Getting Tortured And Humiliated And Experimented On By The Police?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved news and things about The President Of The United States Donald Trump  and his administration, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My memory of this dream is not so good because of what happened to me in the dream, I literally suffered memory loss in the dream from what was being done to me, and so I can not remember most of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember a highway or road with grass on both sides of it with forest on both sides further from the road, and there was a random police roadblock or checkpoint stopping traffic.

I can not remember if I was in an automobile or not, I just remember being stopped by the police, and they forced me to the side of the road.

One of the main police officers was a man with whitish-color skin and most or all the police were male, and I remember them probably searching me for weapons before they started torturing and humiliating and maybe experimenting on me.

My memory of what happened to me is unclear but it was not a good experience, I remember the police hooking me up to some equipment to maybe monitor my vitals and to a piece of equipment that went on my head as I stood there, and they used the part of the equipment on my head to shock me with electricity sometimes which is what caused most of my memory loss and they would shock me with other weapons like taser-like and/or stun gun-like weapons that were probably new prototype weapons that they were testing on me.

They would command me to do different field sobriety test-like things and they had me do other things for fun (like random exercises and standing on one leg and random things like that), they had me strip naked while doing this on the side of the road where everyone could see me (people stuck in traffic could see me, but no one helped), and they would laugh and smile and do electrical shocks to me and other things that I can not remember.

They were enjoying torturing, humiliating, and possibly experimenting on me and I did not fight back because they were the police and they would arrest me and worse if I fought back so they had the law on their side so I would be hunted down even if I could defeat them and/or escape from them.

The worse electrical shocks would cause amnesia, the main police officer was giving them various orders of things to try, like they had a list of things to test like this was an experiment and he would probably say things to me during the worse electrical shocks but I can not remember because of the amnesia these caused.

At some point they did the longest electrical shock like they wanted to see what would happen, I was able to handle this longer and better than they had expected, but when I was about to lose consciousness the main police officer told them to stop because they wanted me to stay conscious for this test and they did not want me to die and another police officer caught me to stop me from falling.

The police officer had to help me stand until I could recover, I could hear the main police officer maybe congratulating the other police officers, and maybe telling them that the data from this experiment should be helpful but they need to test maybe three or more people before they can close the checkpoint/roadblock.

It seemed that this temporary random checkpoint/roadblock’s purpose was to find suitable test subjects that they could force their experiments on to test their new prototype weapons and whatever else they were doing these tests for, and of course they seemed to enjoy torturing and humiliating people.

Besides amnesia and being barely able to stand, my mind was messed up with probably flashes of memories of what happened and what was said during the worse electrical shocks, almost like they had tested some mind control-like techniques or something on me between electrical shocks.

But that is all that I can remember of this bad dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Ryan’s + Amnesia + Kunta Kinte = ?

When I woke up from this dream from last night I had the song Baby Blue by Emilíana Torrini on my mind, maybe I heard it during the dream and/or maybe it is because my former female classmate AV somewhat reminds me of Emilíana Torrini and she was acting like she did not like or care about her job, either way this was a confusing dream so expect it to not make much sense.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started during the night in the city of D, I had been wanting to eat at Ryan’s Buffet Restaurant again for a while so I decided to drive to Ryan’s before they close for the night, and oddly there was a Ryan’s in the city of D again that was now in the building where N Auto Parts should be so I drove there.

Stuck In A Repeating Dream Loop With A Reaper Invasion Of Earth?

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer (FemShep Version)

I forgot most of my dreams from last night after over-sleeping due to be stuck in a dream loop where I go in & out of waking & sleeping, dreaming & daydreaming & semi-dreaming, et cetera; and this struggle usual results in dreams being forgotten/lost because of this, how complex things can get during this, sometimes it feels like an external and/or internal force is trying to erase the memory of some or all the dreams (which happened a bit last night), and sometimes I have repeating dreams during this dream loop, which I had last night, but I had several dreams and/or repeating dreams last night during this dream loop or whatever you want to call it (it is a bit like being caught in quicksand, you wake up but then quickly go back to sleep like something keeps putting you back to sleep & you usually can not get out of bed since you keep getting put back to sleep, and this struggle goes on for a while usually).

Dream 1

One dream involved me and some of my brothers helping some adults and/or babies in a one-story housing building during the day, we had a small van or bus outside the building that only had two seats in the front & the rest of the van or bus had a carpeted floor without seats, and we were helping/working with a group of women who worked for a certain employer but my brothers & I were just volunteering it seemed.

Oversleeping & A Dream Area / Building That Clouds / Tricks The Mind With Grace Randolph

I overslept last night and I forgot all of my dream except part of one dream, and I got caught in a sleep/dream phenomenon that happens sometimes especially when I get very comfortable in bed; where I feel almost like being in quicksand/stuck/trapped in bed going in & out of sleep/dreams/semi-dreams/daydreams/thoughts/et cetera.

I like sleeping in the cold/when it is cold and it was nice & cold last night and so I slept comfortably, and so I over-slept and had this sleep/dream phenomenon that is more likely to happen during times like this.

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