Bathrooms? | My Brother CC Dies? | Ancient History With Ella Hughes?

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I had various dreams that I remembered and that I almost recorded, but each time I would think about recording them but I would just go back to sleep without recording them until I finally forgot those dreams; and so now I can only remember barely part of three dreams after those now forgotten dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building that may have been a multi-purpose multi-story school / college / hospital-like building but I can not remember, and it was probably inspired by me needing to use the bathroom in the real world.

I walked around this building possibly looking for a bathroom, I met various people along the way including maybe some of my former classmates, and I probably went to several different bathrooms throughout the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me being with my mom inside a building inside a room that looked like the bedroom by the family room in The E House combined with a larger non-house-like room, and we were approached by the character George Amberson (real name Jake Epping) played by James Franco from the miniseries 11.22.63.

George Amberson was wearing a suit with a fedora, he was the only person among the people there who approached us, and he approached us smiling and he greeted us like he knew us.

George gave us his condolences because it seemed that my brother CC had died, probably in military combat if he was still in the military like I assumed so he probably died in a battle / war, and he said some good things about my brother CC and how he had looked forward to recruiting him for maybe another job (I guess my brother CC was about to leave the military and was going to be recruited by George to work with whatever company he worked for, but my brother CC died).

George gave my mom a hug, he shook my hand, and he asked who I was so my mom told him that I was CC’s oldest brother John Jr.

George replied that it was nice to meet me, he made a comment about wishing that me and my other brothers were like CC, and that I guess we were as good as him or something like that except it was not as harshly worded as that; but it still caused an internal reaction on my part, and my mom verbally countered his statement saying that we all had some things that we were better at than others and that none of us were better than the other.

George apologized and we walked outside talking with him, it was day outside and it was a sunny day, and maybe it looked like we were in the city of D near the parking lot of where Kmart used to be.

George said that he would like to recruit me and / or one or more of my other brothers but that we currently did not meet the standards that they were looking for, but if we worked toward that and reached that he would be willing to recruit us so that we should contact him if that day ever comes.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream seemed to involve forgotten ancient history here on Earth showing how humanity gained so much knowledge in a short amount of time, and what / who gave us that boost that helped us survive until this day; and so I assume that I was seeing things from the past during ancient times.

There was another sentient species / civilization on Earth who probably looked mostly human but they were probably not human, I am not sure if the were alien or demi-deities or closely related to humans or what or who they were exactly, I just know that this assumed other humanoid species / civilization was way more advanced than humans at the time but their population was probably very small compared to humans.

I am not sure if they were just visitors or if they were living on Earth or if they were here before humans, there may have only been a few of them, but I can not remember.

At some point one or more people (the one that I saw was possibly a tall male, a bit taller than human, with maybe light-color skin but I can not remember; who seemed like he wanted to help humans develop more peacefully) from this advanced assumed other species / civilization decided to help humanity by sharing some knowledge with humans. (I wondered if this is where some of the religious myths of human-like gods and goddesses and other deities started during this era of them helping our species, and I wondered if some of them were worshiped by humans and whether some of them ruled over humans or not)

The advanced male humanoid that I probably saw helping humanity was probably warned by the others of his kind (one of whom was probably a female) that this was not a good idea helping humanity and maybe he was told to not do so, but he disagreed (he probably understood some of their concerns, but maybe he had more faith in humanity and hoped that he could help our species evolve peacefully without as high of a risk as the others had warned) and he ignored their warnings / broke their rules and continued to help humanity evolve.

At some point during this period of them helping humans there was an ambitious male warlord-like human with light-color skin who decided to use some of this knowledge to gain power and conquer et cetera, he took advantage of their help trying to learn whatever he could to help him reach his selfish goals, and he became a leader probably conquering territory and ruling over other humans.

Eventually he gained enough knowledge that he felt confident enough to kill the species / civilization that had helped him and the rest of human develop so fast, and so he started a campaign to kill them all and steal whatever knowledge and technology that he could from them because they had probably only shared some of the more peaceful stuff with our species.

I am not sure if some of them left and / or hid or if they were all killed or not, but the man’s campaign was successful it seemed so now humans ruled the planet and had advanced greatly but things were not so peaceful now.

There were still some humans trying to live peacefully, one was a woman with light-color skin with long orange hair who looked like and who I assumed was Ella Hughes, and she went around trying to find knowledge and technology from that now defeated or missing or killed advanced species / civilization.

Ella was gifted at being able to better read and understand the things that they left behind, and so the warlord-like man sent for her to help him translate and understand writings and technology that he himself could not make sense of.

The warlord’s plan to wipe out the advanced species / civilization so that he could steal their knowledge / technology and have no rivals had somewhat backfired on him now that he did not have any of them around to teach him, and so he hoped that Ella could help him.

Ella did not agree with the warlord-like man or his actions and refused to help him with his goals, but she would help translate and figure out some things that she felt that all of humanity should know and that she did not feel that he could use militarily et cetera.

The warlord-like man showed Ella some texts and technology, Ella was about to read some of the text, and so she got started on her work.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr