Undercover American Soldiers At An Outdoor Jail In Afghanistan

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Dream 1

I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of two dreams with the end of the first dream taking place during the day inside a larger version of E Manor, and my aunt JE lived in a fictional apartment-like room connected to the bedroom next to the family room that my aunt ME likes to use when she visits.

My mom and I were at E Manor and my aunt JE needed help with a TV or something electronic in her bedroom, which was the bedroom that my aunt ME likes to use, and I solved the problem for my aunt JE; and then my mom and I walked back into the family room/dining room area, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of the second dream took place during the evening and I traveled  by maybe motorcycle or bicycle or automobile or vehicle down a fictional highway / road that reminded me of the highway to the city of LC, and at some point I reached an area that was supposedly Afghanistan even though it looked like a small town in L.

Next to the road was a small outdoor jail or prison with a small metal fence where the prisoners were sitting on the ground and for some unknown reason(s) I joined them, and I remember listening to them talk.

Some of the prisoners were possibly mafia members from Russia (Russian) and the other prisoners were undercover United States (American) soldiers pretending to be Taliban and Al-Qaeda members, and they were dressed in traditional clothing and they had somewhat long beards.

The US soldiers had a certain mission that they were on, they probably were special forces, but some of them were afraid that their plan/disguises would not work and some of them seemed a bit traumatized/afraid from their previous battles with the real Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

I remember some of the mafia members and/or soldiers joking about how several European countries sent some of their judges, politicians, et cetera to this jail and/or other jails without disguises and they got killed thinking that they could talk peacefully with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda members inside the jail.

At some point some local kids and women came to visit the undercover US soldiers pretending to be their kids and wives as part of their cover, I said goodbye, and then I walked back to my vehicle and I drove up the highway.

But I can not remember what else happened before I woke up, but maybe I will remember later.

The end,

-John Jr

John Inception | A Dream Within A Dream Gone Lucid Within A Dream Within A Dream?

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Lazy Overview:

Unfortunately I can not remember most of my dreams last night, partly because of the complexity of them, because I think that I had a dream within a dream within a dream gone lucid dream within a dream within a dream; if I could remember more of them, I could make my version of the film Inception. 😀

I remember being in a dream and then I think I woke up into another dream, in the second dream I woke up in a small cinema-like room with stadium seating, and I recognized the room from another dream; it was from my dream called A Few Will Stand, when I was going around facing & running from various threats with a few people who would help me in each place.

It was a room that we had slept in one night when hiding from some of the threats, and I think maybe a few other people were in the room as well.

We could hear some of the threats in the building, but they did not know where we were.

I started to remember parts of the other dream and then I realized that this was a dream, and the dream went lucid; and then I told the other dream characters to follow me I think.

Since I was now lucid (I realized that I was dreaming) and because I remembered some of this dream world from the last time I dreamed of this place, I took lead over the team of people with me, and we went around the building and the dream world; and the city looked a bit like the dream world city in the film Inception I think, but we mostly traveled through alleys/alleyways to avoid threats.

We may have fought a few threats here and there, but I can not remember, I just remember sneaking & traveling around the dream world city.

Then we went to the private school from my dream A Few Will Stand, and I knew that some threats would attack the private school, but this time I was going to stop the attacks.

I remember seeing some pig-like creatures that were making strange noises & they started to attack the private school, and I started fighting them I think; but I can not remember what happened, and I just remember waking up into another dream.

Now I was in the third dream and I was at my grandfather’s house telling my family about my two dreams, I did not realize that I was still dreaming & that I was in the third dream at this point, and my grandfather was there too.

At some point we went to sleep at my grandfather’s house and I had another dream, and now I am in my fourth dream; and in this dream my family and I are going on vacation & we stopped at a gas station, and I think I thought a bit of my other three dreams but I did not know that I was still dreaming & that I was in the fourth dream at this point.

For some reason the gas station had a public bathtub outside in the open, and I wanted to take a bath; but there was a line of people waiting to take a bath and when it was my turn to take a bath, the tub was dirty, and so I started to clean it.

A group of old men wanted to use the bath tub and they told me to hurry up, the janitor of the gas station got mad at the old men for getting angry at me for cleaning the tub, and then I decided to let the old men use the bath tub after I cleaned it; and I left with my family instead of taking a bath first.

As we started to drive off, I woke up into the real world out of my fourth dream.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

12-17-2009 | Dream Fragment | USA/Afghanistan Welfare

Spread of the Neotaliban-Insurgency in Afghani...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Warning! My memory of this dream is incomplete, terribly written, flawed/error filled, so anything written here may be incorrect.*

Last night I vaguely remember a conversation I had in a dream with my cousin ME, I think I was walking in some unknown mall and I saw him, and we started talking.

I do not remember what all we talked about but I do remember us talking about the current economic situation, wars, politics, etc.

ME was giving surprising responses to my questions and was actually doing a good job of explaining his opinions.

Israel & The United States Secret Attack Plan On Iran

The last dream I had last night was about a secret plan that the United States (USA) and Israel had planned, and that would be used to attack Iran.

I was a Special Forces soldier for the USA, and my team’s mission was to help an Israeli Special Forces team.

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