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Dream 1

Part of this dream involved something about genealogical DNA tests and my ancestry, and maybe the ancestry of some other people.

Another part of this dream involved the character Alice Morgan (played by the actress Ruth Wilson) from the TV show Luther getting extorted (blackmailed) by a man with light-color skin to do one or more missions.


What Can DNA Tests Really Tell Us About Our Ancestry? – Prosanta Chakrabarty

I am glad that TED-Ed did a short informative video on genealogical DNA tests, this is basic information that everyone needs to know about these kind of DNA tests, so that people will know what these tests can and can not tell you about your ancestry et cetera.


23AndMe Results For My Brother GC?

I had a variety of dreams that I woke up remembering but I did not record them each time, and so now I only barely remember part of two dreams.

Another thing that has possibly impacted my dream recall recently is that I am currently taking some passion flower capsules before going to sleep, I am basically a test subject for my brother GC, he heard that it can help with anxiety and sleep.

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place in a country in The Middle East that was possibly an island, but I can not remember.

I remember sand and maybe there was something about a risk of war and / or something.

At the end of the dream I remember possibly leaving the country in a car that was being driven by a somewhat older man with light-color skin, I remember us talking as he drove, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more before this.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a house, the end of the dream involved me being in a room, and my brother GC was in the room as well.

I saw some papers near my brother GC that were genealogical DNA test results from 23AndMe, and so I started looking that the results.

I assumed that they were for my brother GC, and to my surprise his results had more ethnicities showing up than mine did and his percentages were different.

I assumed that 23AndMe results would be different from my results from Family Tree DNA so that was not a surprise, I assumed that some of his percentages would be higher with 23AndMe as well, but I did not expect some of the results.

It showed some ancestors from Spain at about 50% maybe, our ancestors from The United Kingdom percentages were only about 1% different with his being 1% higher than mine, but I can not remember the other ethnic groups / ancestors / nationalities that were represented.

I was not sure if these were really my brother GC results, I just assumed, and so I was going to ask him after I spend more time looking at them and comparing them to my own.

If the results really did belong to my brother GC then it was interesting seeing which groups of ancestors did he possibly inherit genes from, siblings et cetera will not usually get the exact same results because what you do and not inherit can be random so you can have ancestor who will not show up in your results for various reasons, and so being able to see more of our ancestry represented would be nice and to see how our results compare.

The science and everything behind this is not exactly clear-cut or advanced enough or standardized enough yet to go back that far or to be as accurate as we would like, nonsense like race et cetera has really messed up things when it comes to things like this, and many groups are not properly represented in the databases.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Coworker Mrs. C & Superpowers & Other Mes?

The One (2001)
Jet Li in The One (2001)
PeopleJet Li
TitlesThe One
Source: IMDb

I had this dream at a hotel after going to sleep late after some female hotel guests were arguing and fighting in the hallway, and I was not able to record my dreams like I normally would so my current memory of this dream is unclear and confusing and many details are missing.

I remember being inside maybe a slightly fictional version of The E House, but I was probably another / alternate / fictional version of myself who was more attractive and charming and more confident and had superpowers.


John Jr’s Family Tree DNA Family Finder Genealogical DNA Test Results

To my surprise I got my Family Tree DNA Family Finder (autosomal DNA) genealogical DNA test results yesterday, I was not expecting to get my results this soon, especially because this company is based in The United States in Houston, Texas which was recently devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

If you are interested I already did a post called, John Jr Does The Family Tree DNA Family Finder Genealogical DNA Test, where I briefly mention getting the kit and sending it back by mail.

Yesterday I got an email from Family Tree DNA with the subject New Family Finder Results, and this is what it said:

Family Finder results have been uploaded for your kit, John Jr.

Family Finder uses autosomal DNA to connect you with relatives descended from any of your ancestral lines in approximately the most recent five to six generations.

The myOrigins tool also provides analysis of your ethnic percentages.

Accessing Your Matches

You may view your Family Finder matches on our website by following these steps:

Sign in to your myFTDNA account.

On the top menu bar, find the Family Finder menu.

From the Family Finder menu, select Matches.

The Family Finder – Matches page has two sections.

The top Filter Matches by: section is where you can change the testing level and filter for specific parameters.

The bottom Matches section is where you can view your matches.

To view all of your Family Finder matches:

In the Filter Matches section, change the Relations: field to Show All Matches.

By default, your closest matches will be at the top of the report.

If you come from a population where few people have tested, you may not have even distant matches right away.

As you get new matches in the “close” and “immediate” ranges, we will notify you by e-mail.

About Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA is DNA from one of our chromosomes located in the cell nucleus.

It generally excludes the sex chromosomes.

Humans have 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes.

You inherited your Autosomal DNA from both of your parents, all four grandparents, all eight great-grandparents, etc.

This is why Family Finder results generally include matches from all of your lines.

You get about half of your autosomal DNA from each parent.

They in turn received about half of their autosomal DNA from each of their parents.

Each time Autosomal DNA passes from parent to child, it is partly mixed.

This is called “recombination.”

The randomness of recombination means that after 5 to 6 generations you may have much less autosomal DNA from one line than another.

Random recombination means that while autosomal DNA and Family Finder matching are powerful tools, beyond 3rd cousins it is possible to have a cousin who does not show up as a match to you.

Therefore, Family Finder proves relationships, but failure to match does not always disprove them.

Learn & Understand

Our help pages have the answers to questions about Family Finder autosomal test results.

There are three relevant sections.

Begin with an introduction to Autosomal DNA Testing:

Then, you can begin learning how to use some of our Family Finder pages and tools:

Finally, you can look through our Expert’s Guide to interpreting your results:

Accessing Your Raw Results

You may download your Family Finder raw data at any time.

Learn how to do so here:

Sign into to your myFTDNA account.

Under your Family Finder results icons, select the Download Raw Data link

Select the file type to download

The download file is in the compressed GZ format.

You can read about this page and file formats by clicking on the blue Page Help button at the top of the page.

Recovering Your Password

If you have misplaced your password, you may recover it by following these steps:

Go to the Forgot Password page.

Enter your kit number and e-mail address in the recovery form.

Click the Get Password button.

Check your e-mail for a message from Family Tree DNA.


Family Tree DNA cares about your privacy; when you use our internal database your privacy is assured.

However, you should use caution if you are ever asked to export your results to other databases not endorsed by Family Tree DNA.

Be sure you have confidence in the privacy protections of whoever is requesting your data.

Under no circumstances should you share your kit number and password outside of Family Tree DNA.

Also, you can modify your privacy settings (this links to anytime to opt-out of showing your ethnicity breakdown to your matches.

Thank you for testing at Family Tree DNA,

Family Tree DNA
“History Unearthed Daily”

Visit our Facebook page at, and join by clicking “Like.”

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG): ISOGG is dedicated to promoting the use of genetics for genealogy.

To learn more, visit the ISOGG website at or contact

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