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Overlord II – Official Clip – Message

I had more dreams, but I did not record them, and so now I can barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream involved me thinking about sports with a focus on coaching, training, managing, et cetera sports teams with maybe a focus on American football probably because of the upcoming Super Bowl; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Madden NFL 19 – Super Bowl 53 Prediction – Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

The G House | A Movie | My Coworker Mrs. RB | The List

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only saved a few quick text notes of some of the dreams that I had, and so some dreams are missing and most details are missing.

Dream 1

This dream involved The G House, I remember going to The G House, and maybe at some point my male cousin DE showed up but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved a movie about a timid man with medium-color skin with black hair who was about to marry a mean stuck-up woman with medium-color skin with long black hair, and they had recently bought a house.

A woman with dark-color skin with long black hair who possibly knew the man rang / rung the doorbell, and the fiance answered the door.

The woman was there to see the man, but the fiance treated her badly and probably wanted her to leave and they started arguing.

The woman probably felt that the man deserved better and that his fiance treated him badly, which she did, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day outside in my parents yard near the automobiles, and me and my coworker Mrs. RB are talking.

I remember sitting in a chair at some point as we talked, and Mrs. RB gave me some words of encouragement about something that I can not remember because something seemed to be bothering me.

Talking to Mrs. RB was helping, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

In this dream I had a list of things that I needed to do so I was slowly doing them during the dream as I did other things like go to work at The BP Library, then I went with my mom in her automobile somewhere, and we got blocked at the railroad tracks before you get to The D Post Office by some young men playing American football in full pads / helmets / uniforms so we had to cross part of a fictional field on the right side of the road.

The football players did not see us and almost backed into us, and at some point my mom drove me back to work.

At work I continued trying to work on my list and maybe work, and I remember my former female coworker ML being there and she was working at The BP Library again in a higher position than me so she ordered me to do something that I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


My New Coworker Gets Arrested At Work

My new SQUARE ORGONE PENDANT – AMETHYST, SELENITE, ROSE QUARTZ by OrgoneVibes arrived today (it is bigger than I thought, and it is the best looking orgonite piece that I have bought so far), and so I am wearing it now so I wanted to make a note of this in this post so that I will remember when I first wore it so tonight will be my first time wearing it as I sleep so we will see how tomorrows dreams turn out.

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place at work but I am not sure if it was a new job or not or if it was a library or not, it was like a combination of a fictional version of the back employee areas at The BP Library and a school-like place, and some of my coworkers like my female coworker KE were there so maybe it was a fictional version of The BP Library but I am not sure.

My former male classmate JC was one of my coworkers as well, I can not remember what happened before this, but I remember talking with some of my coworkers like my former classmate JC and a new fictional female coworker who was a tall thin woman with light-color skin with long maybe yellow / maybe some other color hair who somewhat reminded me of my new female coworker J (it was not her).

Our new fictional female employee had a black pistol (maybe a Glock 19) and a badge, she told us that she had went to an academy / school / college / training center / wherever to get certified (I can not remember for what though) and that is how she got the pistol and badge, and she said that all new recruits got one and they would get their certification if they finished and passed the course / training / whatever.

She told us that she had a husband and at least one child (possibly more, but I can not remember), and she told us some other things about herself like how she really needed and wanted this job and was happy that she just got it (this was possibly her first day).

I remember taking a break in the break room talking with her and some other coworkers, JC was not in the break room at this point, and at some point I remember hearing and / or suspecting that she did not really have her certification yet and that she was no longer doing her training because she probably ran out of money to pay for it recently so she was probably pretending to be certified hoping to use some of the money from this new job to pay so that she could continue her training and get certified before the boss / director / government / et cetera finds out.

This meant that she probably should not even have the pistol and badge still, and that she would be fired and probably fined and arrested if the boss / director / government / et cetera found out.

She really needed and wanted this job, for herself and for her family, and that is why she was taking this risk it seemed.

At some point our new boss / director, who was a tall overweight mean strict strong independent police chief / drill instructor-like woman with light-color skin with brown hair, entered the room angrily.

Our new boss / director had somehow found out the truth about our new female coworker and she demanded that she give her the pistol and badge after accusing her of lying about her certification and then ranting at her and telling her that she was fired and that the police were on their way, our new coworker was shocked and was not ready to give up the job or the pistol or the badge, and so she somewhat froze and mumbled some things in shock without following the orders of our new boss.

Our new boss / director got even more angry and then pulled out some handcuffs and grabbed our new coworker to take her pistol and badge, and she dragged her into the hallway to handcuff and arrest and search her for more weapons as our new coworker begged for mercy while resisting.

I stayed in the break room, I felt bad for her though, and I could hear the chaos in the hallway.

Our new boss was lecturing her and being pretty mean and asking her questions as she searched her for weapons I guess, at some point I looked into the hallway, and to my surprise our new coworker was standing in the hallway handcuffed and she looked naked at first because I only saw her from the side until I realized that she had a bra and panties on.

She looked very attractive even more so now to my surprise, oddly this is the first thing that I noticed and focused on and pulled my attention as I noticed that she was thin but still had curves to my surprise, which even in the dream caused me to stop myself and rebuke myself in shame for this briefly and then I changed my focus to how messed up this was instead and how I felt that our new boss should not have done her like that in the hallway leaving her in just her underwear.

She was crying, shocked, embarrassed, ashamed, broken, and it looked like she was worried about her family and job and job future and prison and ever being able to get certified now.

Our new boss angrily told our new coworker to follow her to a room to wait for the police to pick her up (our new boss was mean and did not care about her at all, no empathy at all), our coworker KE walked over to our new coworker with a blanket or jacket and covered her since she was only in her underwear, and KE went to comfort her as they walked behind our new boss.

KE was helping her out so I decided to not get involved now, it was nice of her to help like that and she was doing a good job, and so I was not needed now.

My former classmate JC walked over wondering what was going on, I told him that I would tell him later, and we both walked to a gym-like area because we needed some exercise.

I remember playing some basketball and American football with possibly some professional athletes, this part of the dream was different from the rest of the dream, and it felt more like a daydream within a dream or a dream within a dream.

The basketball match slowly blended into an American football match until I was playing American football with a NFL team instead of basketball with maybe a NBA team, and I was the quarterback.

I did one play where I pretended to have the ball when I really had handed it off to a teammate, and he got a touchdown on that play.

I did another play where I pretended to hand the ball off to a teammate who pretended to be running the ball, and then I threw the ball to a teammate who got a touchdown on that play as well.

But I woke up as I continued playing American football waiting for a chance to tell JC about the situation of our new coworker getting arrested.

The end,

-John Jr


Our Semi-Neighbor T Staring From His Doorway

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed super late after staying up to watch anime as usual at this time of the week, and so I did not voice record my dreams until I finally woke up for good so most of my dreams are forgotten now except for barely part of several dreams that I will type randomly.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and I was inside the living room of my parent’s house looking out of the window, my brother GC was in the yard, and as I was about to look away and go outside when I saw our semi-neighbor T standing in the back door way of the semi-abandoned house that he is staying in looking toward our yard.

T stood there without moving briefly, and then he grabbed a chair and sat back in the darkness of the open doorway where you could not see him much or at all really.

At some point he possibly closed the door or I just did not know where he was anymore, and I looked around wondering where he was and if he was still watching because I wanted to go outside but I wanted to wait until he was not around and not staring at our yard.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house walking past the front door as my brother GC was entering the house through it, he stopped me, and then he walked outside to reveal someone who was standing on our front porch.

The person standing on the front porch was my former male classmate SS to my surprise, I was shocked and surprised to see him because I have not seen him or heard from him in years, but he looked thicker in the face and neck and body.

SS was wearing a baseball cap that was possibly backward with light-color clothing like he was about to play tennis or something, and I greeted him and I asked him if he was SS and he said yes.

I then shook his hand and told him how surprised that I was to see him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly took place inside my parent’s house but I am not sure, I just know that it involved me thinking about the college American football careers of my brothers TDC and KDC, and I was thinking about what-if scenarios and other things.

I wondered which college teams might be interested in recruiting them from their current college LU, would those colleges also offer full scholarships, and would they have higher priority over people who have not played college football yet since they have been on a college team for over a year now.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day at a gas station / restaurant or diner / convenience store that reminded me of the one that use to be in the city of SB, and there were two men with light-color skin who seemed to be tourists or something passing through so they stopped here.

They were thinking about getting some food and they were trying to use the wireless internet (Wi-Fi), but I heard them complaining about the internet being slow and not working right and they said some negative things about this place like it looked suspicious.

They had very bad attitudes and were being rude and annoying and were complaining loudly, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Cobra | Queen Margaret | Mutants? | A Cover-Up

Once I got home from work I did not feel so good and I felt a bit overwhelmed, and so I went to bed earlier than usual so I got more sleep than usual and I was able to save more dreams even though I still lost some.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the evening and night or just during the night, and somehow I ended up maybe meeting my former male classmate JC by accident and he invited me to travel with him somewhere to another city so we left in his automobile.

I can not remember what we talked about other than him possibly mentioning something about seeing some cobras at or near his house, and at some point as we were driving down a highway at night I noticed something behind us in the corner of my eye so I turned around.

In the middle of the automobile behind us in the aisle was a large cobra standing up with the sides of its head open and it was looking at us aggressively, I told my former classmate JC and he turned around and he saw it too, and he pulled over on the right side of the highway and we jumped out and we closed the doors.

JC had a handgun and he got it ready as we tried to look through the windows to see where the cobra was, but we did not see it.

We kept looking around without luck, and so we took a risk and opened a door on both sides of the automobile to look for it but we still did not see it.

We decided to cancel the trip and my former classmate JC probably took me back home.

The dream jumped to the future, I happen to meet JC again by accident, and I brought up the cobra incident.

I told him how I was still afraid of cobras being in automobiles until this day, and he told me about how he never did find that cobra and that he sometimes looks back to make sure that a cobra is not there.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly inspired by a news article that I read yesterday called: Prince Henrik Of Denmark Dies, Refused To Be Buried Next To His Queen.

This dream took place during the day in a past time period that looked like a combination of two different time periods (maybe before or after a world war, and maybe a few hundred years before that) in what looked like a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and there was a royal scandal and parade going on.

A royal named Queen Margaret had a husband who had fallen in love with a French woman who looked like the actress Helena Bonham Carter playing a character in a movie or something, and he wanted to marry her so they were having a royal parade that ended where a group of people would decided whether they had permission to marry or not.

This scandal was very embarrassing for Queen Margaret, and so many people were whispering and gossiping about it and her and how bad this looked for her et cetera.

The French woman who looked like Mrs. Carter was riding on a float in the parade with Queen Margaret’s husband, she looked very happy about all of this attention, and at some point they reached an area where the judges or whoever were set up behind a nice wooden judge-like stand and they were wearing old-style European clothing and white wigs.

They ruled that they would not allow him to marry the French woman, and they listed the reasons why and they strongly rebuked him for this scandal and for embarrassing Queen Margaret.

The Mrs. Carter-like woman and him were not happy, but there was nothing that they could do about it so the parade ended.

Queen Margaret liked this ruling but she still was embarrassed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream is confusing and my memory is very incomplete, I remember needing to use the bathroom very badly, and I was inside a strange school-like building that had a shuttle train down the middle of the main hallway that went up a strange slope inside the building.

This dream felt futuristic and current day at the same time with elements of both, and I remember walking around looking for a bathroom.

There was a woman with light-color skin with one or more bodyguards, and there was a group of people after her (who were possibly led by another woman with light-color skin); and there were some mutants and creatures and maybe people who could possibly shapeshift and had other superpowers or something, but I am not sure if they were with the woman or with the group after her.

I remember getting on the shuttle train along with the woman and her bodyguard or bodyguards, and we were going to go up the slope.

At some point the people after her attacked the shuttle train, the security system that covers it in armor activated, but a male bodyguard with light-color skin was left outside so the woman deactivated the security system so that he could get back inside.

He told her not to because the people after her would get inside but she did anyway to save his life, and like he predicted the people got inside and they kidnapped her because they needed to use her for something involving some experimental high-tech equipment in the building and she possibly had special abilities and superpowers.

Before they left with her they taunted and said various things and showed off some of their powers and maybe creatures and mutants, and something happened to her bodyguard or bodyguards where maybe only one of them survived and it was the one who had got left outside the train briefly.

That bodyguard and I were either kicked off the train or escaped, he went into a classroom or something to hide and maybe he shapeshifted to hide his appearance, and I kept walking.

Eventually I accidentally found the room where they had taken the woman, they were using the experimental equipment when something went group, and several of the people exploded or something.

They accidentally started something and maybe an alarm went off and most of them died except for the woman and maybe the leader of the group, and maybe a few others but I can not remember.

I found the bodyguard in a classroom and I told him that the woman was alive and what had happened, and I took him to her and then I left the building to another building.

The next building seemed to be a school and place of disenfranchised youths or something like that, I remember walking past a father with dark-color skin who was talking to his sons who also had dark-color skin, and I found a bathroom and I went inside to urinate.

As I was urinating I heard the father lecturing his sons and then he was yelling at them and it sounded like he was going to far so I was hurrying to urinate so that I could calm him down, but he entered the bathroom talking on a mobile phone to someone as I was trying to adjust and zip up my pants.

He started saying something to me trying to get me to agree with him about something that he was talking about with the person on the mobile phone, I had no idea what was going on, and so he continued talking to them.

I washed my hands, but I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream seemed to continue at the same building where I used the bathroom, strange creatures were somehow multiplying throughout the building, and I think the children and young people called them wall-climber or wall-runners or something and maybe they did not harm the children but I am not sure.

I just remember being outside and being on top of the building to probably avoid the creatures, and soldiers arrived to deal with the situation and cover it up.

This dream probably felt almost semi-lucid and no one seemed to notice me or interact with me.

The creature situation was probably connected to the previous dream when something went wrong, and so maybe that is how the creatures were being made.

The soldiers had combat uniforms, combat helmets, and assault rifles and they ran inside and outside the building with no real strategy.

I heard shooting and sounds of the soldiers being killed by the creatures, and some of the creatures ran outside killing the soldiers running toward the building.

The area had a wall around it with an open entrance area that led to a field so this building or these buildings were in a somewhat secluded area, and so the soldiers were arriving from the field and they could attack without witnesses.

I looked around and I saw no snipers, no machine gunners, no tanks, no heavy weapons, et cetera so the soldiers were not prepared properly.

I moved to a tall building on the other side of the wall so that I could watch the attack from a safer distance, I possibly climbed and jumped and maybe more, the soldiers were losing so they got smarter and they started using portable mortars and they attacked the building with them and other explosives.

At this point I forgot that children and young people were possibly still inside, if they were still alive, and so I did not try to stop or warn the soldiers because somehow I forgot or assumed that the building was only full of creatures now.

I moved to the top of the building to avoid the explosions and debris, more soldiers were arriving with better equipment, and they were trying to destroy everything and everyone as part of a cover-up.

Somehow the tall building got damaged and started to collapse toward the field, I tried to figure out how to survive the fall, and this part was the most lucid dream-like where I possibly remembered how I survived in some past dreams and I used one of those methods to survive the building collapse.

The fall was scary and exciting and it felt real, I got that feeling that you get when falling from a high place, and I survived.

There was something super strange and unclear that happened in the field where I saw some kind of analogy or symbolism involving American Football where two football teams were playing in a championship match and maybe I or someone sacked the quarterback.

I or someone gave the quarterback a pat on the back and some words of encouragement, he had light-color skin with short dark-color hair, and then this faded away (it was already slightly faded).

The soldiers were still attacking the building but then a girl with light-color skin and maybe a woman who looked a bit like Lady Gaga walked outside from inside the building to defend it, and they had superpowers.

They started using their powers to stop the bullets and mortars and missiles and grenades and rockets et cetera, and they were doing a good job.

I possibly yelled for the soldiers to stop and that some other children might still be alive inside the building, but they did not stop because they were trying to kill everyone and destroy everything and then clean up the evidence.

While the girl and woman were defending the front, they possibly got flanked, and I assumed that they were going to die and I probably started to leave while the soldiers were still distracted.

I probably heard some of the soldiers saying that the girl and woman were probably dead now finally, that the building was now destroyed, and that they were to kill any survivors and witnesses and clean up all the evidence.

But I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream involved someone trying to find the girl from the events at the end of the previous dream, maybe this person was a family member or someone like that, and they did not know what had happened to her, and they only knew that she had went missing in the past.

Their investigation led them to a somewhat older man with light-color skin who had some knowledge of what happened that day, he possibly was there or he had investigated it before, but they did not know this about him.

As they talked to the man he realized that they thought that the girl was still alive, but he knew or thought that she was dead but he was not sure if he should tell them or not.

He had heard or seen that the girl and the Lady Gaga-like woman had supposedly been killed when they were defending the building from the soldiers, they fought well, but word was that they got sneak attacked from behind or from the sides while they were distracted and / or overwhelmed and were supposedly killed by the soldiers according to the official reports and assumptions of some of those who were there.

I assumed that they had been killed too but I did not get to see if they died or not for myself, and so there was a small possibility that one or both of them were still alive.

I was possibly not in the dream at first, and I was possibly watching this almost like I was in another dimension but I could possibly enter their dimension if I wanted to but I probably did not know this or was not sure on what I should do.

The man possibly told them that the soldiers had pretty much killed everyone as part of the cover-up, and so not many people knew about what happened that day.

He did not want them to lose hope so he did not tell them that the girl was supposedly dead, he did give them some clues to help them in their investigation, and then they left.

I wanted to learn the truth and possibly share what I knew and I wanted to talk to the man, and so I possibly entered the dream.

I probably talked to the man about what I saw that day and about what he knew, and about who else might know what happened.

We shared information, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr