Searching An Apartment & Looking For Alice Morgan

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that part of the dream was inspired by the animated film The Plague Dogs, which I watched last night, but I can not remember the details of how my dream was inspired by this film.

I think that there were possibly some dogs in my dream that possibly escaped from a research laboratory like in the film, and maybe some other people and I were looking for them at a multi-story apartment building because they were possibly a risk to others but I can not remember if that is correct or not.


FPSRussia (Dmitri Potapoff) (Kyle Myers) Starts His Own Business And Celebrates

I forgot almost all of my dreams after sleeping very well and suddenly waking up to use the bathroom after realizing that it was later than I thought, I did not take a moment to think about my dreams before getting out of bed, and so I forgot most of my dreams.

Dream 1

I barely remember part of one or two dreams, I will separate them as two different dreams to make it easier, and the first dream that I can remember part of took place during the day in a fictional city; and I remember talking with an unknown man who I knew, and he was a friend of FPSRussia (Dmitri Potapoff) (Kyle Myers) from YouTube.

He told me that FPSRussia was starting his own business or was about to start his own business, and that FPSRussia had already given him a job at his new business; and so I asked him what kind of jobs were available at the new business because I needed a job, and we talked about this & some other things.

I learned that FPSRussia was dating an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was from Sweden or Switzerland or another country in Europe, and she was from a rich family; and I learned that FPSRussia was about to have a party celebrating the opening of his new business, and the man invited me to come to the party.

Later in the dream I went to FPSRussia’s party which took place during the day in a field and the man from earlier in the dream was there, FPSRussia was there with his girlfriend, and other unknown people were there eating/drinking/talking/listening to music/et cetera; and barbecue was being cooked & eaten, FPSRussia was probably one of the people cooking, and everyone was having a good time.

The man from earlier in the dream introduced me to FPSRussia and let him know that I was looking for a job, and so I talked with FPSRussia & his girlfriend for a while about his new business & other things; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during the day inside of my parent’s house but I can not remember most of the dream and so it does not make much sense, I remember sometimes seeing/hearing a video playing either in the air and/or in my mind and/or on a device showing an Anna Kendrick music concert that was currently taking place in town, and it was to promote her new album; and I think that the concert was free.

Whenever I was not seeing video of the concert I was thinking about an unknown attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long maybe somewhat curly reddish colored hair, maybe I met her earlier in the dream but I am not sure, and I kept thinking about her while chewing bubble gum; and it seemed that the bubble gum somewhat helped me with the tension/stress/whatever that I kept feeling when thinking about the woman, I was attracted to the woman/had feelings for the woman & I could not stop thinking about her (I am guessing that something must have happened between us earlier in the dream that I can not remember), and so chewing the bubble gum harder/faster seemed to somewhat help with the tension.

I had to get new bubble gum from the pack a few times because I was chewing so much to help me with the tension, I considered going to the Anna Kendrick concert for some distraction, and so I walked around the house switching between thinking about the woman with reddish colored hair & trying to decide if I should go to the concert or not.

In the video scenes/clips of the concert I saw a semi-outdoor stage near a seating area with maybe one or two security guards near the stage as Mrs. Kendrick was singing, there were not that many people at the concert it seemed, but I did see some young women in the crowd; and some of the video scenes that I saw were from different cameras that people had at the concert, and so there were different angles & different video quality to each video scene but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Anna Kendrick Encouraging A Girl To Make A Film | Pretending To Work At A Medical Clinic

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, I had more dreams and there were more details to these dreams, but I forgot them.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during a nice day in a fictional area outside near a small indoor/outdoor market, I would walk through this area and through the market each day to get to wherever I was going, and I would often see a small girl with light brownish colored skin with short brownish colored hair walking the same route & she would stop at the market often.

There were always other people around but she stood out compared to the other people, one day as I was walking near the area outside of the market I saw the actress Anna Kendrick talking with the small girl, and she was talking about how creative the girl was & that she should make that film that she has wanted to make.

Mrs. Kendrick and the girl had worked together in the past it seemed, so Mrs. Kendrick wanted to be part of the girl’s film project, but the girl did not think that they would be able to get anyone to fund their film project; but Mrs. Kendrick felt that they both had earned enough influence/connections from their past work to get the funding/resources for her film project & Mrs. Kendrick was saying a lot positive things to help encourage the girl, but the girl still was not confident about the idea, but she said that she would think about it.

The conversation ended and/or I kept walking, and there was a short narration along with short scenes shown from the girl’s life I think where a brief history of the girl was mentioned/shown: she was from a poor/lower-class single parent family being raised by her mom I think, she was very creative & had contributed various ideas to various film projects in her short life, and she liked a dessert (I saw it from a distance so I could not see it very well but it was a tan color like a fortune cookie & it might have had a similar texture as a fortune cookie and/or it was softer with maybe whip cream-like stuff inside of it) that she would often get at the market that had a French sounding name that might have sounded a bit like how I think that the French word cicatrices is pronounced “sic-actriss” (which is probably incorrect).

After the narration and scenes about the girl finished I decided to walk to the market to try that dessert that she liked, since it seemed interesting, and so I stood in line since the store was busy; and this store was owned by an obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair wearing a head-cover to help prevent hair from falling into food, and she had one female employee working with her.

At some point it was my turn and I asked for the dessert, there was only one left, and then the owner told me that it cost $8:Something; and I was shocked by the price and I asked her if there was a mistake, she said there was no mistake & that was the price, and so I asked if I could cancel this purchase/order since I had not paid yet but she said that I could not.

I did not take no for an answer, I asked her again to cancel the order/purchase and I said a few other things hoping that she would change her mind, and then she finally let me cancel the order/purchase; and I thanked her, and I walked off.

I walked across the street from the market to a neighborhood that led to a fictional house where my family lived, the house was nicer than our real house but it was not much bigger at first, but the back of the house was connected to a very large room/building that was like a library/warehouse/house; and this part of the house was bigger than the rest of the house combined with our real house, and it looked very nice.

My mom was across the room which had bookshelves/shelves dividing various areas for extra privacy, there were many seats & small tables to study and/or eat at et cetera; and I started talking to my mom, and at some point I sat down to enjoy this huge room which I hoped to spend a lot of time in.

Something weird happened but I am not sure if this part happened before the weird part, maybe the girl from earlier was now an adult who now looked a bit like a better looking version of Alma Walker from the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum and I found out that she was my sister & maybe she walked into this huge room but I am not sure, either way I went to sleep or something strange happened to me in this dream; and I had a dream within a dream where I was still in this room, and I felt drugged or weird where my vision & senses were a bit messed up/off-balance.

I could not see straight or walk straight & it felt & looked like the room was moving a bit like I was under the influence of a drug & there was a haze to the room that might have been a bit like a light purple colored haze/smoke/fog, oddly I was naked, and across the huge room was my fictional sister who was also naked; and we both felt drawn/attracted to each other in a strange hard to describe way, even though we were brother & sister, and I remember trying to make sense of this feeling and/or fight it but I could not think straight since I felt drugged/messed up.

We both kept walking toward each other and then we hugged each other, and we laid on the floor holding each other; and I remember thinking what in the world is going on/what are you doing/that is your sister a few times but my thoughts kept getting stopped by the drug-like haze & effects/affects.

Fortunately we did not kiss or anything, we just laid/lay there naked and since I could not fight the drug haze/effects/affects, I woke myself up from the dream within a dream; and I woke back up in the first dream still in the huge room, I remember thinking/wondering what in the world just happened & why did I have a dream like that, and my fictional sister was in the room.

I started to tell her about my dream, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is unclear in the beginning but I remember being with a group of people who(m) I knew like my former classmate JC & several other people, and we drove to a medical clinic that looked a bit like a grocery store or a Walmart inside; but I had no idea why we went there since I was just following the others, and we went to the first medical office to the right near the entrance/exit & this office was long & narrow.

The office had a waiting room on the left side with the front desk on the right side and there were other rooms with dividing walls but no doors so you could walk past & through each room down one hallway, and most or all the doctors/nurses/assistants were gone; but there were a few people waiting in the waiting room.

The other people with me probably found some doctor & nurse/assistant uniforms, and they started working/helping people as doctors/nurses/assistants; I was not sure if they were volunteering or what, so I played along, and I started helping as an assistant; helping with paper work, doing stuff in the background in the other rooms, and sometimes helping people in the waiting room.

At the end/back of the office was an opening with no door like all the other rooms in the office, it led to another office, and this office seemed to be an office that handled the records & other stuff maybe for the entire medical clinic; so there were only a few female workers in this office, which was a separate office from the one that we were in, and no patients were in their office since they did not seem to be nurses or doctors.

I went in this office a few times in the dream and briefly talked with some of the workers there, but I spent most of my time helping in the other office; and surprisingly more & more people came for medical help, and the others with me seemed to have started this as a joke & were pretending to be doctors/nurses/assistants.

More people came than they expected and they started to get worried, I got worried now that I realized that they were pretending and so now I feared someone getting incorrect medical advice and us getting arrested for pretending to be employees at the medical clinic, but no one knew yet so we had a chance to leave; I remember helping one old woman, who was a patient, find some medical paperwork in the office & she wanted me to make copies of it for her.

I went to make copies but some of the real doctors, nurses, and assistants started to arrive to the office; and so the others started to sneak away before someone realized that they were pretenders, but I wanted to finish helping the old woman first.

I went to let the others know that I would try to leave once I finish making the copies for the old woman, so they left without me, and now I was at risk of being caught; but surprisingly the real doctors/nurses/assistants did not seem to notice, and one of the nurses or assistants was my former classmate A.

I walked back to the copy machine where I left the medical records of the old woman but they were gone, I walked around looking for them and asking the other real workers if they had seen them, and I even went into the other office to ask them; but I could not find them, but I kept trying.

I decided to ask A to help the old woman, I told the old woman about the situation, and then I left the office before someone realized that I was not supposed to be there; but I feared that the next day someone would wonder why we did not return to work and then they would realize that we had been there illegally, and they would probably call the police to investigate & find us.

I worried about possible video footage, finger prints & other physical evidence, eye witnesses, et cetera; and I did not want to go to jail over something that I accidentally became part of without knowing at first.

I walked outside to a field that looked like the area in front of PW Elementary School, it was a nice day outside, and I saw some people sitting at desks under a tree; and in the field were some people playing American football, and some people playing soccer/football.

I came up with an idea to go to the human resources office in the medical clinic to see if I/the others could volunteer, if they said yes, then I/we would come back the next day to volunteer; and then that would prevent the real doctors/nurses/assistants & patients from earlier from thinking that we had been there illegally, and then they would assume that we had volunteered that day as well.

I decided to talk to the people sitting in desks under the tree first, they seemed to be having class to get their certifications to work in the medical clinic, and my former classmate TS was one of them; and so I asked them some questions about the medical clinic, trying to learn as much as I could to help me with my situation, and then I said goodbye & started walking back toward the hospital to try my idea.

One of the people playing soccer accidentally kicked a soccer ball in my direction so I stopped it with my feet, I stood on top of the ball with one foot while leaning forward balancing myself as I rolled a few inches without falling to show off my skills,  and then I kicked the ball back to them without looking for dramatic effect/affect; and I felt pretty cool after doing that. 😀

Then one of the people playing American football, my former classmate KC, accidentally threw a football near me; and so I picked it up, I pointed for KC to go long/run further back so that I could kick the football to him since I can not throw a football very well but I can kick one pretty good, KC started running & another man started running who was going to try to intercept/catch the ball as well, I dropped the ball to kick it but I let it drop to the ground without kicking it because my shirt & pants were getting in the way of me kicking it.

I stopped to adjust my clothes but they still did not feel correct and they were preventing me from kicking properly, but I woke up as I was trying to fix my clothing problem.

The end,

-John Jr