits.

Roundabout (2008 Remaster)

Searching For Something / Someone In India And Hiding Someone / Something And My Fictional Sister Wants A High School Class Ring?

Source: Wikipedia

I got awakened last night by people making a lot of noise and I had to use the bathroom, I voice recorded part of one dream but later I remembered part of that dream that I had forgotten, but I still can not remember most of the dream and so it will not make much sense without the missing parts of the dream.

My dream last night was an adventure-type dream that took place around different parts of the world where one or more people and I were searching for someone/something that I can not remember and I can not remember why we were searching for it/them, I have forgotten most of the dream unfortunately, but I know that one part of the dream seemed to have taken place in India; and one or more people and I were riding in a small wooden boat on water to find a hidden / protected island to find someone/something, but several boats of security people from India stopped us miles away from the hidden/protected island.

The security people had watched us from a distance it seems and once they felt that we were trying to find the protected hidden/secret island they decided to stop us, they were angry/mean and they had weapons, and so we were forced back to the shore; and we had to leave, and later in the dream I remember being at a school-like place somewhat like C Elementary School in the city of D with two or more women.

We were sneaking around school catwalks / walkways / tunnels / buildings / et cetera with someone/something that we were trying to hide, maybe a person and maybe an object that we had collected on our adventure, but at some point one of the women or a woman/female teacher/female worker/whoever saw us hiding in a building/room near a sidewalk/catwalk/tunnel and she was going to turn us in to the school and/or police and/or whoever; and so we tried to convince her not to turn us in, and maybe she decided not to turn us in but I can not remember.

The last part of the dream took place inside a fictional house where my family and I lived and I had a fictional sister who seemed to be in high school, I remember seeing a huge flat rectangular shaped Playstation console (the original console but much bigger) on a short table in the living room, and some of my brothers were playing video games and/or watching TV; and my fictional sister and my mom were looking at high school class rings in a magazine, I remember my fictional sister wanting the first high school class ring that she saw, and my mom and I told her that she should take more time to compare them first.

We explained to her that the different style high school class rings offer different options when it comes to stone cuts, customizations, et cetera; and so it was important to know what options each ring supports, and I told her that I still regret choosing the high school class ring that I chose back when I graduated from high school because it had very limited options and it looks a bit fake/toy-like/silly/et cetera but I got awakened in the real world by people making noise and I had to use the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr


A Magical Job Adventure

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place during the day at a fictional version of my old job in a fictional area, and I had been called & asked to return to my job; and there seemed to be new management and everything was different.

I was hesitant to return but they convinced me that things were different now, and so I decided to give it a try.

My work area was the first work area near a courtyard on the left side and a parking lot on the right side, and a covered catwalk connected it to other parts of the building complex.

I can not remember what the inside of my work area looked like or who I worked with or what my job was, but I do remember getting a call from the office at some point; and they told me that the manager/CEO/owner/whoever wanted to talk with me, and so I stepped outside to go to the office but the manager/CEO/owner/whoever was standing under the catwalk waiting to greet me.

The CEO (I will just use this since it is shorter) looked like Vice President Joe Biden, he greeted me, and we walked to the courtyard to my surprise; and we sat down.

The CEO was nice and he told me that one of the reasons that he chose me to return to my job was that I had worked several times in the same job and that my records showed that I was a good worker, and he thought that I would be helpful for the company with my experience & good work.

The CEO seemed to greet all of his new workers, but then he told me the main reason that he wanted to talk with me; and he showed me a medical report of my preliminary drug test I guess, which was written in hard to read doctor writing like in real life.

He said that a certain chemical or drug, one that I never heard of before & that I could barely understand some of the handwriting to see how it was spelled, was high in my test, which was not good; and that even though he liked me and wanted me to work with the company, due to the rules he could not hire anyone if they do not pass the drug test.

He told me that he would purposely stall the official drug test for a few weeks, to give me time to get my levels normal again, and I told him that I was not on any medicine & was not taking any drugs & that I had never heard of that chemical or drug before & I had not idea how that got in my body.

I asked him how could that chemical or drug get in my body without me knowing it, he named several possible ways, one was old and/or contaminated drinking water (I drink beaucoup of water); and I told him that I would try to figure it out and get things normal again for the official drug test.

The CEO told me that he believed me and that he was sure that things would go well, and he reminded me that he would purposely stall the official drug test as long as he could to give me time; and then he said goodbye and walked away back to his office.

I stood there in shock about the drug test and about how nice the CEO was & how he was going to stall the official drug test for me, and I wanted to go to the doctor soon to figure out how that chemical or drug was in my body.

I returned to my work area but at some point I decided to ask to go to the office to talk to the CEO about taking the day off to go to the doctor, and so I went to the office; and unlike in real life or most of my dreams of my former job, the office was open for everyone to enter; the entire environment was beaucoup better than how things used to be in real life & in most of my dreams of my old job.

In the office were a few secretary work areas with desks, a conference table in the lobby area near the secretary work areas so conferences were in the open, and the management had small offices in the main office; and so things were a lot more open and comfortable, and management was not completely locked away from the workers like in real life or like in most of my dreams of my old job.

To my surprise a big meeting was talking place in the office with high level people, news reporters, politicians, business people, and I saw a man who looked like Chris Hedges sitting at the conference table; and so all the management was busy, including the CEO, who looked like Joe Biden (maybe he was Joe Biden, I am not sure).

I decided to wait until there was a break, so that I could talk to the CEO, and at some point there was a break; and I remember asking the man who looked like Chris Hedges if he was Mr. Hedges, and he said yes & we had a brief conversation.

I then went to talk to the CEO, but something happened, I am not sure what happened; but I think that there was an attack by something that was like a Dragon Priest from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game, and it had powers.

I think that someone told us that there were nine of the Dragon Priest-like beings scattered around the World, and that we needed to hunt them each down; and so several people & I left during the attack to hunt down the other Dragon Priest-like beings.

I think that we killed two or more of the Dragon Priest-like beings during our adventure around the World, each one was tough, and so we had to use guerrilla warfare; and each fight was long.

At some point we returned to my job but the building looked like something had used its power to change the appearance of the buildings to look a bit dark, foggy, ancient, and like stone & Dwarven metal; and so we sneaked around cautiously, and we split up into teams.

The building complex seemed abandoned and mostly empty now, my team of three people and I sneaked into what looked like a break room, that was connected to a smaller room; but then we heard two female voices, and so we ducked silently in the open & somewhat dark & foggy room since we did not have anything to hide behind.

Two tall women who were probably taller than any of us with whitish colored skin entered the room who looked like they probably had powers, they looked beautiful like they were immortal or did not age, they looked Royal or Bene Gesserit-like like The Woman (Lady) In White who knocked me out of one of my dreams once, they wore old style dresses or robes like The Woman In White probably, they probably had long hair too, and one of the women seemed to be the mother of the other woman; and they were looking for someone, probably someone like them, I am not sure if they were Human or not, but they looked Human except for being taller than average & they looked a bit too flawless.

The daughter who looked to be about my age (but who I felt was much older, probably hundreds of years old) stayed to search the room that we were in & the smaller room, while the mother left to search somewhere else, but oddly they did not see us even though we were silently ducked down in the open room that was only slightly dark & foggy.

The daughter walked right next to us calling out the name of whoever they were looking for, we stayed quiet & we did not move, and strangely she still did not see us; it was like she had a blind spot or she could not detect you if you did not move or her height & the fact that she was not looking down prevented her from seeing us.

Once she walked into the smaller room, I told the other people with me to go search the rest of the building complex to see if anyone else was there & then report back to me, and I was going to take out the daughter while they did that; and so they left, and I got in position to ambush the daughter from behind.

I noticed that in the smaller room there was a person with long blond colored hair sleeping on a bed who looked a bit like an adult version of the bully Michel from the Hancock film, I am not sure if it was a man or woman, but the daughter did not seem to notice the sleeping person since the bed was below her field of vision & the person was not moving; and so I decided to quietly attack the daughter before she could turn around.

I grabbed the daughter from behind by her mouth with one hand to prevent her from screaming and I grabbed her by the throat with my other hand to try to choke her unconscious and/or kill her, and then I move her to the ground with my grappling skills; my attack was so successful that she did not even get to see who I was, she could not even fight back, she could not scream, but I did not have my hand in the correct position to choke her unconscious so I was at risk of breaking part of her neck and I could feel the bone or boney part of her neck.

I started to feel uncomfortable/awkward, like I was a rapist or murder or something, and so I stopped choking her but I kept my hand over her mouth; and I told her that I was not going to kill her or hurt her, and that I was not sure if she was working with the Dragon Priest-like being or not & that we had not expected anyone else to be there.

I told her that I would remove my hand from her mouth if she did not scream, she agreed, and so I removed my hand from her mouth but I still was holding her on the ground so that she could not escape or attack me; I was still behind her, so she could not see me, and I could not see her face & I had my back on the wall & I was hiding us behind a bookshelf in case her mom or the Dragon Priest-like being came into the room.

So I sat there holding her waiting for my team to return, I forgot to mention that during my attack the person on the bed woke up a bit but went back to sleep, since my attack was quiet; and oddly I started to feel a bit comfortable/connected/attracted with/to the daughter as we sat there on the floor hiding behind the bookshelf, but then my team returned.

My team said that the Dragon Priest-like being was on his way to the room that was connected to the room that we were in, and so we prepared to ambush him; but I was still holding the daughter as I moved into position to support my team if needed while holding the daughter & watching the sleeping person to make sure that they did not interfere, I was literally holding her in my arms now, she seemed to be a bit embarrassed/humbled/depressed that a normal Human like me was able to so easily defeat her.

The Dragon Priest-like being (who I think had fire powers or a fire cloak), this one looked more like a normal Human man than the other ones we had fought, entered the room; and my team ambushed him, and quickly he gave up (the other ones would attack us on sight and they probably did not talk or talk much & they never gave up like this one did), and my team started to bring him into the smaller room but the mother walked into the room.

To my surprise the Dragon Priest-like being and the mother talked rationally & non-violently, and they all came into the smaller room to talk about the situation & the person on the bed woke up & joined the conversation as well; and we all sat at a table in the room, but the daughter was laying sideways in my lap still in a somewhat depressed mood as I sat at the table.

The conversation was peaceful and good, but the daughter and I started to have our own conversation as the others talked, as the daughter laid sideways in my lap with part of her body resting on some of the chairs; and I remember part of our conversation:

The Daughter: You are fortunate to be a mortal.

Me: Huh? I am not sure about that, but maybe, if I am mortal are you an immortal?

The Daughter: Yes.

Me: Interesting, but what is so great about being mortal like me or what is so bad about being immortal like you? *I predicted that one of her answers would be that watching people you care about grow old & die while you stay the same is hard to deal with, and maybe also watching the World change so much and/or boredom.*

The Daughter: *Like I predicted one of her responses was:*: It is hard watching people you love/care about/know grow old & die. *And she mentioned a few other things that I can not remember.*

Me: I imagine that can be hard, but I imagine that you somewhat learn to deal with it or accept it, and I still do not see what is so great about being mortal like me; but maybe you are right.

Me: So for example, if we got married, I would grow old & die, while you would not age or die?

The Daughter: Yes.

Me: So how old are you?

The Daughter: 1,500 years old (I think, it was between 1,200 – 2,500).

Me: Wow! You are older than I expected, I was thinking between 500 – 1,000 years old, you look great for a super senior citizen. *Laughs*

But I woke up as we were still having our good conversation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂