Being Used As Bait For A Great White Shark

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at an indoor/outdoor area near one or more connected ponds and/or lakes and/or rivers and/or bodies of water, and I was there among other people who were eating and drinking and talking et cetera.

At some point I was on one side of the corner in a doorway, and there was a woman and a man with brownish-colored skin with black hair talking to each other on the other side of the corner in the outdoor area when I accidentally farted so I apologized and I sprayed some air freshener around the corner that I got from the room behind me.


A Fictional House / Yard / Trail / Beach / River Near N Street In The City Of D

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Last night or this morning I was having a dream when I was suddenly awakened from this dream into the real world because someone supposedly accidentally sprayed air freshener in my face, and the shock of this caused me to forget all of my dreams; but after I went back to sleep I had one last dream, and I remember some of that dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D and I walked through a fictional trail with several other people through the wilderness that led to a small river with a beach on the right side of the river in the distance, you could cross the river on a small bridge that several people and I made years ago when we were younger, and on the other side of the small bridge was a small yard and a small house where some of my fictional friends/classmates used to live.

No one lived at the house now and so we went to visit this area to think about old memories and to hang out inside the house, there were still objects/furniture inside the house, and I remember using hanging out inside the house after spending sometimes house by the river and bridge; and I think that my brother GC, one or more of my former classmates, and maybe one of my cousins was with me.

At some point two police officers entered the house, both of them were a bit obese and one of them was older with whitish colored skin and the other police officer was younger and he looked a bit like my male cousin EE, and we were all surprised to see each other there because no one lived at the house; and the police officers explained to us that they use the house sometimes but they did not say what they use it for, and so we explained why we were there and our history with this place.

The older police officer left at some point and the younger police officer stayed so we showed him around the house and outside the house telling him about some of our memories of this place, and in the distance I saw a family (husband, wife, kids, aunts, uncles, maybe grandparents) with whitish colored skin fishing/playing/cooking/talking/swimming/et cetera at the beach having fun.

We explained to the police officer how we made the bridge from trash that was dumped in this area because it was once used as a trash dump by a company and/or some people and how we used to clean up the trash, and I remembered/told various memories/stories that I remembered of this place; and some of them involved some of my cousins like my male cousins EE/ME/DE, my former male classmates DH/JC/SW/EW, my dad, my aunt DE, my uncle EE, and various people who lived in the neighborhood.

It was a nice day outside and the river was flowing, we probably cleaned up some trash and made some adjustments to the bridge while enjoying nature and the wildlife in river and around the area, and it was nice talking about and remembering old memories of this place; but those memories were probably fictional and/or from past dreams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


2-3-2009 | Dream Journal | JC’s Family And The Dollar General

Dollar General
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JC’s Family

My first dream that I remember took place somewhere outside in an area that was probably R or a fictional D.

It reminded me of my grandfather’s yard mixed with my friend JC’s parents yard.

I remember sitting at a table, outside on a cool afternoon, and there were some other people there.