October 16, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that we got new neighbors (a husband, obese wife, and teenaged children (male and female) with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair) in the no-longer abandoned house next to the alleyway by my parents’ yard, and they had a tan/light brownish colored chihuahua; but one day we stopped seeing their dog.

One day or evening I was walking through the alleyway toward the field when I noticed something next to the bushes, and to my surprise it was the neighbors’ dog inside an old fictional wooden dog house that my family had made out of maybe wooden pallets and other pieces of wood and maybe some metal for the roof; but the new neighbors had not asked for our permission to use it as far as I knew.

I stopped to pet the dog and to see if it was okay, it was okay, and then I noticed that the new neighbors’ yard had been extended into our alleyway without permission past their property line closer to our yard and taking up some of our alleyway space; and this was a bit annoying, and so I probably went to tell my family.


Moving Into A House With My Family

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional and nicer version of the city of L or a city that was where L should be, I was with most of my family, and we went to see a nice modern one-story house that was either for sale or rent maybe.

The house was in a nice little neighborhood with an alleyway separating it from the yards of several other houses on the left side and maybe there was a large parking lot for a school on the right side, and the house had a very large area open area where the kitchen/dining room/living room/maybe family room were; and the house was mostly unfurnished, but there were some beds and some chairs and a few appliances.

Next to the large room was a hallway that had many rooms on both sides of it, probably mostly bedrooms and the laundry room and storage rooms, and maybe there were a few small hallways leading to other rooms; and so there were plenty of rooms for everyone and more to spare.

I guess we decided to buy or rent it because I remember us starting to move our stuff inside the house, the closest house next to us across the alleyway had a large family who lived there who always had different people (probably family members) coming over to their house during the dream, and the husband/owner of the house was a super obese man who reminded me of Mr. S.

I remember looking around parts of our new house, looking around outside in the yard and parking lot and the alleyway, waving to the neighbors, helping move stuff inside the house, and at some point I remember riding a bicycle on my way back to the city of D to maybe get something; but I got a phone call on my mobile phone before I could leave the city, and so I was talking to someone on the phone.

Some kids were playing outside as I was talking on my phone and a little girl with light brownish colored skin with brownish colored hair stopped to ask me some questions, I can not remember what she said, but it made me realize that trying to ride a bicycle back to the city of D would take too long and that I have never traveled that far by bicycle or foot before; and so I decided to return to our new house instead, and so I said goodbye to the girl after answering her questions and I rode my bicycle back to our new house.

Once back at our new house I remember being in the alleyway near where there was some wood piled up in the alleyway outside the fence of our closest neighbors, I assumed that it was the wood pile that my dad had at our old house, and I noticed that some of it was hanging over or one the neighbor’s fence so I was going to move them; but a new person in the neighbor’s yard, a man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who was probably a family member of theirs, started moving it to a wood pile that they had in their yard.

I went into their yard to ask him about the wood to see if it was theirs or my dad’s, I also wanted to apologize about the pieces of wood being on their property but he did not know, and so he walked me inside the house to talk to the husband/wife/owners of the house and their children; and as usual there were many people there and the rooms in the house were smaller than our new house but it was also a somewhat large one-story house, and I briefly talked to them but I can not remember the details.

I left back to our new house at some point and my family were hanging out in the large open room so I sat down in a chair enjoying the nice view outside because there were many nice and large modern windows in this room that gave you a good view of the outside, but then I saw our neighbor’s walking over like they were coming to visit us; and so I told my family, we were not ready for visitors and the house was mostly empty, and so I was not looking forward to this.

Instead of going to another room to hide I decided to stay where I was, my parent’s greeting the family and let them in, and I remember the husband making a joke about hugging or putting the wives of other men in his arms or some terrible joke like that which was not a good joke to use when talking to people you do not know well; and he made this joke before asking my mom for a hug, he was trying to be friendly and jolly, but that was not a good joke but my dad had no problem with it but my mom and me did (it was a bit cringe worthy).

We knew or assumed that he was just trying to be friendly so we took it as a joke, we greeted them and we started talking, but I woke up as they welcomed us to the neighborhood and tried to get to know us a bit better.

The end,

-John Jr