Last night I barely remember some of my last dream and I can not remember how it started, I just remember being with a group of men & women who were traveling with a man who I think was from Africa & he had dark brownish color skin with short black colored hair; this man had a special ability and he could not hear normally, he could only hear things in a distorted way so he could not hear normal spoken language like we could, it is hard describe but I was able to hear things how he hears them a few times in the dream.

We were in a fictional city and I think that we might have arrived by bus to a building, I think that the man from Africa was close to unlocking/discovering something with his special ability, and so we were on a quest to help him or something like that; and he was leading us to something.

We found a woman who also had a special ability, I think that she was an oracle, and she had whitish colored skin with short brownish color hair; and she seemed to be a kind woman.

The woman could see & dream of visions of possible future & past events & other things or something like that maybe, and she had the ability to allow others to see certain things too; and the oracle and the man from Africa could use their powers together to unlock/discover something new, something major/big that I think could help the World or something.

It was almost like there was a legend or plan or that their powers had led them to meet together, because they both needed each other to unlock/discover something, and so this was a major moment for them & us; and everyone was excited.

The oracle went to unlock some visions in the man from Africa, but something went terribly wrong, and the man from Africa started to scream in pain as he was seeing visions that the oracle had unlocked or shared with him; and the oracle and the rest of us became very worried & confused, as the man from Africa screamed in pain.

We rushed to figure out what was going on, and I suspected that someone in our group had sabotaged the oracle & the man from Africa’s power so that they could not unlock/discover something to help the World; and for some reason I suspected that poison was used or a chemical or some kind.

As we tried to make sure the man from Africa was okay, we decided to lock-down the building, and begin an investigation; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The next dream took place at a nice fictional house in front of my aunt JE’s house in D, and my former classmate HT’s family & him lived there, and HT invited me over to swim in the pool in their backyard.

The pool was clean but I wondered if any snakes or other animals could be hiding in the pool, a common fear of mine, but I convinced myself that was not very likely & we began to swim; things were going well, until something scratched and/or bit me and/or HT.

I saw something in the pool and I started trying to pull it out of the pool, but it scratched and/or bit me a few times as I fought it; and eventually I think that I ended up having to kill it to avoid having my fingers bit off, it was a small alligator I think.

I pulled it out of the pool and we were shocked, and I wished that I would have checked the pool before we swam; and HT’s mom came outside.

I was bleeding a bit on my hands but I was okay, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Comedy Banquet | Elevator | Musicians | An Outdoor Toilet

Last night I remembered 4 dream fragments, I think I had 5 dreams, but I only remember fragments from 4 of the 5 dreams.

Dream 1

The first one I remembered started with me at a comedy banquet with comedians from TV and the internet such as: Lisa Nova, some members of Saturday Night Live, and others.

One of the comedians had comedy plays/skits made that we were going to do throughout the banquet, and several members of the audience & I were chosen to be part of it as well.


Superpowers | Almost Lucid | Resulta The Overcrowded Dorm Room Experience


I know I had at least three dreams last night, but I only remember one part of my second dream.

My first dream took place in the area near the chemical factory by my neighborhood, like in my dream yesterday.