Alizée – L’Alizé? | Werecreatures / Werepeople & Giant Animals?

I was sleeping good when someone let me know that I had overslept and I had less than 20 minutes to get ready for work, and so I had to quickly get ready for work.

I had several dreams, with at least one dream being very long and realistic like I had a whole other life, but unfortunately now I can only remember part of one possible dream and part of the end of my last dream.


1 1/2 Lucid Dreams With An Alizée Music Video?

English: Alizée and her bassist at VIP W9 LIVE concert that was hold in Strasbourg, France, on 9th of January, 2008.
File:Alizée Jacotey – chanteuse française au concert – Strasbourg – 9 janvier 2008 – cropped.JPG

Finally, I am going to write my 1 1/2 or 2 lucid dreams I had a few days ago, before I forget.

I need to add my Bigfoot dream tomorrow too.

Dream 1

The first dream is not all that clear, but I think that I was at an area near a dock, and a man came out of the shadows with a handgun.

I think he wanted to rob me, but all I know is that he was pointing a gun at me, and for some reason I realized that this was a dream.