Rome Inspired Dream Fragments With Street Gang Situations

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I somewhat remember part of two dreams or one dream.

The dream or dreams were inspired by the TV show Rome, and I think that the first dream or first part involved me being a soldier or former soldier or being mistaken for a soldier or former soldier probably for the Roman Empire.

I think that someone or several people and/or the poor areas of Rome controlled by gangs (probably led by former Roman soldiers) needed protection and they asked me to be their bodyguard; and they probably needed protection from the gangs led by former Roman soldiers, who had become very violent & cruel (robbing, rapping, killing, and torturing people).

I probably tried to talk to the gangs to bring a peaceful compromise but that probably failed, and I probably had to help fight against the gangs to protect people/while protecting people; because the gangs probably attacked us, and so a war began that we eventually won.

After winning the war against the gangs in another dream or another part of the dream, the people and/or Gaius Octavian Caesar probably wanted me to lead the gangs, which I did not want to do; but I accepted anyway since it would help stabilize things, and I could help the people & reform the gangs into helpful/positive organizations instead of negative organizations.

I probably unified the gangs into an alliance and/or joined them into one led by me and/or people I trusted, and I started reforming the gang(s) instantly by having them help people, teach people, protect people, build, clean, grow crops/raise food sources, gather water, et cetera.

I made rape, murder, torture, robbery, et cetera illegal among the gang(s); and things started to improve dramatically, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr