My Team And Almost Cheating?

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I went to bed a bit later than I should have last night and I had to wake up earlier than I wanted to and I got awakened during the night and I got awakened by my alarm clock, and so I did not have a chance to think about my dreams to remember most of them; and so I only barely remember part of one dream.

Maybe I will remember more of this dream and some of my other dreams later if I have time to think without interruptions and if something helps triggers some of my memories, anyway, the only dream that I barely remember part of took place during the day in a fictional place and I remember being at a fictional multi-story motel-like apartment.

Several times in the dream I went to and from the apartment to an apartment room with a motherly-like woman with whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair who somewhat reminded me of my mom for some reason but she was not my mom, she only slightly reminded me of her, and this woman might have been my girlfriend or wife but I am not sure who she was or what our relationship was.

Each time I went to the apartment room the woman would smile and she would greet me warmly/nicely, and she would make me/us some food/drinks/et cetera; and we would sit down at her and/or our table talking, maybe reading the newspaper, maybe listening to the radio or TV or computer or music, et cetera; but I can not remember where I would go each time I left the apartment, I just know that I would always come back to the apartment room where the woman was.

At some point in the dream I and maybe the woman went to see My Team play a basketball game against another team, I am not sure if I was the owner of the basketball team or if I helped fund the team or if they were just my favorite team, either way the woman and/or other people and/or I called the basketball team My Team like maybe I owned it.

We (probably the woman and I) went to a somewhat crowded small gym to watch the basketball game probably sitting on the floor near the basketball court behind one of the baskets, and I think that all of my brothers were on My Team; and I remember watching the game, and I was so into the game that I decided to do something unlike me and I was going to try to cheat to help My Team.

I ran toward the basketball court to bump into and distract one of the players on the other team who looked a bit like my former classmate MJ, but I changed my mind at the last second; and my foot touched the line but it did not cross it and my arm barely touched the elbow of the player on the other team causing him to briefly glance at me without negatively effecting/affecting the game and I sat back down, and so the referees did not call a foul or do anything because did not do enough to break the rules fortunately.

I sat back down next to the woman wondering what had I been thinking and how could I have come so close to cheating like that because that was not like me at all, and some other people in the crowd were angry at me and they wanted the referees to call a foul for what I had done/almost done; but that was not going to happen and so I apologized to the referees and the people in the crowd telling them that I would not try something like that again, but I got awakened by my alarm clock in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

Avoiding Zombies Inside My Grandfather’s House & Róisín Murphy?

I barely got any sleep last night because I probably went to sleep after 4:00 AM, I got awakened because I got to hot and I had to use the bathroom, I got awakened by people and dogs making too much noise, I got awakened because I got too cold after closing the bedroom door, and finally I got awakened out of the only dream that I can remember part of by my alarm clock because I had to get up early to do something; and so I only got a few hours of sleep and I barely had time to dream, and I forgot most of the only dream that I barely remember part of because of my alarm clock waking me up out of the dream.

The dream is unclear now and I only remember part of the end of the dream but I think that the dream started at a fictional building near or connected to a slightly fictional and larger version of my grandfather’s house, I think that maybe the music artist Róisín Murphy was in this fictional building having a music concert and/or she was in this building for some reason and/or she was at the fictional version of my grandfather’s house for some reason (maybe she owned the house now, I have no idea, I can not remember), but either way I think that I saw her one or more times in the dream.

Two People Two Pictures / Images On Wikimedia Commons?

I got in bed late last night, I had to get up early to do something, and my computer hard drive has bad sectors on it and so I am running the HDD Regenerator program hoping that it is able to fix the bad sectors on my hard drive so I do not have to buy a new hard drive.

I had one or more short / partial dreams last night, but I can not remember any of them except for barely part of one dream that probably continued / repeated several times after waking up several times.

I kept waking up sometimes during the night to look at my alarm clock to see if it was time for me to get up yet or not, and so this interrupted my sleep/dreams a lot.

The dream involved at least two people, a woman and a man, and both of them / each of them had two different pictures / images but I can not remember what the pictures/images looked like; but I think that the images / pictures were available on Wikimedia Commons or a website that looked like it.

The man and woman wanted to show their images / pictures to someone, maybe me but I can not remember, and so they kept waiting or trying to contact that person so that they could view their images / pictures; but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr

4-9-2013 | Dream Fragment | Our Neighbor Mr. RD Moving Stuff

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got awakened by my alarm clock and by an increase in temperature when someone left the bedroom door opened, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day in my parent’s yard, and I was outside near the water hose near the basketball goals doing something but I forgot what.

I heard one or more automobiles across the street and I saw our neighbor Mr. RD & several other men helping direct a truck that was trying to park in his yard, and the truck was pulling a flatbed trailer that had a lot of stuff on it.

Another automobile was probably trying to park as well, I stopped watching & listening to them directing the automobile(s), and it seemed that the stuff belonged to Mr. RD; and that the men were going to help him put it back into his newly re-modeled house.

Tilda Swinton / Mrs. SF

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I got awakened instantly by my alarm clock but somehow I managed to remember some of my last dream, which took place during the day at an apartment/dorm-like building in a fictional area probably in a city but I could not see the city outside but there were two roads & open fields that I could see, and the road probably led to a main road in the city that was probably like LC; but the dream started inside the building in the usual windowless room with dark/brownish colored carpet, and a woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair was talking with a group of people and I about this special program that we signed up for.

I think that this special program provided some help with housing (the apartment/dorm), education (college), maybe food (cafeteria), some transportation (bus), and we had to get our own job(s) probably; but I can not remember what the woman told us, I just know that I was teamed up with my former classmate TC & probably three unknown women, and we were probably going to be suite-mates sharing an apartment/dorm.

The woman finished talking with us and she went to talk with another group, my suitemates and I talked with each other about how we all were in college now (again) & talked about ourselves, and I remember TC talking about something related to a job; and I told him that I had a job interview today (in real life as well) for a city job.

At some point my three female suite-mates told me that they needed to go to the library to start on their research papers or something like that (TC either did not have one to do or did not want to start his yet), I also had a paper with white colored stickers with text showing what references/resources that I needed for my research paper/whatever, and so we ran to catch the bus before it left; and we ran outside across a parking lot to the road as the bus was leaving & it stopped for us to get on, but the woman or a woman from the special program ran outside to tell us and/or give us something so the bus had to leave without us.

After that the woman and/or another woman from the special program gave us a ride to the library in her car, this woman was my former co-worker Mrs. SF or I thought that it was supposed to be her but this gets confusing later so I am not sure how to make sense of this exactly, and to my surprise the library was in walking distance to our apartment (we made a right on the second road that probably leads to the city and not far up the road on the left was the library); and the library was a one-story warehouse-like building with a nice sized parking lot with a table in front of the entrance with three workers sitting at it who looked like college students who did not care about their jobs & who just wanted money/were tired or high on drugs/or something like that, and my suite-mates & Mrs. SF went inside the library while I stopped at the table for help.

The three workers did not seem approachable and I did not think that they would be helpful but I decided to try anyway, I showed them my paper and I asked them to please point me in the direction where I could find the resources/references needed for my research paper/whatever, and they just stared at me for a moment; and one of them, a woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair, finally said something like: “I don’t know! Go inside and find it yourself!”, or something mean like that & so I walked toward the entrance but Mrs. SF came out of the library in a panic.

She said that we had to go now, I asked her why & what had happened & if she was okay, and she said that when she went inside the library that she was reminded of/had a flashback of a very negative event that had happened in her life in the past (not at the library as far as I know); I told her that we just got there and that I had not even went inside yet but I saw the anxiety/panic/fear/sadness/et cetera in her face (I know what it can feel like), so I told her to take a deep breath & relax, and I asked her was there anything/anyone in the library that was there from that past negative event & she answered no so I told her that I would go inside the library with her to help her face what reminded her of the event and/or talk about it with her.

She agreed and we went inside the library but we walked to the right side of the library, which was not part of the main library area & so no one else was around this area, and we walked as she told me about this past negative event; and I noticed that Mrs. SF looked (body shape & height & face & hair et cetera) and sounded (same voice/accent) exactly like the actress Tilda Swinton (with short blond colored hair, closer to how the real Mrs. SF keeps her hair), this confused me and I started accidentally calling her Mrs. Swinton sometimes as we talked but she did not object to being called either name, and this got so confusing that I started saying her name(s) very low so that she could not hear what I said & I tried to make sense of who she was now.

It was like Tilda Swinton was playing the role of Mrs. SF who was already playing the role of a fictional dream character who was a bit different from the real Mrs. SF, if that made any sense 😀 , and so I started to think of her as Mrs. Swinton or Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF (like they had fused into one person); I am not sure how or why or when this happened (maybe she was like this the entire dream or maybe she changed at some point), but Mrs. SF does only slightly remind me of Tilda Swinton since she is the only person I know that my brain might associate with Tilda Swinton due to a few facial features & hairstyles & clothing styles that they maybe somewhat have in common.

Unfortunately I can not remember any of the details of the negative past event that Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF was telling me, we walked into a break-like room where an old woman with whitish colored skin with shoulder length grayish/whitish colored hair was sitting in a corner on the right side of the room, and we walked into a dark & dimly lit open bathroom that had a hall with a sink & mirror on the left side at the end of the hall and another hall to the right with a toilet behind a corner for privacy since there was no door or stall door; and Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF was crying at this point, I did not know what to do really so I patted her on the shoulder with my hand while trying to comfort her with a few words, and then I stood at the entrance of the hall while she went down the other hall to the toilet to get some tissue & cry.

To my surprise the old woman walked toward me and I told her that someone was in the bathroom, but she walked past me to my surprise like she did not care; and I turned around shocked & I followed her, and then the old woman turned out the only light for the bathroom to my surprise.

Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF came out of the bathroom still crying a bit and the old woman looked at her/us and said: “It can not be that bad!” , and we looked at her.

Then the old woman said: “I survived The Holocaust!” , while smiling oddly, and so I/we were not sure if she was joking or serious; either way we paused in confusion/shock, speechless, and so the only thing that I could say was: “Wow!”.

We started leaving the room as the old woman followed, she turned off the lights to the break-like room like it was time to close or time for her to go home, and we continued walking to the last area on the right side of the building; and Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF continued telling me about that past negative event, she stopped crying & she started to calm down more at this point, and we reached the last area which was a place where people could wash & dry their clothes.

We heard a loud sound that sounded like running water, the old woman went to a sink to turn off the water that someone had left on oddly, and then we heard a baby crying; and we found a newborn baby laying in a clothing basket on the steps near the washing machines & dryers, to our surprise/horror, and we told the old woman to call emergency services.

Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF’s mood changed completely to a positive mood when she picked up the baby, I stood back watching this magical moment as she looked at the baby like it reminded her of her daughter/children when they were born, and she looked very happy & she smiled as she held the baby; and I smiled and made a few positives comments about how the baby seemed to like her since it stopped crying when she picked the baby up.

I could feel the positive mood/energy coming from her and I stood back letting her enjoy the moment, while I thought about the situation as we waited for emergency services to arrive, and I predicted that the mother possibly had the baby here where it was quiet & abandoned the baby because she did not want it and did not want anyone to know that she had a baby for whatever reason(s) & ran/turned on the water in the sink hoping that someone would come to turn it off & would see and/or hear the baby.

I was glad that the mother at least had enough sense to do something to help make it easier to discover her baby before it died but I disagreed with what she did and how she did it, and I hoped that the baby would survive.

While I was watching the magical/positive moment between Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF and the baby, I got awakened instantly by my alarm clock in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

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