Some Roman Senators Plotting Something

This dream seemed to have two different time periods going on at the same time, one time period was modern times at and near my parents house, and the other time period seemed to be back in Ancient Rome in the countryside of Rome I assume

In the modern parts of the dream world I was helping my parents move some stuff to and / or from and / or near The G House from our yard / house during the day, and we went inside The G House and / or a fictional house near it.


I Used To Be A General In The Roman Legion?

Dream 1

This dream took place during the night or early in the morning when it was still dark, and I walked outside the back door of my parent’s house as a school bus with kids stopped in the alley to pick up some kids for school I assume.

I ran to the storage building on the right side and I went inside and I turned on the light to maybe look for something and / or to wait for the school bus to leave, the storage building was bigger, and I remember thinking that the students and the bus driver probably thought that I was crazy or something because of how I ran to the storage building.


Forgotten Dreams & A Dream Inspired By Seepurple’s Latest Blog Post

For some unknown reason or reasons I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up to use the bathroom last night, I remembered part of my dreams but I forgot most of them after going back to sleep each time, and I went to bed too late and I over slept so I barely remember part of two dreams.

Before going to sleep I played some Fallout 3 and then I read Seepurple’s latest blog post (I almost could not believe what I was reading and at first I wondered if it was just a dream or a fictional story, what happened to her is terrible, and I just can not understand why some people do things like that), and so both of those things influenced some of my dreams last night; and my main dream of last night was based on Seepurple’s latest blog post, which I wanted to comment on last night but it was a very sensitive topic and it was very late and I was very tired and I could not think clearly so I decided that I should wait until today to comment on it, and I hope that my second dream does not offend Seepurple or make her feel any worse during this sensitive time. 😦


A Rome Inspired Dream With A Woman Getting Rich And A Soccer (Football) Game

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot almost all of my dreams except for the end of one dream that seemed to slightly be inspired by the TV show Rome, but with a modern-day twist(?).

There was a very short woman with tanned and/or dirty & oily whitish colored skin with black or dark brown colored curly hair who was obese wearing a Roman-style outfit with maybe an laurel wreath in her hair walking around ancient Rome I guess browsing / window shopping around the market I think, she did not have much money (lower-class / low income), and so some of the sellers treated her badly / ignored her.

Two of these sellers, a probably non-Human rat-like or beaver-like or whatever couple (they had brown colored fur I think), treated her the worst; and the woman wanted to buy something from them, but she did not have enough money & so she could only browse/look.

Something happened in the city involving Mark Antony from the TV show Rome, maybe he was back in the city from a battle & was injured and/or he was going to be playing soccer (football) in the city or something like that, and so crowds of people were talking/cheering/whatever about something/that.

The woman returned to her small home where I think her husband was, and something happened where he won or earned or found or was given a lot of money and/or the wife got the money somehow; either way the woman smiled/celebrated, and went straight to the two non-Human sellers to buy the stuff that she wanted earlier.

The two sellers ignored her at first until the woman showed them her money and threatened to go buy from another seller, this got their attention & they quickly changed their attitude toward her, and the woman smiled as she named to them all the stuff that she wanted to buy; and she bought a lot of stuff.

The dream jumped to a field near the city I guess where a soccer game was taking place, I was on one of the soccer teams, and our main player was a popular & over-confident person who might have been Mark Antony or he reminded me of him; and the crowds had come to see him play, he was the main attraction, not our team.

Something happened where he got injured and/or drunk (he was so good/over-confident that sometimes he would celebrate with the crowd ignoring the game), the rest of our team was terrible/sorry, and so I had to enter the game on defense to hold off the other team from scoring by myself pretty much; and help my team in scoring by making good passes & stealing the ball from the other team.

I think that my team was losing after our main player got hurt and/or drunk, but I helped stop the other team from scoring & slowly my team started to catch up; and at some point I made a big play that either tied the game or put us in the lead.

Someone else on the team got injured I think leaving us with one less player than the other team, supposedly this allowed me to temporarily play offense if I stole the ball from the other team (I could attempt to run down the field & score), and so I did this once; and I managed to out-dribble the other team, and I scored.

It was a fun and dramatic moment, and my team & the crowd cheered; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr