Housing Complex C

What Is It?

The 2022 Japanese anime horror TV miniseries Housing Complex C.

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Here is how Wikipedia describes this anime TV miniseries:

Housing Complex C (Japanese: C団地, HepburnC Danchi) is a Japanese anime television miniseries that aired in the United States on Adult Swim‘s Toonami programming block in October 2022.

Kimi Shirokado is an eccentric little girl who lives at a low-cost housing complex in the seaside town of Kurosaki.

During the summer, she befriends city girl Yuri Koshide when her family moves in from Tokyo along with Middle Eastern fishing interns.

A series of strange events soon occurs, from dead animals appearing on the property to tenants mysteriously disappearing with moss growing inside their apartments.


Walking Around Daydreaming And Thinking During The Evening | Night At W Park

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Dream 1

Once again I seriously do not feel like typing my dreams from last night (I feel like quitting blogging) and so I will try to not waste much time typing part of two long and detailed dreams that I had last night, and both dreams took place mostly at a slightly fictional version of W Park in the city of D.

*Ultimate Lazy Overview*

The first dream was very detailed but I can not remember most of it but maybe I jogged or walked to W Park late in the evening or during the night, I remember walking around as other people walked around, and I did a lot of thinking and daydreaming about various things including probably things that happened earlier in the dream.

I remember feeling weird and maybe a bit lonely as I watched other people walking with family and friends and kids and girlfriends and boyfriends et cetera, but I was alone and at some point I got wet like maybe I fell into a river or something but I can not remember; and so I took off most of my clothes so that they could dry, and then I took off my underwear to try to dry them.

Some people were near so I found a blackish colored comforter with a reddish color around the edges to cover myself and I wrapped it around my naked body almost like a trench coat with a popped collar/the collar up, and I remember people looking at me strange; and I felt strange wearing it because I was naked underneath and I wondered if it looked a bit like a dress, and it probably looked weird and like what the members of the Akatsuki from Naruto wear.

It was time for the park to close so people were leaving and I started leaving as well but I went back to get my clothes/underwear, but then a male police officer with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair came to make sure that no one else was in the park; and two other men were in the park, he caught them and arrested them, and then he arrested me.

I explained to the police officer that I was trying to get my clothes/underwear and I told him that I could prove it if he would let me show him where I left them, he agreed, and we all started to walk to where my clothes/underwear were.

One of the men was the annoying comedian-type and the police officer became so angry that he threatened us so the two men ran, and I ran because I did not want to get shot; and the police officer chased us still threatening to shoot us with his blackish colored pistol, we hid in a river under a walking bridge, but he found us and arrested us again; and he drove us near where Super A Buffet should be, but instead there was a Walmart-like store combined with a small jail in the front combined with maybe a restaurant.

There were two or more entrances to the building and the entrance on the left side had a slightly obese woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair sitting behind a table, people would sign-in for the jail and/or for something else here, and once again the police officer threatened us and the two men ran; and I ran again because I did not want to get shot, and we ran around the store as security and the police officer tried to find us.

Eventually I came across part of the jail near the second entrance/exit and there were prisoners in there wearing orangish colored prison uniforms and one of them was my female cousin TE, I said hello to her, but she walked right by me without saying anything to me or even looking at me like I did not exist; and then I escaped out of the second entrance/exit.

I decided to turn myself instead of continue running so I walked to the woman who sat at the table to explain the situation to her and to turn myself in, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second/last dream took place during the night at W Park and there were people there walking around dressed up like they were on dates and/or an event was taking place, and I was wearing dark-colored dress pants with a tucked in maybe light-neutral colored long sleeve button dress shirt with a dark-colored belt with dark-colored dress shoes; and once again I was alone daydreaming, thinking, et cetera as I walked around the park feeling a bit weird/lonely/depressive/et cetera.

I remember thinking of a variety of things like my brother GC was going to be in a movie so he was preparing for the role, the music artist Kanye West was thinking about being in a movie (probably the same movie) and so he was possibly preparing himself as well, and I was seeing video clips of my female online contact NF from Germany having fun on mountains somewhere in Germany with a group of people.

From the video clips it seemed that NF, maybe her boyfriend C, and a group of people would meet sometimes to go have fun in the mountains near their city; and they would have a lot of fun.

I saw video clips of them walking/hiking on the mountains, driving/riding on the mountains, flying in a helicopter over the mountains, and skydiving near/from the mountains; and NF and the others looked so happy, and I was happy for her but I was not happy about my own life.

I was seeing these video clips in my mind as I thought and daydreamed, and at some point I had a daydream within the dream of me skydiving with them as they did group skydiving; and my skydiving partner was a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe brownish colored hair, and we jumped from the helicopter and we skydived into some water at the bottom of a mountain that was like a swamp.

It was evening and a bit dark and we landed near an alligator, we landed on a broken tree branch that was leaning against a tree, and we stood there holding on to the tree as my female partner sat on top of my shoulders; and the alligator was waiting at the end of the broken tree branch for us to fall and/or for us to get into the water.

Some people from the group came to save us in a small silverish colored metal boat and they ran over the alligator forcing it under water, we got into the boat, and we rowed to land as water got into our boat because it was so small and low to the ground and there were too many of us in it; and this was a bit scary because the alligator could attack us if we did not hurry.

We made it to land but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr