A Brothel Owner Who Looks Like Hercule Poirot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was probably at a store with a woman who possibly was or reminded me of my former female classmate CW, and I think that we meet a man with whitish colored skin who the woman knew and who she was probably dating; and at some point we probably left outside somewhere else in the city during the evening or night.

I think that we were on bleachers in a field or park or recreational area, the woman and the man were busy with each other, and so I walked across the field to a river to skydive in and around the water; but I can not remember how I kept flying in the air each time after landing and swimming, either an aircraft or something else kept lifting me up when ever I was ready to skydive again, or I could briefly fly.

At some point we left to the business where the man worked, it was a brothel and he worked as a prostitute along with other men and women, and the brothel was owned by a man who somewhat reminded me of Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s Poirot except that his personality and appearance were slightly different and he probably had no mustache.


The brothel was divided into three sections which were basically lower class (budget), middle class (average), and upper class (expensive) which each had different decorations and rules and costs for each section; and the Hercule Poirot-like man started walking us to maybe the middle class or upper class area where the man worked.

The woman was playing some music from her mobile phone or portable music player but the Poirot-like man said that type of music was not allowed in the section where we were going, he stopped to explain the rules to her, and I walked ahead to scout the area because I seemed to be there to make sure that the woman was safe and that she would return home safely; and I was a bit suspicious of this place and the owner, and I assumed that he had hidden cameras around the building watching everyone.

I entered the section where the man worked, his room was on the right side of the entrance, and each room had a small sitting area outside of it with a computer desk and computer and couch; and the computer monitor was a large flat screen widescreen monitor, and I could see the desktop and the mouse cursor was moving like someone was controlling it.

The man was inside his room so I assumed that he had another computer in his room but that all the computers inside the rooms were connected to the monitors outside the rooms so that the owner/et cetera could always know what they are doing on their computers, but that was my wild guess.

After looking around I sat down on the corner couch outside the man’s room until the Poirot-like man and the woman arrived, the woman went inside the room with the man (I assume that she either was getting a discount or that it was free because she was probably dating the man), and the Poirot-like man walked off to continue running his business.

I sat outside possibly reading a magazine or a book and glancing around at the computer monitor and other things as I waited for the woman to finish so that I could take her home safely, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Zombie-Like Virus | Conspiracies | Planet Of The Apes?

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I barely remember part of several dreams, I woke up after the first two dreams feeling sick with a bubbling stomach like something I ate was bothering me, and so I was a bit afraid to go back to sleep not sure if I would get diarrhea and other symptoms, and this sickness probably caused the strange dream or dreams that I had when I went back to sleep.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it involved a mystery that was possibly inspired by the last Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night and maybe Hercule Poirot was in the dream, but I am not sure, and I remember being in the dream slowly solving the mystery; and maybe I solved it, but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Continuing Dream Inspired By Agatha Christie’s Poirot And The Strain?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All three of my dreams from last night seem to be a continuing dream partly inspired by an Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night along with an episode of the television show The Strain which I also watched last night, well my third dream did not seem to be inspired by either of those, but the first dream was inspired by that Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day in a nice neighborhood where a rich upper class family with a large yard and nice multi-story house were having maybe a garden party where the entire neighborhood was invited, and so even poor lower class people like myself/family were invited; and I was younger/a boy/a kid again it seemed, and they had various activities for everyone to do including separate activities for the adults and kids.

I remember playing around with the other kids in the front yard near the sidewalks and street mostly, at some point I spent most of my time with one of the daughters of the rich upper class family who was a girl my age with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who was a tough independent girl who did not look or act upper class/rich at all, and for some reason a group of male bullies started bullying us (my guess was that they had racist beliefs and/or they saw us as easy targets).

We tried to ignore them but they would not leave us alone and they started surrounding us to attack us, we tried to peacefully deal with the situation but it did not work, and so they attacked us and a fight started; and the daughter and I worked together constantly moving, dodging, blocking, countering, watching each others backs, et cetera as we fought waves of bullies who kept joining the fight.

I thought that the waves of bullies would never end, the daughter and I were good fighters using smart tactics so we were easily defeating them, but there were so many constantly joining the fight that I started to wonder how much longer we could last; and oddly no one was helping or trying to stop this, I guess the adults saw that we had it under control, and eventually we defeated all the bullies and no one was seriously injured.

We worked together well as a team and I enjoyed spending time with the daughter and I hoped that we could continue to get to know each other, we continue what we were doing before the attack, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was inspired by the television show The Strain and it seemed to take place years later after the events in the first dream where I was older now but still in public school, at my parent’s house (which was possibly a fictional house) in the morning and it was time for school but I was sick and I feared that I might have a strange/unknown virus/sickness/whatever like maybe something from The Strain, and I can not remember why I thought this but I know that I had strange symptoms that I can not remember.

My mom wanted me to go to school and she possibly tried mentioning the daughter from the first dream to inspire me to go to school (we were good friends now I guess) and that I had not missed a day the entire year so far but I explained to her that I did not feel good and that I did not want to risk possibly infecting other people at school (especially the daughter) or my family so I was quarantining myself in maybe the attic or my room for now, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it seemed to have taken place after the events of the second dream in the future and maybe we were seniors in high school now or we just graduated but I am not sure, the dream took place during the day, and I was riding in The BV with most of my family and the daughter from the first dream it seemed who now looked/acted like a combination of the daughter from the first dream combined with my former female classmate RB; and she was very nice/kind, intelligent, and soft-spoken and we both seemed to be interested in each other but I am not sure if we were dating yet or not.

We were on our way to a multi-story store/apartment-like building, I remember us talking about various things on the way (the past, et cetera) and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, and at some point we reached the building and they went inside but I stopped to straighten/organize something inside The BV before going inside; and when I sent inside the first floor was the store part/area.

I remember catching up with the daughter so that I could spend as much time with her as I could, at some point we reached the next floor, and it seemed that my aunt SE and many family members from my mom’s side of the family were on this floor having a wedding party after my aunt SE’s wedding I assume.

I remember the daughter bringing me some objects from my past, I can not remember what they were, but she was excited about them and she wanted to know more about them and the memories/stories associated with them; and I remember us having a nice moment of closeness as we talked about this as my family members had a good time celebrating, and there was more that happened in this dream (especially between the daughter and I) and the other dreams but I can not remember those parts unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


A Murder Mystery In England And Waking Up Grinding My Teeth?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night that was inspired by an Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night before going to bed very late and my memory of it is messed up because of the way that I woke up from the dream, and later I probably had one or more false awakening dreams where I thought that I had recorded my dream and posted it on my blog until I realized that this was not true/real and that it was just a dream after testing this by seeing if I could wake myself up which I did/could.

All that I can remember is sitting at some tables during the day near the parking lot near a street at a park that looked like W Park in the city of D, there were groups of mostly men or only men from various countries in Asia like China and Japan and South Korea sitting at the tables as well and maybe a few people from other countries, and they were divided in groups based on which country they came from/live/were born or where their parent’s/grandparent’s/ancestors came from/live/where born; and they had rivalries toward each other so they would often make fun of each other, have rap battles, and probably fight.

They were doing all of these things except for fighting as we sat at the tables and one of the men who reminded me of Bart Kwan from the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms decided to start making fun of me and trying to have a rap battle with me for some unknown reason(s), he was angry at the others and so he decided to take his anger out on me it seemed, and I sat there calmly not saying anything but this seemed to make him even more aggressive/angry so he possibly even pushed me a few times until he finally finished letting all his anger out on me.

For some reason I did not try to defend myself even though I could have, I let him think that he had won, and I remember him laughing at me after he finished humiliating me; and this did bother me a bit, and so I tried to stay calm and not let it bother me but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream also took place during the day and I was in another country that I think was England or somewhere else in The United Kingdom (UK), I was staying at a hotel or apartment (probably hotel) of mostly people from different countries who were going to be on an extended stay in the country, and I remember somehow getting a job at a hospital or clinic.

I worked as an assistant to maybe a female doctor who was a somewhat older woman with whitish-colored skin with curly long reddish/orangish/brownish colored hair who wore maybe blueish colored scrubs, and I wore the same thing and she was a strong independent hard-working woman who was not afraid to tell you what the thought; and she was nice enough to give me a job probably after she somehow heard about my situation, and she felt that I had potential.

She gave me a chance to work and learn on the job as her assistant and possibly her potential future apprentice, I remember having to constantly follow her around as she moved from patient to patient, and she often had me do tasks as she explained them to me so that I could get lots of practice; and I think that some of the other workers at the hospital were surprised and maybe a bit jealous of how I, an outsider from another country who was not even a citizen with no experience in the medical field, was getting a chance to work and learn under probably the best/most respected doctor in their hospital.

I remember there being talk of murders/attacks happening in the city/country, this part of the dream probably took place over days/weeks, and one day after work the female doctor who I worked for left early maybe; and someone found her either dead or unconscious in the alley by the trash cans/dumpsters behind the hospital, and it was clear that she had been attacked by someone.

The police came to investigate and I remember the main detective, who was a man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, taking me and all the other people staying at my hotel to a room inside the hotel to question us; and none of us would be allowed to leave until he figured out if any of us was the murderer or not who has been murdering/attacking people.

One of the people looked like Will Smith playing a crazed character who was out for revenge against someone in the country and so he kept returning to the country hoping to get his revenge, but the main detective kept stopping him and they even said/explained this in the dream; and Mr. Smith said that he would keep trying, no matter how many times it takes, and the main detective said that he would keep stopping him.

Another one of the people was a woman with dark-brownish/blackish-colored skin with long shiny blackish-colored hair, she seemed to know Mr. Smith and she was the voice of reason constantly trying to keep him under control/calm, and the few other people there were mostly or all from other countries as well; and the main detective questioned us all one-at-a-time in the same room as everyone watched/listened after he explained the case/situation to us.

Mr. Smith was the last person to be questioned and he got very angry and he jumped up walking around in anger, the woman who seemed to know him tried to calm him down but it did not work, the main detective said that we could leave now but that we could not leave the property of the hotel; and the angry Mr. Smith decided to take his anger on me by punching me in the face, I could have blocked or dodged the punch easily, but for some unknown reason(s) I once again decided to not defend myself (I think that one reason was that I wanted to see how I would handle a full power punch from an angry crazed person).

I let the punch hit me in my face from the side of my jaw, it did not hurt that much at first, but then as I opened and closed my mouth/jaw several times it felt that one of my bottom back teeth was possibly loose and about to fall out; and so I continued trying to move my mouth and feel the possibly loose tooth as people asked me if I okay, and the woman who knew Mr. Smith apologized to me.

It felt like my tooth was about to fall out and I accidentally woke up and it seemed that I was possibly grinding my teeth (bruxism) in the real world because my head was turned at an odd angle causing my mouth to be open and my teeth/jaw to be uneven, and it is possible that it felt that I was trying to straighten my jaw in the real world and while also following/doing the actions of/from my dream of me trying to see if my tooth was loose and about to fall out or not; but I am not sure, hopefully not, if so this is one of few or only times that I remember this happening.

Later I had one or more false awakening dreams of me recording (by voice and by telling another dream character (probably my brother GC) about this dream) this dream and I posted this dream on my blog, as I was reading the title of the post on my blog, I noticed that something was wrong with the title.

The title was in English, it made sense, and it was formatted like I normally format my titles but the title did not make sense based on the dream itself even though the title was grammatical/correct; and I started wondering why would I choose that as the title for my dream, and so I was going to edit it but then I wondered if this was a false awakening dream.

I decided to test this by seeing if I could wake myself up so that I could know that this was a dream, which was a stupid idea because then I would be awake and not able to enjoy having a lucid dream, but I tried this stupid idea and it worked because I woke up instantly; but then I was awake and I missed the chance to have fun in a lucid dream, and eventually I went back to sleep and I woke up again later.

The end,

-John Jr


A Library & A Bad Storm / Hurricane & An Alien Attack Semi-Lucid Dream?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember being in a fictional version of the city of D with most of my family as we were driving to leave the city, we stopped at a fictional library or a fictional version of the BP Library that was possibly in a fictional part of the city, and I remember the inside of the library having a tall ceiling and there were many desks with mostly young adults sitting at them and the front desk(s) was/were at the back of the library.

My family and I went inside the library but I can not remember if I checked out anything or not but I do remember going to the front desk at some point, Mrs. H who works at the BP Library in real life was working at the front desk in the dream, and I remember talking to her about something and maybe checking out something; and then I heard music playing out-loud around the library, and to my surprise it was a song by Pauline Croze from her first music album Pauline Croze (maybe her song Quand Je Suis Ivre).