An Another Inspired Dream

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I barely remember part of the end of my last dream because I probably got killed in the dream and I instantly woke up as I died causing me to flinch/jerk heavily awake in bed, and the dream was probably a bit mysterious/confusing.

The dream was inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) TV series Another which I finished watching last night before going to bed, my brother GC wanted me to watch this anime, and I finished all 12 episodes and today I will watch the original video animation (OVA) for it probably.

The dream is very unclear now and it is missing a lot of details so it will not make much sense now but I know that the calamity in my dream was different from the calamity on the animated TV series Another, and near the end of the dream I remember maybe being outside my parents’ yard in the street during the day.

I saw a woman with light brownish colored skin with brownish/blackish colored hair standing across the street from the R Trailer loudly complaining to someone either on a mobile phone and/or in person, something strange happened that I can not remember involving a calamity that either possessed and/or took the woman through maybe a portal and/or something like that, and I left with several other people to try to save her and stop the calamity.

At least two women and maybe one man joined me and one of the women probably slightly reminded me of the animated character from the animated TV show Another named Mei Misaki, we ended up in a parking lot near a field with a small house at the end of the field, and it was strangely/unnaturally dark now with maybe thick dark purplish clouds blocking the sky but there were lights outside that provided enough light to see mostly.

We had learned a bit about the calamity but I can not remember the details but I think that the calamity seemed supernatural and I remember a scary female entity who possibly was the woman from earlier who was possibly possessed now or being controlled, the atmosphere was creepy/scary, and the calamity spoke to us in a scary female voice sometimes.

We had a plan to try to end the calamity permanently but it was going to try to stop us, I remember walking across the field toward the house, but the calamity blocked us from entering the house as it prepared to send entities to fight us I guess; and so I remember telling the other dream characters to look for anything that could be used as armor, shields, weapons, et cetera.

I came up with a battle plan and I started giving combat advice to the dream characters as we waited for the battle to begin, but something happened that I can not remember and we entered the house without fighting; and maybe we found a portal inside the house that opened and closed as the calamity entered our dimension / world, and so maybe we had a plan to enter it once it opened again but we had to wait.

We got interrupted by a male celebrity with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair and the PS LS and their entourage who entered the house to party and/or something like that, and we tried to explain the situation to them but they would not listen; and so we started arguing probably, and a conflict started.

They were ruining our plans or stopping the calamity and the calamity was using this to its advantage, soon the people partying fell into the calamity’s trap and they accidentally started a gas leak that started to cause flames to come from the ceiling like a flamethrower, and a man tried to throw dirt and/or something else on it causing the flames to get worse.

The people with me and I started to crawl away on the side of a metal building like the two metal storage buildings in my parents’ yard but these were inside the house, hoping to escape and/or that the buildings would shield us from the explosion, and I remember yelling for the people partying to stop and run but they would not listen.

The calamity was going to successfully stop us from ending it permanently and this angered me because we were so close to stopping it if it were/was not for the people who came to party, we tried to crawl as fast as we could but we magically got slowed down which happens sometimes in dreams, which is annoying; and the flaming gas leak exploded because the man would not stop throwing stuff at it making it worse, and the blast hit and probably killed everyone.

The blast/explosion hit the others and I even though we were crawling next to a metal storage building, the blast/explosion hit me so hard that I felt it and it sent me flying out of the dream, and I woke up instantly flinching/jerking heavily in the real world feeling the impact of the explosion.

The end,

-John Jr


In Another Country And A Religious Pilgrimage With Pillow Beds?

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream that I think took place in another country, and I remember going to a fair with my family except for my brother CC who was still gone to military basic training.

At some point we went to a windowless multi-story building that was like an apartment/hotel that somewhat reminded me of a Japanese school like the school on the Japanese animated TV series Another, which I watched the first episode of last night before going to sleep, and it seemed like it was evening or night now but I am not sure because there were no windows.

The building was carpeted with many hallways and rooms and at some point something happened that I can not remember, and I think that the military entered the building for some reason(s) that I can not remember to search the building and/or to stop an attack and/or something like that.

Eventually I left the building carrying papers belonging to my brother CC that had a variety of personal information about him (identification records, military sign-up papers, et cetera) and a man was with me, and he knew about the country that we were in and so he seemed to be my guide.

I walked with him to the border entrance/whatever of another country that was guarded by another military because we were going to enter this other country briefly for some unknown reason(s), but we stopped to watch as a group of people on a religious pilgrimage walked by us in front of the border entrance.

They were carrying very large potato sack-like bags and then they started picking up hay and/or dry beans from the ground to fill their large potato sack-like bags, and so I asked the man with me what they were doing and he gave me a brief explanation.

Part of their religious pilgrimage required that they fill their large pillow sacks/cases with hay and/or dry beans/vegetables, and sleep on it outside in this location I guess; and I think that there was a small barn-like building near this area that had extra pillow sacks/cases and hay and dry vegetables.

We got a pillow case as well and we started to fill them because the man with me said that we might have to spend the night outside the border entrance waiting for the military to finish their background check on us before letting us enter their country, and I remember giving the soldiers the paper work that belonged to my brother CC for some unknown reason(s).

I told them that the paperwork belonged to my brother CC and not me and I probably showed them my identification, and then some of the soldiers walked off to start the background checks; and the man with me and I prepared our pillow beds along with the people on their religious pilgrimage, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr