John Jr’s Adventures In Wonderland

This dream from last night was an interesting dream that took place in a fantasy-like post-apocalyptic-like dream world and time period that somewhat reminded me of something from maybe Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, but unfortunately I can not remember much or make much sense of this dream so expect lots of missing details and possibly some errors.

To make this dream even more confusing I was possibly not myself at first or maybe I was not myself the entire dream, I was possibly another man at first or the entire dream, but I am not sure.


Visiting An Amish And Mennonite-Like Community

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place during a somewhat cloudy and/or somewhat gray and/or somewhat foggy day near where the PW Elementary School in the city of D should be, and there was some water with a small island in the middle of it across the street where the fairgrounds should be.

My former male classmates SS and maybe his brother MS (a former schoolmate) and DH and JC and maybe MT and maybe JB, maybe my brother GC, and I were going to visit the island.

An Amish and/or Mennonite-like group lived on the island in their own community, the public was welcomed to come tour and trade and buy things from them, and so we used a small boat to reach the island (maybe a male member of the community rowed the boat.

We were welcomed nicely at first, everyone was wearing outdated clothing and the women seemed to be doing most of the work and they wore the most outdated and covering clothing, and it seemed like a nice little happy community at first but we started noticing strange things.

Their community was clearly a patriarchy and it possibly practiced polygamy, I noticed that most of the women seemed to be married with kids and doing most of the work, and some of the women looked like they were very young and possibly not even women yet but were possibly girls (teenagers) but I was not sure.

The leader of the community was a man with whitish colored skin and him and some of the other men started to get suspicious, annoyed, angry, and possibly jealous of us like they saw us as a threat because we started asking lots of questions as we started to notice strange things about their community.

The leader and the other men got very defensive like they were hiding something and they said that all the women were there voluntarily and that they got married voluntarily and that they were free to leave if they wanted to, and to me it seemed like they were trying to marry off women as quickly as they arrived and they would quickly get pregnant and get put to work; and so it seemed like the men were taking advantage of these women while sitting back doing less work and controlling the women.

The leader and the other men got so angry at us for some reason (probably asking questions and pointing out things that bothered us) that I felt that the men were possibly planning to kill us because they were afraid of the women questioning the problems with their community too if we started talking to the women, but there was another threat (possibly some armed mercenary-like men with whitish colored skin waiting across the field to attack) in the dream that I can not remember that caused the men to ask us for our help to protect their community from this threat.

They blamed us for this threat even though it had nothing to do with us, they tried to use this against us to get us to help them, and so I remember arguing with the leader.

We agreed to help them but only because we wanted to protect the women and kids, we started making a plan to protect the community, but it seemed that the men wanted to sit back doing nothing while we put our lives in danger; and so I had to argue with them about this too.

We finally agreed on a plan and then my former classmates and maybe my brother GC and I got ready to start the plan to protect the community against the threats, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr