Angel’s Egg (Tenshi No Tamago)

Mako Hyôdô in Tenshi no tamago (1985)

Titles: Angel's Egg
People: Mako Hyôdô
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 1985 Japanese OVA (original video animation) movie Angel’s Egg.



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True George inspired me to consider creating this post, and so thank you for the inspiration True George. 👍

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Egg, and this is what it said:


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Is Angel’s Egg An Overlooked Masterpiece? – Analyzed And Explained

Is Angel's Egg an Overlooked Masterpiece? - Analyzed and Explained
Source: YouTube

What is it?

Today Chris Stuckmann from YouTube uploaded a video on YouTube called, Is Angel’s Egg An Overlooked Masterpiece? – Analyzed And Explained, where he analyzed the Japanese anime OVA (original video animation) called Angel’s Egg which was directed by Mamoru Oshii.

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Conventional Wisdom

Today The Daily Post had a Discover Challenge called Conventional Wisdom, and this is what is said:

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Angel’s Egg (John Jr’s Personal Interpretation)

Mako Hyôdô in Tenshi no tamago (1985)
Titles: Angel's Egg
People: Mako Hyôdô
Source: IMDb

I just found an old text file of probably a rough draft of a post that I used to have on my blog years ago back when my blog was on Windows Live Spaces, it is probably not the last (final) version so this is an old rough draft from years ago, but at least I can save some of it by adding this back to my blog even if it is outdated and poorly typed.

Several years ago, probably during one of my lonely depressive periods, I got the crazy idea/inspiration to type my own personal interpretation (if that is the correct word), of a Japanese anime (animated) film or original video animation (OVA) called Angel’s Egg by Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano:

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