Niska And The Chosen One?

Emily Berrington in Humans (2015)
Titles: Humans, Episode #1.4
People: Emily Berrington
© Gary Moyes; Kudos; AMC
Source: IMDb

There was more to this dream that I can no longer remember, and all that I can remember of this dream now is part of the end of the dream; which took place inside a small windowless room inside a building, and maybe this room was a bank but I can not remember.

Inside the room was a woman who was or who reminded me of Niska (Emily Berrington) from the television show Humans, there was a pregnant woman whose baby was either The Chosen One or who was the child of The Chosen One (Alex Lannon) like on the television show Dominion, and there were probably one or more people with the pregnant woman; and there were probably some workers and random people there, and I was there as well.


Dominion + Saints Row IV = ?

I woke up one or two times during the night to use the bathroom and I did not voice record my dreams, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

I slept well last night and at one point during the night I guess my head was in an awkward position above a space between my pillows while I was snoring or had my mouth open, and I woke up realizing that I had drooled down the side of my face but most or all of it missed my pillow or bed (nasty).