1-5-2010 | Dream Fragment | A Female Shapeshifter?

Avatar (2009 film)
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, the image above from the movie Avatar is somewhat similar to what the female character looked like, but not the same; this is just to give an idea of what she looked liked.

Anyway, the dream started with me and maybe a few of my brothers fishing at a small lake in some unknown area, and something took my cork under the water.

I set the hook and started trying to reel (if this is the right word) in the fish, but my reel was not working properly; so the fish was pulling my line.

Eventually I managed to start reeling in the line, after a somewhat long struggle I got the fish close enough to land to grab it, it was a very long strange fish that would slightly remind you of a dragon-like fish or a Gar or something.

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