Hero Or Terrorist? – John Brown #1 – Extra History

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The YouTube video Hero Or Terrorist? – John Brown #1 – Extra History by the YouTube channel Extra Credits:

Hero Or Terrorist? – John Brown #1 – Extra History

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John Brown was an American abolitionist leader who fought for the equality of all races.

He helped countless slaves reach freedom in his lifelong pursuit of equality, but his use of violence as a necessary tool is highly controversial, even to this day.

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Why American Fascism Is On The Rise

Why American Fascism Is On The Rise

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The YouTube video Why American Fascism Is On The Rise by the YouTube channel Second Thought.

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It should be common knowledge that the troubling undercurrent of outright fascism has been becoming more and more mainstream over recent years.

With new fascist and neo-Nazi groups popping up all the time, and with their rhetoric becoming ever more grotesque and anti-human, I think it’s important we understand what’s going on.

Why American Fascism Is On The Rise – Second Thought


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Far-Right Shows of Force on the Rise…

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American Fascism………………………………………

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New American Flag Ideas

I had more dreams, but I forgot them after not recording them; so now I only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved ideas for a new American flag (Flag Of The United States Of America).


School Again? | American Tourist In Italy | An Anti-Government Patron | Julian Assange & A Table

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I returned to school somehow, some of my former classmates did as well, and my former male classmate AM was among them.

At some point my mask half fell off, so I had to adjust it, I assume that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on.


Sneaking Around Afghanistan

This dream took place in Afghanistan during the evening or night, I was with a group of Afghans & people from one or more countries like The United States including my coworker Mr. CF & maybe a few American soldiers & maybe Afghan anti-Taliban resistance fighters, and we were outside sneaking on foot somewhere.

We walked to what looked very much like Ms. R’s abandoned yard, which was near what looked very much like The E House / yard, we seemed to be trying to avoid the Taliban, Mr. CF & any American soldiers and / or Afghan resistance fighters who may or may not have been with us, walked next door to what looked like The E House / yard which was being used as a temporary military base / hideout by a few American soldiers & Afghan resistance fighters.