Zombies And Sherlock Holmes And Mycroft Holmes And Becoming Old

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, the dream took place in either a fictional version of the city of D or in a fictional city with a slightly fictional area from the city of D, and the dream mostly took place in an area that looked somewhat like the downtown area of the city of D near where the BP Library should be; and the dream took place over the time period of many years.

It seemed that the city was somewhat messed up/abandoned and like most people were either dead and/or hiding and/or gone, my family and I were probably hiding at my parent’s house but I can not remember if that is correct or not, and there were zombies in the city; and at some point I think that I walked to the downtown area to look for food/water/supplies/a safer place to live/et cetera for my family and I.

I probably had some mêlée weapons with me and I remember sneaking around trying to avoid zombies, maybe I killed some zombies as well but I can not remember if that is correct or not, and at some point I came across Sherlock Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock who was also searching for food/water/supplies/a safer place to live/et cetera; and so we worked together to find those things, I remember us sneaking around gathering supplies, and sometimes we fought zombies.

At some point we decided to go inside a nice brick multi-story apartment/hotel-like building to gather supplies and to see if we could clear the zombies out to make it safe, I remember the building being somewhat dimly lit but nice looking inside with many hallways and rooms and floors, and we sneaked around fighting zombies; and it seemed that this building would be a nice safe/sturdy place to live once we cleared the zombies out.

At some point we were on an upper floor after killing most or all the zombies and to our surprise a man approached us, the man was Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock, and he greeted us; and he welcomed his brother Sherlock, and he showed us the other survivors living in the building.

Mycroft and the other survivors had lived on the upper floors where it was safer but now all or most of the building was safe thanks to Sherlock and I, we were introduced to the other survivors and thanked, and they showed us around and explained how they had survived so far; and they invited our families/friends/et cetera and us to come live in the building as well, and so after checking the building again to make sure that it was safe I left to bring my family to the building and a family of survivors who(m) I met/saved earlier in the dream.

Sherlock, my family, the family of survivors I saved/met earlier in the dream, and I moved into the building and there was a jump in time in the dream showing us over the years as we all became a great help to everyone at the building and we turned the building and the entire area around it into a safe zone for other survivors; and some of the members of the family that I saved got married to some of the people who had already lived at the building and they had children, and those children grew up over the years during the dream until they were adults.

So at the end of the dream Sherlock, Mycroft, my parent’s, and I were much older and you could see that we had aged but we were still important members of the community helping keep the community safe/going; and I remember us standing outside having a good time joking around before splitting up to do security patrols and to search for food/water/supplies/et cetera, and the area was pretty safe because we cleared the area of zombies every day until there were little to no zombies left in this part of the city but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr