The Aftermath Of A Sudden Storm | What The Others Might / Will Think…?

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Last night/this morning at about 2-Something AM my brother GC and I were in the living room on our computers when we suddenly heard super heavy rain outside like the world was going to flood (I remember joking about Noah walking into the house to warn us of the flood, and I mentioned the Gilgamesh flood myth/story), I have not heard rain that heavy in years/if ever, and I started to feel/sense that the electricity was going to go out almost like I could feel the static electricity of the lightning/thunder starting; and so I started shutting down my computer, but the electricity went out before it could finish shutting down.

The weather suddenly started to sound strange and worse as a sudden wind started, we heard what sounded like a somewhat large tree branch falling outside in the alley by the living room, I told my brother GC that we should leave the living room because I was worried that a tree branch might fall on the house from one of the largest trees on our street which is close enough to our house/my parent’s house to fall on the house.

I left the living room to get my flashlight because it was dark and we heard strange noises as the rain started to hit the windows at an odd angle that it usually does not hit, the wind was strong and blowing in a strange direction causing the rain to hit through the window screens and hit the glass hard and you could hear a whistling sound that I assumed was the wind blowing through the window screens at high speeds, and I tried to look outside to see what was going on because the weather sounded terrible suddenly.

I had not looked at the weather forecast earlier and so I had no idea what was going on, the electricity was out so I could not look it up online, and it was so dark outside that I could not see anything even when I used my flashlight; and so we had no idea what was happening outside or how bad it was, we knew that the weather was bad, but we did not know how bad it really was.

I decided to get in bed so that I could try to go to sleep before the thunder/lightning could keep me awake, the sudden and brief terrible weather calmed down to just a normal thunder/lightning storm, and I slept on top of my bed sheets because the electricity was still out and so it was going to be warm during the night.

I slept well and I woke up from a dream at 7-something AM because I started to get a bit warm because the electricity was still out and I needed to use the bathroom, this disturbed my sleep and my dreams a bit, and after using the bathroom the electricity came back on for the first time in about 5 hours; and I got back in bed hoping to try to remember my dreams before going back to sleep so that I could voice record them, and then go back to sleep.

As I was about to start thinking about my dreams to voice record them my dad knocked on the bedroom door and he started talking like something serious had happened, and he told me to look outside and so he opened the back door in the living room; and what I saw shocked/surprised me.

One of the largest trees on our street and the largest tree that is close enough to our house to fall on it had been completely ripped from the ground and it fell over, somehow it did not fall on our house and two of our automobiles and a rental car that my parent’s rented for an out-of-town funeral yesterday, instead it fell between the yards of the two abandoned houses behind our house.

This damaged two parts of the fences/gates for both yards, at least part of one of the abandoned houses was damaged, both of the chicken cages were damaged and one was broken and their eggs broke but somehow the chickens all survived (my brothers KD & TD had to climb up on the fallen tree to rescue two of the chickens who were still trapped in remains of the broken cage), some of the roofing of some of the pet cages got blown off and some other debris, and a small tree by the pig cage was also broken/knocked down; and there is a big/deep hole where the tree used to stand with some water in it.

We were very fortunate, if that tree had fallen on our house it probably would have destroyed most of our house and three different automobiles (one being a rental), and some of us would have possibly been injured or killed (I was standing up at the time in the living room when the tree fell so I would have been in the main impact zone).

Last night/this morning when the storm came we had no idea how bad things were during that sudden/brief storm/tornado/whatever, we did not realize that we almost lost our home and/or several automobiles and/or lives, right now the local news is calling it a storm that had at least 44 mph winds; we were very fortunate that the tree did not fall on our house or the automobiles or us.


I guess that I was wrong about my prediction/guess that I would remember more of my dreams last night Elmediat, I failed again, I apologize; but maybe I will remember something once I recover from the shock/surprise/et cetera of almost losing my home and/or life, and if I do remember something I will add it to this post. 😉

I did have some dreams last night but I can not remember anything at this time except for maybe some one saying something about “What the others might / will think…?”, maybe part of a dream inspired by the Japanese animated television series Sword Art Online II, maybe part of a dream taking place at a fairground (maybe the one in the city of D) during the day, and maybe part of a dream involving snow cones and/or an area near the snow cone stand in the city of D during the day as I was driving or riding in an automobile down the street; but that is all that I can remember at this time unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr