Scientists Doing A Ritual In Antarctica?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember being on the upper floor of a multi-story building that was probably a college dorm, and I was there with other people like my former male classmates JS and JC.

We seemed to be in dorm suites or shared rooms with many people, there were windows with no curtains that gave us a good view outside to the parking lot, and I assume that we were all college students and living in this dorm.

I remember my former classmate JC telling us some obvious lies about maybe him and/or his dad and/or his grandfather flying various aircraft around the world or something like that, but we knew that he was probably just lying to impress us but we did not say this to him.

At some point my former classmate JC left somewhere, I remember watching maybe a video about how some scientists meet once a year for a strange special event or ritual in what seemed to be maybe Antarctica, where they walk around in circles on a frozen body of water that could break.

Somehow I ended up being there during the current annual event or ritual, it was cold and the scientist had winter gear on, and they walked around in circles on a frozen body of water almost like a parade or nature ritual.

I can not remember what this was all about but it was somewhat explained, there were some wild animals around the area, and there was even one whitish colored furred animal that they had trained who was also taking part in this event or ritual doing tricks.

There was more to this event or ritual that I can not remember, things to do with some of the people there and what was going on, and I remember snow and ice and maybe some icebergs and water nearby.

I think that this was done partly as a tradition and as a reminder about something to do with the environment but I can not remember, it was dangerous and the cold alone could kill you, and some of the wild animals so they probably had some security there.

I forgot most of the details of this part of the dream so I can not give a good description of it now unfortunately, and at some point I was somehow back at the parking lot of the college dorm like I had driven back there in my automobile after being flown back from Antarctica or however I got there earlier.

I returned to one of the upper floors from earlier in the college dorm, there were partial walls in this shared room with small half-open bedrooms for each person, and I saw that my former classmate JS had just returned from having surgery.

Earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of the dream he told me that he was having problems with one or more of his legs, while I was gone to Antarctica I guess he went to have it or them checked by a doctor, and so I guess he also had surgery done while I was gone.

He was wearing a hospital gown and he was laying on a bed with medical equipment connected to one of his legs and maybe to one of his arms, I asked him what happened, and to my surprise he said that he had to have one of his legs amputated.

He lifted his bed sheets to show me his disconnected leg which was connected to a machine to keep blood flowing through it or something like that, and he said that the doctors hoped to reconnect it soon and they hoped that eventually he would be able to use it again.

I was shocked and it was a bit hard to look at, I felt bad for him but he was positive and felt that he would be able to use it again eventually, but that it would probably take years of physical therapy.

This made me feel a bit better, our former classmate JC returned to apologize for lying to us earlier, and he admitted that he had tried to impress us with his lies for some reason even unknown to him.

We accepted his apologize and we let him know that we had known that he was lying, and that he did not need to lie to us to try to impress us.

This made him feel better and I woke up from the dream on a positive note.

I remember waking up with the song Black Skinhead by Kanye West playing in my mind, I am not sure if this was playing at some point in the dream or not, but it makes no sense to me because I listened to the Inception soundtrack on YouTube last night before going to sleep so I have no idea why the song Black Skinhead would be on my mind.


Inception (2010) Soundtrack OST

The end,

-John Jr

A CommunityChannel Video | An International Debate About Piracy | My Grandfather CE Is Back From The Hospital | The Walking Dead: The United Kingdom And Iran Twist / Surprise?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I got awakened by my brother GC (which scared me a bit because he woke me up from a dream suddenly) and he asked me: “Do you see that?!”, in reference to some bright flashing whitish colored lights outside of our window (with custom frosted window film so you can not see outside unless you look closely at a few areas that have clear tape on them) that looked strange like spaceship lights/a strange weather phenomenon/camera flashes/muzzle flashes/or something like that (the lights were strange and being awakened suddenly had scared me a bit, and so my fear grew a bit) and so I looked through a piece of clear tape and I saw a strange box-shaped reddish colored vehicle with flashing lights like a spaceship (like a strange ambulance/small fire truck that seemed almost spaceship-like with the strange flashing bright lights) in the road by my aunt JE’s house it seemed, and I wondered if it was a strange-looking emergency services vehicle responding to an emergency at my aunt JE’s house; and I started to feel a bit worried that another fire had started again or something else serious like that, so I went outside for a closer look but the vehicle was driving away down the street and so I told my parent’s, and I voice recorded three dreams that I somehow remembered part of and I went back to sleep and later I woke up again remembering part of a fourth dream. (Also I probably had a very slight sore throat when I woke up again and my stomach is slightly bothering me, and so maybe I am getting sick)

Dream 1

My first dream involved me being in a YouTube video and/or talking about a YouTube video with Natalie Tran(?) from the YouTube Channel CommunityChannel, and I think that the video was about the country that Natalie(?) lives in and the names/nicknames/whatever given to citizens of various countries (like American, Canadian, Iranian, French, Kiwi(?), Aussie(?), et cetera).

Natalie(?) probably talked about the country she lives in and/or was born in first and then she probably started making fun of me in a friendly way because I often (not always but I try, and even when I do use direct labels I still often make the separation in my mind and I usually only use them when I am being lazy/trying to save time/trying to talk to certain people who only understand direct labels/or by accident because they are used so often by other people) try to avoid using direct labels when referring to others and myself for example instead of calling someone Antarctican I will often say that they are a citizen of Antarctica, instead of referring to a person by their ethnic group I will often say that they are a member of that ethnic group, instead of referring to a person by their religion I will often say that they are a member/follower of that religion, et cetera.

*Jibber Jabber Alert*

I started explaining how using direct labels seem to often alter how people think of/act toward/view/et cetera other people and themselves in ways that blind them because they start seeing people/themselves as those labels instead of as a person (which often has subtle negative effects/affects that the person might not even realize), so the person often gets attached with or viewed/seen as those direct labels instead of being seen as a separate person/individual from those direct labels and only connected to/with those direct labels in some way (I know I am doing a terrible job trying to explain this 😀 ), and so basically (subconsciously/consciously) people start seeing you/thinking of you/acting toward you/having feeling of you as a direct label (Brown, Antarctican, Pagan, Anarchist, Politician, Brunette, Fat, et cetera) instead of just you as a person.

For example I am me, I am not a country, I am not a color, I am not an ethnic group, I am not a language, et cetera; but I might identify with those things or like those things or those things might be part of me in various ways, but individually they are not me and so I think that adding separation but still acknowledging those connections when appropriate when using language is a better approach than referring to people/yourself as direct labels most of the time (if any of that made sense because I am terrible at explaining my thoughts in words).

*Jibber Jabber Ends*

Anyway, the video and/or our conversation was about that and it involved our debate/conversation, and comedy because we probably made fun of each other in a friendly way and we probably imitated/mimicked each other in funny ways that allowed us to have fun and be friendly toward each other during our debate even though we disagreed with each other; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream seemed to be the opposite of the debate between Natalie(?) and I in the first dream and it took place during the day in a fictional indoor/outdoor sports-like stadium where politicians/ambassadors and military officers from various countries around the world were having a debate about the increase in piracy (robbery and violence on/under water/the sea/the ocean/et cetera on boats/ships/submarines/et cetera) around the world and what to do about it, it was almost like a UN (United Nations) gathering, and maybe I was there too but I am not sure but it seems that I was there as well.

In the center of the stadium on the lowest area was where the main meeting area was with the moderators/whoever, a man with no hair with dark brownish colored skin who was either representing a country in Africa or the UN/whoever started the meeting I think, and various politicians/military officers from around the world were seated around the stadium on various levels with some areas separated from each other.

The man talked about how piracy was increasing around the world, especially near/in Africa, and how this was an international problem that the world needed to work together to deal with; and he explained that the problem was more complex than just more police/military/security, and that it involved economic/cultural/political/educational/et cetera problems that needed to be dealt with to help with the piracy problem as well.

I was probably on one of the highest levels (maybe the fifth level, we could still see and hear the people on the lowest level) from the main meeting area in the center, and I was sitting not far from a politician from Russia and a military general from Russia who wore a military dress uniforms with many awards/ranks/et cetera on the chest of his uniform; and there were other people from various countries in our area, but the two men from Russia stood out because they got into a serious argument with another man from another country who was on a lower level from where we were sitting.

The military general from Russian got so angry that he stood up and he climbed the rail down to an empty area one level above the level where the man who he/they were arguing with was, and even the politician from Russia stood from his seat and he walked to the rail; and they both argued with the other man from a distance yelling, screaming, cursing, making threats, et cetera in heavy Russian English accents and sometimes speaking in Russian probably.

The argument was so serious that if they were on the same level they would be physically fighting in my opinion and I wondered where was the security and why no one was trying to calm them down, it seemed that the two men from Russia probably wanted to deal with piracy with more police/military/security/violence/et cetera, but the other man disagreed and he said something that seemed like an insult towards Russia; and so the politician and the general from Russia became offended/angry, and the argument started and/or got serious.

I looked around for security but I did not see any surprisingly except for a calm but somewhat rough/dangerous military-thin man sitting down behind the politician from Russia (who was standing by the rail arguing now) who had whitish colored skin with long brownish/blackish/slightly blondish colored hair in a ponytail wearing pants and a dark blueish/blackish colored long sleeve shirt with his sleeves half rolled up to where you could see an unknown dark blueish/blackish colored tattoo on one of his forearms (maybe his left forearm, but I am not sure) and he was cleaning a blackish/dark grayish colored AK-47-like assault rifle to my surprise; and I assumed that the man was a former or current special forces soldier/Spetsnaz working as a bodyguard for the politician from Russia, but the general from Russia did not seem to have a bodyguard unless his bodyguard was hidden or they shared the same bodyguard.

The bodyguard looked calm as he was cleaning his assault rifle like he did not care about the argument and he was not looking around to make sure that the politician from Russia was safe, which I thought was strange and unprofessional for a bodyguard, and I wondered how was he allowed to have an assault rifle at the meeting when I saw no one else with guns; and I wondered if he was cleaning the gun so that it would be ready if he needed to use it soon to end the argument, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In the third dream my brother GC and I went to my grandfather CE’s house to probably check it and clean anything that needed to be cleaned while my grandfather was supposed to be at the hospital still, and I remember my brother GC and I sitting in the living room talking about my grandfather and other topics things; and then we were going to check the house and clean it, and at some point we finished talking and I walked to the kitchen to check it.

There still was food and other things in the kitchen from the family reunion on my mom’s side of the family that was about two weeks ago, especially a lot of various types of cakes in the kitchen and the breakfast room, and so I started checking the cakes to see if they were still safe to eat (I was hoping that at least some were still safe to eat because I wanted to eat some) or should they be thrown away but I heard someone moving across the house so I went to see who it was; and to my surprise it was my grandfather CE walking into the living room, who was supposed to be in the hospital, and for some reason my brother GC was gone now.

I greeted my grandfather CE and we sat down to talk, I asked him if he needed anything, and he wanted a bowl of corn flakes cereal; and so I went to the kitchen to get him a bowl of corn flakes, I put the corn flakes in a small tan/light brownish colored bowl for some reason, and I got a small school sized milk carton of milk from the refrigerator and I poured some of the milk in the bowl of corn flakes but I did not pour much milk in the bowl and I got a spoon.

I took this to my grandfather and he wanted more milk, so I poured more milk in the bowl from the carton, and then my grandfather started stirring his cereal; but suddenly he sat the bowl on a chair and he got up quickly and he grabbed a plastic urinal pan, and he quickly walked to the hallway to urinate in the pan; and so I walked into the kitchen to give him some privacy, but I found it odd how fast my grandfather got up and walked because I have not seen him move that fast in years but it was not odd enough to make me realize that I was dreaming.

Back in the kitchen I was about to check the cakes again but I heard a door open in the hallway that my grandfather was in and where his bedroom is, and so I went to see who it was and it was my aunt RE; and she closed the door and she greeted me, my grandfather was now in his room, and my aunt RE said that she had come to meet with my brother CC about something but I realized that my brother CC left back to LC yesterday and so he was not here.

I told my aunt RE this and I told her that I would call my brother CC with my mobile phone to make sure, my brother CC answered his mobile phone and he told me that he forgot about his meeting with our aunt RE, and I found this to be a bit annoying because our aunt RE wasted her time/gas driving to D to meet him but he was not even here because he forgot; and so I apologized to our aunt RE on behalf/for my brother CC, and I gave her $5 for gas money but I got awakened in the real world by my brother GC asking me about the strange bright flashing lights that he saw outside the window.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream is a bit unclear/confusing/goofy/silly and it involved me being with some of the cast of the TV show The Walking Dead and some fictional members of the cast, and I was in their world/show (it was not a TV show, it was real); and I remember Rick and Daryl being there among other people who(m) I did not recognize, Rick was not the leader but he was probably among the leadership, and the leader was a man with light brownish colored skin with black colored hair wearing a suit who I knew/felt/heard/whatever was an Iranian intelligence agent who reminded me of one of the new characters on the third season of the TV show Homeland.

The leader had some other Iranian intelligence agents/intelligence agents from Iran who were his bodyguards/goons, one day one of the other survivors who was a thin woman with whitish colored skin with long curly brownish/reddish colored hair and/or I heard the leader talking with some other Iranian intelligence agents about a secret/twist, and part of the secret/twist was something silly/goofy/crazy like:

“Some of the survivors were from the United Kingdom but they were pretending to be from the USA, even hiding their accents because the leader and the other Iranian intelligence agents wanted them to hide this, and they were really spies working for/with the leader to spy on Rick, some of the others, and I to prevent us from learning the truth about ourselves and what was done to us and the secrets involving us now; and part of the truth/secret/twist was that Rick, some of the others, and I really had British accents but we did not know it because they did something to us to where we now spoke with American accents because we forgot that we really had British accents and we probably really were from the United Kingdom but we did not know it because they did something to us to make us think that we were from the USA and there was a bigger secret(s) involved with this that I/we did not get to learn/hear but here is my guess:

The leader/an Iranian intelligence agency/maybe one or more countries/intelligence agencies from the United Kingdom were monitoring Rick, some of the others, and I because there seemed to have been a secret experiment done to us by them that left us not remembering who we really were or how we really talked or where we really were from et cetera; and for some reason they were still monitoring us and hiding the truth from us, and my guess was that maybe the zombie virus started with us after they experimented with us and they possibly purposely used us to spread the zombie virus but that is my wild guess.”

The woman and/or I did not get to hear the rest of the secret/twist, but she/we went to tell Rick and the others about what we heard; and the woman (who changed her accent from an American accent to her real accent that/which was Irish or Scottish) admitted to us that she was really a spy who had spied on us and working with/for the leader who she said worked for an Iranian intelligence agency and so did his bodyguards/goons, she admitted that she and some of the other survivors were really spies from the United Kingdom and that they had hidden their British accents and lying to us about who they were and where they came from and they had spied on us; and she said that something had been done to us that caused us to forget our real past/memories and that it/they had been replaced with a false/fake past/memories/et cetera and that we really had British accents and maybe we were really from the United Kingdom (but I am not sure).

The woman was tired of lying to us and spying on us especially now that she knew that there was a bigger secret/conspiracy/cover-up/operation/experiment/et cetera going on, so she was telling us the truth now because she was quitting her job as a spy and she no longer wanted to be part of what was going on, and Rick/some of the others/and I were shocked/surprised/confused; but I believed the woman, probably because I heard part of the leaders conversation and/or the woman showed us evidence, but Rick did not want to believe it and he got us all to go talk to the leader about the situation (but I can not remember if our accents changed to our real accents or not).

The leader denied what the woman told us and he did a good job of getting Rick and most of the others to believe him, like a well-trained agent, but I did not believe him and a few others did not believe him; and unfortunately Rick and most of the others believed the leader and they continued following him, and so a man/a young man/a young woman/and I who did not believe the leader left to escape but somehow the leader found out and he and his Iranian intelligence agents who all had black colored pistols and some doctors/scientists with tranquilizers/needles/tasers/whatever chased after us.

There was four of us all together and I think that the other three people with me had whitish colored skin, I think that the man had short brownish colored hair, I think that the young man had long blondish colored hair with a dark blueish/blackish colored winter knit hat/cap and a dark-colored zip-up jacket, and the young woman was thin and she had long hair but I can not remember what color her hair was and she probably wore a dark-colored zip-up jacket as well and/or a long sleeve shirt.

We ran into a strange one-story building that was like a museum combined with a general store combined with an art gallery or something strange like that with various rooms/exhibits/isles/shelves/et cetera, and we sneaked around the building running and hiding from the leader/his goons/the scientists/the doctors; and at some point somehow the other man and I had pistols and maybe the young man and young woman with us, and we all hid in a room with glass walls with several twin-sized beds.

We hoped that no one would expect us to hide in a place with glass walls where anyone could see into the room, we hoped that they would only take a glance and keep walking by while we hid on the floor between the beds, and so we took a big risk hiding in this/that room but we hoped that this would make them think that we had left the building so that they would leave outside looking for us.

I remember us hiding on the floor between the beds for a while as some of the people looking for us walked by not seeing us and random people (there were people at the building who knew nothing about us being chased) shopping/exploring the building were not noticing us either, oddly I saw a few food plates (mostly whitish colored ceramic plates with a few other colors for decoration with various food items on each plate) scattered on the floor around the room with various food items on the plates, and so I crawled to some of the food plates to move them between the beds where we were hiding on the floor so that I could eat some of the food and share it with the others.

At some point a man with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair wearing a baseball cap/hat backward with a sports jersey with baggy shorts or pants with tennis shoes walking his little kid who had also had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair walked by the room that we were hiding in, the kid was short enough to see us hiding and the kid stopped to stare at us, but his father told him to keep walking and he pulled him along; and so some of the others with me decided to move to another hiding spot, while the rest of us stayed and I stayed to eat some more food. 😀

At some point two male doctors/scientists with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair who wore glasses and who had long light blueish colored rubber gloves with whitish colored medical/scientific lab coats holding tranquilizer pistols and/or needles and/or tasers and/or something like that came walking near our room, and one of them saw the two of us still hiding in the room; and so we ran out of the room and they chased us, and because they were only doctors/scientists I pulled out a black colored pistol that I somehow had or was given to me earlier from one of the others and I pointed it at them.

I told them to stop following us and to put down their weapons, I told them to leave the building without warning the others, and I would let them leave without killing them if they agreed to leave and not bother us again; and at first they acted tough, but then I scared them by acting a bit crazy/aggressive (but my pistol felt fake and/or unloaded, but I kept up the act 😀 ).

I did not even need to use my gun to scare them because I doubted that either one of them could beat me in hand-to-hand combat and so I put my pistol away and I walked toward them to intimidate them, they dropped their weapons/needles/whatever in fear, and they agreed to my offer; and I left them run away from the building, and the other person with me (maybe the young woman) and I laughed.

We still had to deal with the leader and the other Iranian intelligence agents, I remember hearing and seeing them a few times, and the leader was angry and he had his black colored pistol out; and we went to find the others to find a way to escape and/or to keep hiding and/or to kill the people chasing us one-at-a-time or to just kill the leader, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

GesWalling (Sandboxing) A Dream Character

Last night I barely remember part of one or more dreams that might/may have been connected, I think that the first dream took place in a small apartment-like building, and I was there with several unknown people.

I think that things were pretty normal at first, but something strange happened that I think involved a girl who looked like Hit-Girl from the film Kick-Ass.

Disaster Map

Last night I only remembered part of my dream so I will try to put the pieces together the best I can, and so there may be errors & times where I will be making guesses about what I think happened. 😉

I remember being at my grandfather’s house in a bedroom in the hallway, and a woman was showing me a map and explaining a future event that was going to possibly happen and/or was in the process of happening; I think she had brownish colored skin with shoulder length black hair, but I am not sure since I was more focused on the map and trying to make sense of what she was explaining to me and my memory of the dream is not so clear.

I do not remember the beginning of the dream and I do not remember what happened to her or where she went near the end of the dream exactly; but she seemed to be getting straight to the point and explaining information to me that I needed to know so I could make my decision.

I think the female dream character said that They (as in, some other group of people, she was not part of this group), I am not sure who or what They are/were; I think, They were going to help create or worsen a disaster involving the sun and/or something natural and/or unnatural and/or a technology or something like that, but I am not sure, it seemed to be a combination of natural and/or human/maybe non-human made technology either creating and/or helping to increase/make/trap/etc some natural/unnatural disaster/disasters or something.

I think something was going to happen with the sun (but I am not sure) and They were going to use something (maybe a technology) to cause some energy or whatever from the sun to hit and/or temporarily be trapped in certain places on Earth and/or maybe a few other things; my memory is unclear since she was trying to explain so much and so quickly without giving me a chance to ask a lot of questions, and I was too busy trying to listen.

She had a paper map that she took out of her pocket and unfolded I think, that showed the spots where the energy or sun flares or whatever would hit and/or be trapped; along with maybe the locations of the technology or whatever that They were going to use in reference to this situation and/or other disasters that would also be going on .

On the map there seemed to be two big areas on both sides of the planet lined up with the equator that appeared to be where the sun or energy or whatever would hit and/or be trapped at the most, and the map may have shown where some of the devices were set that would either cause and/or make the disaster worse I think but I could be wrong; my memory of the dream in some parts is too unclear.

The map was colored coded and I think (but I could be wrong) the colors showed which places would be safer (not safe but safer, probably) during this time and which ones would be less safe, I am not sure which colors meant safe or which colors meant less safe, but I clearly remember Louisiana was in green, along with some other places on Earth; another color I may have seen is red, but I am not sure, and I am not sure how many other colors I saw.

She gave an overview of the situation but I can not remember what all she explained and it is very blurry but I am going to make a wild guess and say that I think she said something about an area on Earth and/or be that would be put on Earth that would either be un-melted or would rise or would land or something, and I think They (who ever They are/were), were going to make this Their headquarters / kingdom / safe place / secure location or something but I this is a wild guess; this place was going to be an ancient kingdom or country or continent or place or something, but that is a wild guess.

I think it was going to be either in the North Pole or South Pole or Antarctica or somewhere, but I am not sure.

I just remember the woman either leaving or being gone after explaining these things without giving me a chance to ask questions really, I think she said that I would have to make my own decisions.

I can not remember anything else, I just felt that I had to decide for myself what to do from the information given and maybe try to figure out more on my own.

I felt unsure of what to do and wanted to get as much information that I could, so I could make my decision; I felt that time was running out and I would have to decide soon.

Then I woke up during that period in the dream while I was trying to make sense of everything.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Three Survival Challenges?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream that had at least three parts to it, but I can only remember parts of the dream, so it is not that clear.

Part 1

I think the first part that I remember took place outside in some unknown place near some old ruins that had some water not far from them.

I was with a group of other people and I think we were doing some sort of challenge as part of some new student orientation or something for college.

The ruins had an ancient Roman / ancient Greek style to them and the area was pretty nice for some old ruins and we were split into different sections of the ruins.

We were all placed in a certain part of the ruins based on which country we were citizens of, then we were asked to pick a country, I picked France so I was moved to another section all alone.

There was grass and some other plants in some areas and my area was nice & quiet and closer to the water.

On the ground you could barely see shapes in different colors, which represented countries, and my country France was in blue.

I guess our mission was to try to conquer as many countries as we could or at least defend our country from getting conquered, I am not sure, I just remember the challenge beginning.

It was like the Total War video game series, certain spots on the ground were the game map, and I/we were the leaders making the moves on the board.

We could even enter the game map, like it was a real world, it was interesting.

Since no one was in my area, my plan was to conquer all the countries in my section as quickly as I could and then start preparing to defend or invade some of the other challengers.

I went into the game map and was actually in my country France, but it was a small country and was in an almost Middle Ages (Dark Ages)-like period.

I quickly asked a few of my generals about the country next to us and asked if we could invade them now, they said yes so I told them to start the attack now.

I went back above the game map as the battle started to watch and the other countries army was about the same size, actually I do not think any of the countries near me were actually countries, I think they were just settlements that did not belong to any country.

The battle started and the battle was going pretty evenly, so I looked for an opening on the battlefield and then jumped into the battle to lead my military to a quick victory.

I told the generals about a weak spot I saw and order them to attack there with part of our forces while I attack from the front lines, and so the new attack began.

The other military quickly broke ranks and the front line troops & I forced them to retreat, then I told the generals to finish securing the area and prepare for the next battle, and I went back above the game map.

I wondered if my military was strong enough to conquer our area in time before some of the other challengers came with their militaries, and I worried about a possible battle with the United States (USA).

They had the most challengers and the biggest country that I had seen before the challenge started, and their country was in the area next to my area & I was with their team until they asked if we wanted to pick our own country; before I could scout out the next place to attack, the dream switched to another scene.

Part 2

Now some of the challengers and I were in the field near my parent’s house and our next challenge was to live in this makeshift cabin, and survive or something like that.

I can not remember this part of the dream much at all, I think we all had to work together for food & supplies, but that is all I remember; then the dream switched to another scene.

Part 3

This scene was the worst, me and a few other people appeared to be in a cave out in some snowy & icy area like Antarctica or something.

Our challenge was to survive for a certain amount of time and once again I believe it had something to do with college orientation or getting into college like the other parts of the dream.

I think there was two women, a man, and me at first but one of the women gave up & left.

The weather was terrible it was cold and snowing hard, and we were forced to stay in the cave due to the storm.

I remember going to sleep and waking up with a bad wound on my leg, which caused me to have to walk with a limp, and I had no idea what had happened.

The other guy left shortly after we woke up to go find supplies or something, and so me & one woman were left.

We talked about how we all might not survive and how our situation looked pretty bad, and we had no idea where we were or what had happened to my leg.

We needed food and other supplies, so I started to think about preparing to scout the area outside if the other guy did not return, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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