A Tennis Tournament? | I Am Semi-Pregnant? | Aidan Waite’s Wife Orders A Vampire Attack On The White House?

Dream 1

The first dream and the second dream may/might actually be part of the same dream, but I am not sure, so I am separating them as two separate dreams, I can not remember most of either dream, and so they do not make much sense without the missing parts, but I know that the first dream started during a nice sunny day in a small fictional place/neighborhood where I think a professional tennis tournament was taking place.

I think that I probably was in the tennis tournament and/or I watched part of it, sometimes I have brief dreams of tennis tournaments, but I usually can not remember most of what happens during these dreams, and all that I can remember of this dream is that I remember seeing and/or talking to and/or playing against and/or playing with several female tennis players including maybe Martina Hingis, but I am not sure; and at some point in the dream I started to leave the tournament (probably because I lost early in the tournament because I am not a professional tennis player, and in these type of dreams I usually lose early in the tournament 😀 ), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


Imogen Heap Creating Abstract Designs | Aidan Waite Trying To Stop Attacks On The Vampire Blood Supplies

I had several dreams last night but most of my memory of my dreams was destroyed when I got awakened by someone watching TV, which stops me from being able to go to sleep and if I wake up to a TV it destroys my memory of most of my dreams, and I went back to sleep without voice recording the dream fragments that I could remember; and so I barely remember a few dream fragments.

Dream 1

The first dream seemed to be somewhat inspired by a YouTube video that I saw before going to bed which was the latest video from Imogen Heap’s Official YouTube Channel, and the video is called The Making Of… The Listening Chair:

I can not remember most of the dream but I think that it involved Imogen Heap designing abstract/whatever designs similar to the default header images for the WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen, Imogen Heap was not physically in the same area as me and so maybe I saw her on a computer and/or TV and/or something like that, and throughout the dream I kept seeing some of her designs.

I saw some of her designs as header images for blogs/websites/et cetera, as scrolling images on TV shows/et cetera, as maybe paintings/album art/et cetera, et cetera; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am close to remembering more of this dream hopefully, so if I remember more of this dream later I will try to type it here, but I think that this dream had a repeating/recurring element to it that I can not remember that might/may have involved some of Imogen Heap’s designs from the first dream appearing in this dream.

I think that I remember a multi-story building that had a hospital on one of the upper floors and a woman and man with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair were walking around the building, but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not; and there were other people in the building working/et cetera, and I would probably sometimes notice the repeating/recurring element and/or some of Imogen Heap’s designs during the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream at this time.

Dream 3

The third/last dream involved the vampire Aidan Waite from the TV show Being Human (US) working as a Sheriff/whatever for the vampires, his job was making sure that the vampire blood supplies kept flowing, and things were going good until someone started attacking vampire blood suppliers and their blood supply; and so Aidan had to go deal with the problem.

I remember Aidan going around talking with survivors of the attacks trying to gather clues, usually the survivors were vampire blood dealers who sold/gave out blood and who helped move/store the blood supplies et cetera, and eventually Aidan got attacked by someone and injured pretty badly; but he managed to defeat the threat.

Then Aidan stumbled into a vampire blood den to gather more clues and to get some blood to heal his injuries, the vampire who ran the vampire den was a male vampire with medium brownish colored skin who wore a whitish colored undershirt with an unbuttoned Hawaiian-style/pattern button shirt, and he gave Aidan some blood that he kept hidden in a ring that he wears on his finger for emergencies; and this healed Aidan, but he was still thirty so a female vampire brought Aidan a cup of blood.

Aidan asked the blood den owner some questions and he described the battle he just had, Aidan felt that there would be more attacks on the blood supply and he was surprised that his attacker was tough enough to injury him so badly, and so he was worried about the future; and so he wanted to find the source of the attacks to stop them permanently, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Uncle CE Working In A Cafeteria At A Naval Academy? | Aidan Waite And My Former Classmate WG Trying To Help Me Find My Book Bag

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I went to bed so congested that I could not breathe out of my nose and so I had to breathe through my mouth when I went to sleep, I had difficulty sleeping and I kept waking up feeling weird with my heart beating a bit fast and a few other symptoms probably because I was having difficulty trying to breath out of my mouth and snore at the same time or something like that, but eventually my congestion improved a bit and I slept pretty well/deeply for the last few hours I slept; and I only woke up one or two times and I had some interesting dreams, but unfortunately I can only somewhat remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

It seems that I slept pretty deeply a few times or at least it felt that way in a few of my dreams, unfortunately I had some interesting dreams that I can not remember and I can not remember certain parts of the two dream that I can remember part of, but I think that part of one dream involved a place/building and/or an Alice Morgan-like woman from one of my past dreams that had an Alice Morgan-like woman named Alice and a rebel group near a college-like campus; and maybe I saw my former classmate JC in the dream, but I can not remember.

I do remember a dark blueish/blackish maybe foggy place that felt deep like I was sleeping/dreaming deeply maybe, I was outside the bottom of a large Navy-like ship that was docked and on water I assume even though I can not remember water because of the darkness, and there was a hidden door on the bottom of the ship; and I went inside this hidden door into a small lobby/room that had a computer built into the wall on the left side of entrance/exit door (the door was in the right corner of the room/lobby), there was a small office with an open door across from the computer, and there were a few other closed secure doors with keypad entry systems that were restricted to higher level sailors/soldiers in the Navy I guess.

Somehow I knew and/or remembered that maybe I had a username/password/whatever to log into the computer system and so I tried to log into the computer system from the computer that was built into the wall, and it accepted my username/password/whatever; but then I heard the angry voice of a man who was the Navy officer in charge of this area coming from the small office with the open door and he yelled my last name asking me what I was doing, and he caught me by surprise and I became afraid of getting in trouble for being in a restricted area and I started to stutter and/or pause a bit as I tried to respond to him by telling him that I was trying to see if I could log into the computer system and I said Sir at the beginning of my sentence but not at the end.

The Navy officer was a slightly over-fat late middle-aged man with whitish colored skin and he walked into the lobby looking and sounding angry, I assumed and/or remember and/or realized that maybe I was a low ranking Navy officer who worked in this lobby/room under the command of the Navy officer who was questioning me, and the Navy officer somewhat yelled at me for struggling to answer his question and for not saying Sir at the end of my sentence and for not saluting him; and he made me say Sir at the beginning and at end of my sentence while saluting him and then he relaxed a bit, and he told me that I was the only Navy officer under his command that he could trust to get things done.

I thanked him while standing straight and looking straight ahead of me and saluting him and using Sir at the beginning and end of my sentence(s), and he gave me a command/order to get some information and/or pass some information to some other sailors/soldiers; and then he went back to his office, and I went to carry out his command/order.

It seemed that the Navy officer over me did not do much work, he mostly made me do most of the work and I was good at it and it seemed that I often worked on the computer system, but the secure doors were restricted to me because I did not have a high enough security clearance and/or rank; and at some point I went outside and I reached land, and I was at a Naval Academy during the day.

I walked to a parking lot where I came across my uncle CE who was in a car and he gave me a ride to one of the buildings at the Naval Academy, we parked, and we walked inside the building to a small cafeteria where several people were in line; but my uncle CE walked into the line in front of some of the people who were already in the line and so I did the same, my uncle CE then walked behind the line to where the workers were to my surprise and he started looking at the cooking surface where they were cooking the food, he washed his hands, and then he started cooking food.

I stood in line confused and then I realized that maybe my uncle CE worked at this cafeteria in the Naval Academy but for some reason he did not mention it, maybe he was a ashamed or he wanted it to be a surprise, and he acted like I was not there as he cooked food with the other workers; and then I realized that earlier we had walked into the middle of the line in front of some other people, so I apologized to them, and I moved to the back of the line.

Then I decided to walk away maybe, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day at a fictional college campus where I was staying as a student, everyone living at my dorm had to move our stuff to another dorm because the semester was over and the college was going to clean/remodel/et cetera our dorm, and so I was moving my stuff along with some of my classmates and some of my former classmates were with me like my former classmate LJ; and we talked as we walked through the college campus holding our stuff, I also had a book bag full of stuff on my back, and my former classmate LJ and her friends might/may have had book bags as well.

At some point as we were walking through the hallway of another dorm I saw my former classmate AM and my former classmate BM in a dorm room on the hallway that we were on, I decided to stop at the dorm room to visit them, but my former classmate LJ and the others continued their journey to move their stuff to our new dorm and so I said goodbye to them.

I heard my former classmate AM mentioning a rule about spraying and wiping your bed sheets to my former classmate BM, I greeted them and they greeted me, and I started helping them spray and wipe the bed sheets; and I remember asking my former classmate AM about what was the brownish liquid in one spray bottle and about what was the clear liquid in another spray bottle, my guess was apple cider vinegar in the first bottle and white vinegar in the second bottle, but my former classmate AM was not sure what the liquids in the two spray bottles were and both liquids did not have a smell when I sprayed them.

At some point my former classmate AM and my former classmate BM got into their separate beds to sleep and so I said goodbye to them and I continued my journey to move my stuff to my new dorm, there was an official college celebration taking place inside and outside one or more of the college buildings in a field near water and a bridge that led to an older multi-story dorm probably celebrating the end of the college semester, and many students were having a good time; and there was a stage, music, dancing, food, drinks, games, awards, a speaker system broadcasting the celebration, et cetera.

I walked through this area outside and inside the building where it was taking place and maybe at some point I reached my new dorm but I could not find my book bag, and so I went searching for it in the locker room area that I rarely used and I think that my locker number was 154 but even in the dream I was not sure what my locker number was because I rarely used it because I carried most/all of my books in my book bag; and the locker room area was in the building where part of the college celebration was taking place, which was built a bit like a Walmart, and along the wall near where the cash registers should be were all the lockers.

I came across my former classmate WG who was a good friend of mine in the dream it seemed and he started trying to help me find my book bag, and then we came across Aidan Waite from the TV show Being Human (North America) and he was also a good friend of mine; and Aidan joined us to help find my book bag, and we searched the locker room area.

Locker 154 had a combination lock with a chain but it/they had been cut and the locker was empty, we tried to figure out where I lost my book bag, and then we continued searching for it around the college campus; and during this time it really seemed like my former classmate WG and Aidan were close friends of mine who really cared to my surprise, and at some point we walked across the bridge that was over water/a river that led to an older multi-story dorm made of maybe yellowish/tannish/light brownish colored bricks/stones (which probably was the old dorm that we had to move from while it was being cleaned/remodeled/et cetera).

There were a few other students leaving the dorm carrying the last of their things that they had kept inside their dorm rooms and we were told that the dorm was now closed for cleaning/remodeling/et cetera and so we could not enter because we should have moved all of our stuff earlier before the deadline, we saw some people who seemed to be working/cleaning inside the dorm from the windows on the upper floor, and we decided that we would sneak inside the dorm to look for my book bag once the people on the outside walked across the bridge; and so we stood there waiting for them to cross the bridge, and it was starting to get a bit darker/grayer outside like it was late in the afternoon and close to evening or that evening was starting.

Suddenly we saw a serious/dangerous looking man with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair walk from behind the old dorm toward us like he was a security guard patrolling the old dorm to make sure that no one entered the building, and he had military-like/security guard-like/mercenary-like uniform and a bullet resistant vest and he was carrying an assault rifle to our surprise; and so this scared us a bit and we decided to not sneak into the old dorm, the security guard walked past us, and then we started walking across the bridge to walk back to the other side.

Suddenly we saw the security guard throw a grappling hook on the top of the old dorm (which was pretty tall) and then he jumped/threw himself into the air/sky in one jump and he landed on top of the old dorm, and this shocked and terrified us because no human is strong enough to jump/do something like that and so we did not think that he was human (oddly I think that Aidan might have been a vampire like on the TV show Being Human (US), but I am not sure); and then we saw several Catwoman-like women/female entities jumping on the top of the old dorm toward the security guard and they could move/jump/et cetera in ways that no human could either and this freaked us out/scared us even more, and then some huge bird-like animals and some other flying entities flew toward them.

We were shocked, confused, afraid, et cetera and then we took off running across the bridge at speeds faster than any human can run which was a bit comedic; and we ran for our lives as the large bird-like animals and flying entities flew toward the parts of the college celebration that was taking place in the field, and we tried to hide across the field near some trees.

It seemed that the flying large birds and entities reacted to movement so I knelt on my feet with my knees bent facing the ground trying to not move as they flew and hovered over me, sometimes I would move a bit causing them to focus on me, but I was still enough to stop them from attacking me and eventually they would move to attack someone who was moving; and this was a bit scary and confusing, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping My Former Classmate CR | Being Human US And A Medical Procedure Where A Nurse Bites My Ankle?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had some clear dreams with clear dialogue and clear details that I had remembered from my dreams from last night but the weather was nice and cold and I slept very well/comfortably and I got caught in a quicksand-like sleep/dream/daydreaming/thinking cycle (where I can not get out of bed and I keep waking up and/or going back to sleep dreaming and/or daydreaming and/or thinking and/or just sleeping, but last night I was mostly semi-awake thinking/daydreaming about two of my dreams but I probably would occasionally go back to sleep and wake up and this cycle continued for maybe two hours), and so I forgot most of my dreams and most of the details/dialogue from the only two dreams that I barely remember part of.

Dream 1

I remember part of the end of one dream that might have been a continuation from another dream (I also remember a part of a dream or this dream where I remember someone refusing to do something but that is all that I can remember of that/this part) where I seemed to be at a school in a hallway that had at least two bathrooms that I used many times in one or more dreams from last night that I can not remember, I went to these two bathrooms so many times that I instantly recognized them, but when I went into the bathroom this time there were some female nurses setting up something in the bathroom to my surprise; and they recognized me because I often used this bathroom and the other bathroom, and we talked about this and about what they were setting up.

I can not remember what they were setting up exactly but I know that it was something medical, and so I volunteer to be their first patient/test subject/whatever; and they started a medical procedure or something on me that I can not remember.

The next part that I remember might be from another dream but I will assume that it is from the same dream, and I went to a classroom that might have been in one of the same two bathrooms; and some of my former classmates like JF and CR were in the classroom, and I remember us talking/hanging out at some point.

My former classmate CR had a violin that she was practicing with, she had been learning to play the violin, and so she was probably trying to play a song; but my former classmate JF was in a joking mood and he made a friendly insulting joke about my former classmate CR trying to play and learn the violin, and he jokingly said something like:

“Violin? What kind of idiot plays the violin? Nobody cares about the violin, what a loser, learn to play a real musical instrument or learn something useful.”.

My former classmate JF and some of the other students laughed a bit because they/we knew that it was just a joke because we all had goofed/joked around before this point; but my former classmate CR did not realize that it was just a joke, she got angry/sad and she angrily yelled something at my former classmate JF, and she probably ran away with her violin crying a bit.

We were surprised and we felt bad for her and my former classmate JF ran after her trying to explain that it was just a joke and that he was sorry, and I decided to run after them to help with the situation; and somehow I found my former classmate CR hiding down the end of a sunken concrete walkway that led to an underground area/entrance, and I guess my former classmate JF ran past this area not noticing her hiding.

I tried to explain to her that my former classmate JF was only joking and that he felt bad that she did not realize this/that and that he was trying to find her to apologize to her, and she started to tell me how she had tried hard to learn to play violin and how most other people did not seem to care or support her; and so that is why his joke hurt her so badly, and she explained a few other personal things to me.

At some point to help her learn to get over the situation and/or to help her learn to deal with certain situations that I can not remember I decided to teach her something that was symbolic and that involved learning/using dream powers, maybe I somewhat realized that it was a dream and maybe it went semi-lucid but I am not sure, I just remember telling her that I wanted her to use her dream powers to throw me through the air at a large stone boulder to stop it from rolling on us; but she said that she did not know how to do that, a large stone boulder came rolling toward us from the top of the sunken walkway, and so I showed her what to do.

The large stone boulder was about to hit us, she still felt that she could not do it, and so I told her that she had to do it now or we would die (I hoped that a life and death situation would force her to try her best, and if she failed I had the power to stop the boulder); and so she did it, she used her dream powers to shoot me through the air at the boulder, and I punched it back up the walkway and it probably broke into many pieces.

We celebrated her success and she was surprised that she did it, we probably went into the underground entrance into a gym-like room to talk, and maybe she started to play her violin for me; but I woke up with the song that she was playing still in/on my mind and/or the song Symphony 1 In The Barrel Of A Gun by the music artist Emily Wells:

Dream 2

The next dream was very clear but confusing but I have forgotten most of it now after the quicksand sleep cycle, the dream took place inside a dimly lit apartment room on an upper floor of an apartment building, and I was watching one or more TV shows like Being Human (North American) where the episode was following Josh Levison and Aidan Waite.

My memory is unclear but I think that the dream jumped between me experiencing the episode by being in the episode and/or by being Josh and/or by being Aidan at various points during the dream and in the apartment I was also experiencing something that I can not remember, and so the dream confusingly jumped between both dream worlds/situations and dream characters.

I can not remember most of the details of the episode and of what happened in the apartment but I do know that both took place in dimly lit apartment rooms, and they involved conspiracy, violence, running, hiding, betrayal, et cetera; and I remember running, hiding, fighting, et cetera men who were chasing and attacking us.

At some point Josh and Aidan were alone in a room and Aidan did not trust Josh because he thought that Josh had betrayed him, Josh denied it, but Aidan did not believe him; and so there was a conflict between them, but they still had to worry about the men who were after them but I can not remember what happened and maybe the episode ended there; and whatever happened in my apartment ended at some point as well.

After this confusing part in the dream I remember lifting weights/exercising/jogging and maybe I hurt my foot/ankle/lower leg or I had a medical appointment to go to, and so I left my apartment to another apartment-like room on an upper floor in either the same apartment building or in another building not far away where there was a male and female nurse but the male nurse was leaving when I got there; and the female nurse probably had whitish colored skin but I can not remember the rest of her appearance except that she probably wore a mostly whitish colored nurse uniform/scrubs with several designs with various colors for each design.

She explained the medical procedure that she was about to do to my foot/ankle/lower leg and she showed me a paper/chart with mostly images explaining the medical procedure, I thought that the medical procedure seemed strange, but I only remember part of it.

I had to blow/breath into some bags/containers so that she could collect the air for some unknown reason(s), she examined my foot/ankle/lower leg, she might have taken samples from those areas and/or did something else to those areas (maybe some injections or scratch tests or something like that), and she asked me many questions while she was doing all of this; and we also talked about other things and we seemed to have some similar interests, and I even remember talking with her about that Being Human US episode that I was watching/experiencing earlier in the dream and whatever else I had watched/experienced.

I remember feeling like I wanted to get to know her better like I was interested in her and so I wanted to meet her again, I remember her probably wrapping my foot/ankle/lower leg with something, and then she told me that the next part of the medical procedure was probably going to be a bit painful; and one of the things that it involved was having the nurse bite your ankle for some strange reason(s), and I thought that this was strange and dangerous because the nurse could get infected if they got some body fluids/blood from the patient in their mouths or something like that.

The nurse told me that they made sure to have the area covered with the wrap and/or the patients clothing before biting, in my case it was the wrap and my pants covering the area, and I remember asking some questions about this strange part of the procedure but I can not remember her response(s); and at some point we started the supposedly painful part and I could feel it, but it did not really hurt.

At some point I remember the nurse biting my ankle and she asked me if it was hurting and I said no, and so she continued biting my ankle and doing whatever else she was doing; and she repeated the process at least one more time as she continued to ask me questions, and as we continued to talk about some of our shared interests.

At some point she said that this part of the procedure was over and that they wanted me to come back for the next part tomorrow and/or soon (like they would check the results and/or continue the experiment or procedure or whatever it was), she explained to me what to expect but I can not remember what she said, and I remember letting her that I enjoyed talking with her and that I wanted to get to know her better and that I hoped to see her soon; and she assured me that she would probably be there tomorrow, and so I was happy to hear that.

I remember her telling me something like: “I noticed earlier and now that you were/are walking slowly, not standing up straight, and like you have lifted weights which I think is not very attractive/good; and I recommend that you walk a bit faster, stand up straighter, and that you walk like you did not just finish lifting weights.” and I quickly let her know that I had lifted weights/exercised/jogged before I arrived and so she was correct about that and I did need to practice standing up straighter, and so I told her that I would try to improve that (because I really did want to impress her and for her to like me, and I somewhat agreed with her).

She said okay but that she still recommended that I improve that, I once again said that I would try, and that I looked forward to seeing her next time and I thanked her; and I said goodbye, and I started to leave but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Nora Sergeant

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a fictional area where my cousin DE and his sister my cousin DE, were visiting me or I was visiting them during the day; but I can not remember most of the details of the dream.

I remember that DE said that it was a special day, a Halloween-like day or something like that, where they would watch scary movies and eat candy or something like that; and so we watched something or did something that I can not remember, but I remember that whatever it was caused me to have a bit of a fight or flight response & this part of the dream kept repeating until I woke up.

This part of the dream repeated so much and bothered me enough that I woke up, in the dream I think that I was able to feel my heartbeat moving oddly, and when I woke up my heartbeat was odd I think.

I remember feeling strange like I was going to die or have a supposed panic attack, I had to use some of my techniques that I learned last year (after my near death-like situation, a supposed panic attack according to the doctor, but I never had a panic attack like that before) to prevent the feelings from getting worse & so that I could go back to sleep; and eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

*Somehow the part that I typed below got deleted when I accidentally pressed a certain combination of keys on my keyboard, so I lost some of what I typed earlier, which is very annoying; and the Un-Do function in Firefox never works for me, maybe because I use Private Mode all the time?*

Dream 2

The next dream took place in D during the night at a fictional apartment in the field next to Burger King, some of the cast of the TV show Being Human (Syfy) were there, and I think that they were going their separate ways; and maybe somehow Nora Sergeant (played by the actress Kristen Hager) and I met after that, and maybe we went out for dinner or something, but I can not remember the details of what happened exactly.

I only remember that later in the dream Nora and I had dated for a while & now we were in a serious relationship and/or were married or about to get married soon & maybe Nora was pregnant but I am not sure, and I was at my parent’s house in the living room on the computer or something during the night; and Nora walked into the house without knocking or anything, like she lived there and/or like she was very comfortable/close with my family, and this seemed normal to me as well but she did surprise me a bit.

I stopped what I was doing and I got up to greet her, she was in a good mood but she seemed to be tired like either she had worked late at the hospital and/or like she was pregnant, and we started talking; but then my mom walked into the living room to greet Nora, and they both sat on the couch to talk, like they were very close, like a daughter-in-law & a mother-in-law talking (I can not recall my mom ever being this relaxed with/around someone other than my dad).

After their conversation Nora showed me a grocery store sales paper, she told me that she wanted me to go grocery shopping (I asked her if she wanted me to go to Walmart but she said no, that she wanted me to go to BB, which is where I wanted to go), and she went over the list of stuff that she wanted me to get; and I remember being concerned about the list having more expensive brands instead of generic brands, having maybe a few unnecessary things, and I worried about the cost of the long list but I listened anyway.

After listening to Nora I started looking over the grocery list and I started thinking about any questions that I had, and I started thinking about other things that I wanted to talk about in reference to the list & other things; and Nora laid back on the couch to relax like she was pregnant and/or super comfortable, and my mom was still on the couch & they both looked tired.

I remember thinking about how I still had no job & that I was still living at my parent’s house, and I felt that there was no way that I was going to be able to support a wife/girlfriend & kid for long like that or at all & I felt that it was wrong for me to have started a relationship with Nora in my current situation & I felt that I needed to seriously find a job soon & then get my own place to live in again (with Nora as well); and I felt an extra boost of inspiration, responsibility, and urgency to improve my situation for Nora, a possible future kid, and myself.

All of these thoughts & more were running through my mind that I wanted to talk to Nora about and I wanted to talk about the grocery store list with Nora & possibly ask Nora to come to the grocery store with me so that we could compare each other’s shopping habits & try to find a compromise if she was feeling good enough to go to the grocery store with me; I was so focused on this, that I did not notice that Nora & my mom were both now asleep on the couch, and it only took them a few minutes to go to sleep. 😀

I decided to not disturb them, and so I left in my automobile to go grocery shopping; and I was still trying to decide what I was going to do to save some money in reference to Nora’s grocery list or if I should just buy everything that she wanted, and I wondered how long it would be until I ran out of money at this rate since I had no job & since Nora’s grocery list was so long.

Something happened in the dream during a part in the dream (I am not sure when) where someone talked to me or warned me about something, near V Park, and while they were talking I saw flashes of scenes with Aidan Waite in them; Aidan was in a dimly lit room or bathroom, and someone was using prescience or remote viewing to try to find his location & so he was using his powers to try & block them from being able to see him.

Blocking that person’s/being’s prescience or remote viewing required so much concentration that Aidan could not move or do anything else but focus his powers, and a man entered the room where Aidan was while he was standing concentrating his powers; and I remember Aidan having no shirt on, and the man started shaving Aidan’s body hair on the upper part of his body & face with an old style straight razor like he was enjoying it in a homosexual-like way, it was freaky & disturbing.

Aidan could not stop him or say anything, since he needed all of his concentration on his powers to block the person/being from using prescience or remote viewing to see him, but the man accidentally(?) cut Aidan a few times which briefly broke Aidan’s concentration each time but Aidan quickly re-focused each time.

Aidan was in a very awkward situation and he was straining/trying very hard to stay focused, he was clearly sweating & in a bit of pain & was annoyed by the man in the room, but the flashes of scenes of this ended; and I finished my conversation with whoever was warning me about something, and they left.

I remember driving on my way to the grocery store but I stopped in the parking lot of my bank, this was during the night, to look at the grocery list & to think about what to do & maybe also to see who was at the apartment building from the beginning of the dream; but then an automobile wrecked into the back of another automobile.

A few minutes later another automobile came speeding up the road and did a sharp turn that caused it to flip & wreck.

A minute or so after that another automobile came speeding up the road and they went out of control, and wrecked as well; it was crazy, like people were driving drunk or something, and so I felt afraid to drive on the road & I wondered what was going on.

I called Nora to see if she was okay and I wanted to return home to talk to her; but I woke up.

As of 5-5-2012 I still have some feelings/connection to this dream/the dream character of Nora, which is longer than usual, usually I might dream of someone or something & I might have feelings/a connection to the dream/a character in the dream/an item in the dream for a few hours or a day or two where I want talk to that person (if the dream was about a real person) or I want to get/use an item from the dream (if the dream was about a real item) et cetera; and so I find this/that to be interesting.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂