The Ottomans / The Ottoman Empire From Age Of Empires III On Eastside In The City Of D

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I forgot most of my dreams from last night when I woke up to use the bathroom, but I do barely remember part of my last dream.

There were more details to this dream that I remembered but I forgot those parts of the dream quickly after waking up, but I do know that the dream took place during maybe a cloudy afternoon or late afternoon or during the evening in a slightly fictional version of the city of D on Eastside.

I was possibly driving around Eastside when maybe my automobile broke down somewhere in a fictional area near where the Old H’s should be, or I could be mistaken about that, either way I remember possibly trying to figure this out as several men with dark brownish colored skin who lived in the neighborhood walked over to see if I needed help.

One or more of the men recognized me because they knew my dad and I somewhat recognized one or more of them but I did not know their names, and I remember talking with them; and at some point I remember either walking with or driving one of the men to his house which was located on a slightly fictional version of the street next to the C Elementary School.

When we reached his neighborhood elements/parts of the video game Age Of Empires III were in the dream world and The Ottomans / The Ottoman Empire was on Eastside now, and I remember seeing Janissaries patrolling the neighborhood.

Someone or something started to explain the situation to us explaining how there were different ranks of Janissaries with the lowest rank(ed) Janissaries all looking the same, they were all men with light-medium brownish colored skin with very short hair without facial hair and I even saw a mug shot/photograph of one of them, but some of the higher ranking Janissaries looked different and some of them were women.

I remember possibly trying to take control of the situation like I was playing the video game Age Of Empires III, I was/am not familiar with playing as The Ottomans/The Ottoman Empire, and so I remember talking to one of the high-ranking female Janissaries who had light-medium brownish colored skin with long brownish and/or blackish colored hair.

I probably took control as the player and so they probably followed my orders now, and so I was asking the high-ranking female Janissary (who seemed to be intelligent, very loyal, very tough, attractive, and like the perfect person to help advise me) to give me a report of the situation and I was asking for her advice and for information so that I can learn more about how to properly play as/control The Ottomans/The Ottoman Empire.

I told the high-ranking female Janissary (who I guess was the highest ranking soldier) to order the rest of the soldiers to not harm anyone and that we needed to come up with some rules/laws of behavior/et cetera, and I told her that we were not at war with anyone and that our new mission would be helping people by starting an effort to improve Eastside and help the people who lived there but first we needed to have a meeting to discuss all of this.

I also gave orders for the man who was with me to be taken home safely and for him and his family to not be harmed, and so the high-ranking female Janissary left to carry out/share my orders with the other soldiers while I probably looked at the map and tried to figure out how to handle the situation of trying to control an army and convert it into a peaceful organization focused on helping people/the World; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmates And Exercising With My Brother CC And My Mom Trying To Return A Charger To HSN And Two Forts In Age Of Empires III

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that started inside maybe a mall-like building that had several businesses and a school, and I seemed to be in maybe 12th grade again with my former classmates near the end of the year maybe; but this was a fictional school inside the building that had probably mostly glass walled classrooms where you could see people walking around the building to classes and shopping at the businesses like at a mall.

I remember going to one or more classes inside one or more small classrooms, and I remember seeing my former female classmate MW several times in the dream; and she stood out from other characters/former classmates in the dream for some unknown reason(s), which is somewhat common for dream with her in them, and I remember looking at her closely and thinking about her as she walked by the classroom that I was in.

I talked to several former classmates of mine during the dream, including my former classmate MW, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was inside another part of the building that was somewhat dimly lit and I remember joining my brother CC as he exercised in a fitness / training part of the building that had various exercise areas with various mostly non-traditional exercise equipment, and several of the areas had a coach who would have you follow their fitness routine when you are in their area.

I remember us climbing monkey bars / ropes / nets / et cetera, going through obstacle courses, running, and doing various unique exercise routines with coaches sometimes guiding/coaching us through the routines; and at some point it was time to take a shower, but for some reason we were going to use the women’s bathroom (maybe the showers in the men’s bathroom was broken).

My brother CC started taking a shower but before I could enter the womens’ bathroom I saw my mom and my aunt JE walking toward the bathroom because my aunt JE needed to use the bathroom or take a shower, and so I told them that my brother CC was inside the bathroom; and so they waited until he finished, and then my aunt JE went inside the bathroom.

I still had not taken my shower and I waited for my aunt JE to finish as I talked to my mom who showed me a large flat blackish colored square-shaped charger that she bought from HSN (Home Shopping Network) that was supposed to be able to charge various electronic devices at the same time just by sitting your electronic devices on it, but my mom told me that her mobile phone was not compatible with it; and so she wanted to return it back to HSN.

She told me that there was a HSN building or the HSN headquarters in this fictional city that we were in and so she wanted to take it there in person, and so later in the dream we left to this HSN building/headquarters; and all that I can remember is that there was a delay/some confusion or something like that where we were not sure if we could return the charger or not or where to return it.

During this delay/confusion I started daydreaming about playing the video game Age Of Empires III where I was playing as the British and I had the home shipment card for an extra fort, and so I used both cards to get two forts; but there was a delay/confusion on where to build/put my two forts on the map or if I could do it without the enemy destroying them before they finished building.

I moved one fort to the right side of the map as close as I could to the enemy and I had it protected by several soldiers, and I did the same with the other fort on the left side of the map but I only had some monks with it and no soldiers; and then there was a constant confusion/delay that prevented me from building them, but I woke up as I tried to figure this out.

The end,

-John Jr


Age Of Empires III + Naruto Shippuden + Godzilla = ?

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream, my memory of this dream is very unclear now because I did not voice record it, but I will try to type it anyway.

The dream took place in a fictional cloudy gray/somewhat dark world that started like the dream was inspired by the video game Age Of Empires III because the world somewhat looked and felt like that video game with similar older technology/weapons, and a person (I can not remember if it was a man or woman) was leading a group of musketeers and skirmishers across maybe a field.

Somewhere else in the dream world a somewhat older husband and wife were given an order by their boss, who had his own army, to send their soldiers to retrieve a certain person who was their long-lost child (who was now an adult) who they gave away years ago when they were poor in hopes of him having a better life; but now they were rich with their own soldiers, and they worked for a man who had an army.

Their boss did not say why he wanted their long-lost child and somehow he knew where their long-lost child was, and they did not think to ask because they were so excited about the chance to finally see their long-lost child; and possibly because they might have been in a contract with their boss to serve him without question.

He wanted their long-lost child alive and unharmed so the husband and wife sent their soldiers to retrieve their long-lost child with orders for their child to not be harmed, and their soldiers found their long-lost child crossing the field with the musketeers and skirmishers from earlier in the dream which is where the boss knew where to find them somehow.

The soldiers were mostly cavalry and they attacked the musketeers and skirmishers and the child instead of telling the child that they worked for his parents’, and that their parents’ and their parents’ boss wanted to talk/whatever to them.

So a battle took place and the child and his soldiers were winning against a larger mostly cavalry force, and so a messenger was sent to the parents’ to warn them that they were losing the battle; and so the parents’ hired mercenaries to go help their soldiers with the orders to not harm their child.

This cycle continued as the child and his soldiers continued to somehow survive waves of mercenaries, and as the battle continued the dream moved to another area in the dream world in a football-like field where one or more people from the Japanese animated (anime) TV show Naruto Shippuden were.

The person or persons got attacked by a giant large maybe Hulk-like creäture, and the dream jumped to another area in the dream world where the animated characters Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Shippuden were; and they came across the fighting between the child and his soldiers, and the soldiers’ and mercenaries’ of the parents.

While they were watching the battle they noticed the giant creäture in the distance and they realized that it was attacking their friends’, and so they ran to help their friends’.

The child and his soldiers were almost defeated at this point and one of the mercenaries failed to follow the orders to not harm the child, and so I think someone killed the mercenary before he could seriously harm the child; and then they killed the rest of the soldiers of the child.

They finally told the child what they wanted and so he willingly went with them to meet his parents’ and the boss of his parents, and the dream jumped back to Naruto and Kakashi as they reached the football-like field.

Before they could attack the giant creäture, another giant creäture who looked like Godzilla (but greener like the other creäture) ran out of nowhere and tackled the other giant creäture, and they started fighting.

Naruto, Kakashi, and their friends watched from a safe distance wondering if they should help Godzilla or not; but the dream jumped back to the child finally reaching his parents’, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Philip Seymour Hoffman And Mr. LS And Getting Hit By A Dart? | Playing Age Of Empires III

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Dream 1

Unfortunately I can not remember most of my first dream which was an interesting and detailed dream with some realistic and intellectual dialog because I woke up, and I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording the dream first so I can barely remember the dream; and I do not have much time to time it because I have to leave soon.

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional city and it seemed to be be a continuation of a past dream that I had where I got a job at a fictional version of my former job at LBS that was in a large building with its own parking lot in a neighborhood, but things were different than the real version.

Most of my memory of this dream is unclear now and so it does not make much sense now but at some point I was inside a building, and at some point I met a man who I think was the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and I remember talking with him in a realistic way about various intellectual/philosophical/real life/practical/et cetera topics/subjects.

At some point we were approached by my former coworker at LBS Mr. LS, and he told me that he had looked for me because he wanted to talk with me since I quit my job at LBS in the last dream or after the last dream that I had of this job.

He said that he even once went to my parents’ house to talk to me but he could not figure out how to enter the yard or something strange like that, and he said that he saw me jogging and that he kept calling my name to get my attention but I did not hear/notice him.

He said that when he heard that I quit my job and when he was told my reasons for quitting that it did not sound like me, and so he wanted to talk to me personally about it because he felt that I could handle the job and he wanted me to try it again.

At some point as we were talking something happened that I can not remember and I think that we found out that someone was after one or more of us, and at some point we got attacked by a crazed man who started throwing darts at us.

I remember dodging darts but one of them hit me and stabbed into me, I could feel it and I could feel it as I pulled it out, and I/we probably fought the man; but I can not remember what happened, and I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

In the second/last dream I was playing the video game Age Of Empires III, and this caused me to forget more of my first dream because I did not voice record that dream before going back to sleep and having this dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Playing Age Of Empires III | School Kids And A Remote-Controlled Device

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*The third person came to help us later and he used a tractor to pull The BV out of the mud, we brought it back home, and I washed most of the mud from it; thank you for the help Mr. SJ 🙂 *

I literally have mud/dirt on my clothes and shoes right now after spending two hours trying to help my brother GC and my dad get The BV unstuck out of the mud at my brother GC’s job after my brother GC failed to follow our advice and he drove it in the grass, and got stuck in the mud.

My dad’s automobile got stuck as well after two failed attempts to pull The BV unstuck from the back and then from the front and then we had to get help, the help came and then they left to get something while we waited, and later they returned to let us know that they were busy; and so we had to leave to try to find someone else to help, but that person is will not be back until later today and so we came home.

We had to push my dad’s automobile to get it unstuck as my dad tried to drive it out of the mud, but mud shot all over my clothes; but we did get my dad’s automobile unstuck at least, and we will have to wait until later until we get help to get The BV unstuck either today or another day.

I typed my dreams before leaving but we left before I could publish the dreams, and so now I just typed this; and now I will finally publish this post, and then maybe wash the rest of the mud/dirt off my clothes/shoes. 😀

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night, during the night I woke up once realizing that I had drooled on the side of one of my pillows, nasty.

I had one or more dreams of playing the video game Age Of Empires III using some of my old and new strategies like quickly building trading posts and using the shipment that gives trading posts an attack, building a wall across the map protected by outposts, building a fort close to and/or between my enemies, advancing in age quickly, getting all the upgrades, collecting treasures, et cetera.

I possibly had a semi-dream as well where I was thinking about the Syfy TV show Dominion, imagining a third group between the two warring groups, and this group was a group of mostly humans possessed by angels who wanted peace between angels and humans where some of them could live together and others could live peacefully separately.

So basically their position was between the positions of the archangel Michael (who is helping the humans defeat the other angels) and the archangel Gabriel (who is helping the other angels defeat the humans), and I was one of the angel possessed humans who had learned how to live in balance with the angel who possessed me; and I was trying to help guide this new group, and I was trying to get the other two groups to stop the war but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In the second/last dream I remember being with an elementary class during the day along with their female teacher who had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair, my dad, maybe my mom, and a few other people.

It seemed that we were taking the kids/students on a field trip and I remember crossing a parking lot that was somewhat like the parking lot near K Elementary School in the city of D, and we went inside a windowless building to explore.

We all had some mostly whitish colored plastic remote-controlled devices and each remote control had a metal antenna, but I can not remember what the remote-controlled devices were for or what they did.

We went through a carpeted hallway and up to maybe an upper floor cautiously, we took one of the two AAA batteries out of the remote-controlled device to put the battery in the remote control so that we could use our remote-controlled devices, and we used our remote-controlled devices but I can not remember how we used them.

My guess is that we used them to explore around the corner and down the hallway to make sure that it was safe, but I can not remember; but I think that we came across one or more living non-human animals like maybe one or more rats and/or something like that.

There was more to this dream but I can not remember most of it, and at some point I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr