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I had four dreams last night but I forgot the first two dreams after I woke up to use the bathroom, I did not bother thinking about them, and I went back to sleep & forgot them; but I do barely remember part of two other dream fragments that I had later.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day and until the next day, I went to a two-day (really one day & a morning) college orientation for a fictional version of L College probably (I went to college orientation at the real version of this college many years ago), and I was probably the oldest person there & I was probably the only other person there who had been to this college orientation before.

Bruce Willis At A School

I barely remember part of two dream fragments from last night, and both of them were school related.

Dream 1

The first one took place at a fictional elementary school, I forgot the beginning and middle of the dream, and so I do not know why I was there or what happened for most of the dream.

Both dreams took place during a nice sunny day and both schools were nice, both schools were multi-story buildings probably made of brick.

At the end of the first dream I was walking through a hallway when I saw the actor Bruce Willis walk out of a room to my surprise, and so I greeted him & asked him what he was doing there; and he smiled & said that he was there to talk/give a speech & do a skit/performance/program/whatever & take some photographs/give autographs/et cetera to/with the kids.

He was probably was going to give helpful advice to the kids and do skits to help keep the kids interested, and to give them active examples of the advice that he would give/gave them (probably basic advice like stay in school, avoid illegal drugs, eat a balanced diet, exercise, et cetera); and I told him that was nice of him, I wished him good luck since he was about to enter a classroom or room to start his presentation/talk, and we said goodbye (I am not sure if Mr. Willis said yippie ki-yay or not as a goodbye or if I imagined that in my mind while laughing to myself).

I continued walking down the hall but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream took place at a school but all that I can remember now is there was a female/woman/girl; but that is all that I can remember now since I forgot that dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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