An Airsoft Battle

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom and I had remembered a few seconds of a dream, it was inspired by something that I can not remember that I saw last night but I did not voice record it for some strange reason, and so now all that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved a female being/entity or woman; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day at my parents’ house, some of my family and I (my mom, a few of my brothers, and I) left the house in my automobile to go somewhere, and somehow and for some unknown reason we drove through the alley by our back gate and at the back of The G House and at the back of The E House (E Manor).

Two of our neighbors who live across the street at The B House who(m) I nicknamed, Gas Money(‘s) Kid (GMK) and his mom Gas Money(‘s) Girlfriend (GMG), drove in front of us in one of their automobiles’ as we were driving through the alley (for some unknown reason Gas Money (GM), the nickname that I made for the man/father?/boyfriend of their house because he often drives back and forth from their house many times every day throughout the day/night, is usually not in my dreams); but their automobile broke down/stopped working in front of us, and so we stopped to help them.

Gas Money(‘s) Girlfriend (GMG) stayed in the automobile while Gas Money(‘s) Kid (GMK) got out to try to get their automobile to start again, GMK could not get their automobile to start so I asked him if he wanted to try jump starting it using my automobile, and he said yes and he got my jumper cables; and he hooked them up, and we started trying to jump start their automobile.

My dad walked over asking what was wrong, I explained the situation to him, and then we told GMK to check to see if their automobile would start but it would not; and I remember recommending that they go to one of the automobile part(s) stores to get their alternator and starter and battery checked for free, when or if we get their automobile to start again, but GMK did not seem interested in doing this for some unknown reason.

My dad and I tried to start their automobile and this time it started, we told them to let it run for a few minutes, and then drive to the automobile part(s) store to get their alternator/starter/battery checked for free while it is still running; and this time it seemed that GMK was interested and that he would do this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember walking up my parents’s street in front of my aunt JE’s house when I saw an airsoft/mock/whatever battle/war taking place with people with air guns/airsoft guns that looked like assault rifles, and my brother CC was among them in the battle using/practicing his military skills it seemed.

I got an assault rifle air gun/airsoft rifle and I joined the battle/war to help my brother CC, it seemed that people were maybe shooting airsoft BBs (pellets) at first so no one was getting hurt, and I remember moving around and taking cover and shooting from behind barricades and random objects that were scattered around the street and in other areas.

At some point my brother CC got into an intense shootout with mostly one woman, there were other people shooting around the area but I could not see them, and the woman had us pinned down behind cover in the street slightly past our aunt JE’s house; but the situation got serious when it seemed that the woman and maybe my brother CC and maybe some other people started using real metal pellets and maybe metal BBs to shoot at each other, and things got dangerous because we were using high powered air guns (some were possibly automatics) and real metal pellets and BBs could penetrate the skin.

I could hear the metal pellets/BBs flying by us and ricocheting off the barricades, I could hear the sounds of the air coming from the air guns with each shot, and it felt like being in a low-level simulation of a real battle/war; and the situation was getting intense, and I started yelling at my brother CC and the woman and for others to stop using real metal pellets/BBs or someone could get hurt or killed.

Either they ignored me or they did not hear me, either way the battle/war continued, and we were pinned down and returning fire and I kept trying to get people to stop but it was not working; and at some point my brother CC got shot by a metal pellet that almost completely penetrated his skin on maybe his leg, and I remember him being in a lot of pain but he kept fighting.

I kept yelling for the woman and the others to stop, letting them know that my brother CC was wounded but they did not stop, and so the battle continued with my brother CC fighting in pain and we were still pinned down; and my brother CC would yell angrily at me sometimes because of the pain and he was angry/frustrated, and I kept telling him that we needed to get him away from this battle/war to get medical treatment for his wound.

Eventually I got him to listen, I probably started providing some covering fire to give us some time to escape, and then I picked my brother CC up off the ground and I started carrying him back up the street to our parents’ house (it felt a bit like being on a real battlefield and dragging one of your fellow wounded soldiers to safety); and once inside the house we (my mom, my brother CC, and I) looked at his wound, all of the pellet had penetrated the skin except for part of the edge of the back of the pellet, and so it was possible for us to remove it ourselves if we were careful.

I wanted to take him to the hospital but with the battle/war blocking up the streets and the possible high cost of medical treatment I decided to consider trying it ourselves, which is what my brother CC wanted, but I was against it at first; but then I decided that we would try, if that failed, then I would rush him to the hospital even if we needed to fight our way to it but I woke up as we started to prepare to remove the pellet ourselves.

The end,

-John Jr

An Airsoft Match With My Brother CC

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night that I had remembered but I probably accidentally went back to sleep when I was thinking about my dreams before getting up to use the bathroom and voice record them, and so I probably failed to get up to use the bathroom or voice record my dreams; and so now I can only remember part of two dreams, but maybe I will remember the third dream later.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it involved a man, maybe my brother GC, who had and was using superpowers like this dream was video game-like; and there was a way to collect some of his superpowers in one container, and a way to collect some of the effects of those superpowers in another container.

While he was using superpowers I would try to collect some of them and some of the effects in the two different containers, once collected these could be shared and used by other people temporarily to temporarily give them some superpowers, and some of the effects of those superpowers.

I think that we were outside and/or inside during this dream, there was more to this dream before and after, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard, my brother CC was visiting during a vacation from his job in the military, and he was in my parent’s yard using an airsoft gun and airsoft pellets to practice some of his military training; and I decided to join him, and we had an airsoft match against each other.

My brother CC had an automatic airsoft gun, I remember us taking cover behind barrels and trash cans and other things, and shooting at each other; and I remember that it was fun, at some point my brother CC was standing near a dog by the automobiles, and the dog got shot several times but it did not run even though it came close to running.

The dog stayed by my brother CC’s side like it was his dog, my dad was outside and he made a comment about not harming a loyal dog that is at your side, and he joked about how the dog looked like it had come close to running if he would have gotten shot a few more times.

I ran out of airsoft pellets for my gun and then my brother CC took advantage of this and chased me around shooting me in my back and other places, it was funny and fun even though it hurt a bit, and I remember us laughing; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr