Autómata (Automata)

What Is It?

The 2014 English-language Spanish-Bulgarian science fiction action movie Autómata (Automata).

Automata Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Antonio Banderas Sci-Fi Movie HD
Automata – Speciale “The Making of Automata”

Here is how The IMDb describes this movie:

In 2044, the climate change and a series of solar storms have turned to a desert the surface of the planet and annihilated the 99.7 % of Earth’s population, leaving alive 21 million people across the world in a single city covered by mechanical clouds (zeppelins anchored to the city) to make rain.

Trying to rebuild the world again, a robot company named ROC Corporation create Automata Pilgrim 7000 with two security protocols: 1st, a robot cannot harm human beings, and 2nd, a robot cannot alter himself or another robot.

But this situation changes when police officer Sean Wallace shoots and destroys a robot, claiming that it was altering himself.

With the company worried by the possible implications if the case were known by the people, insurance agent Jacq Vaucan is chosen to investigate the happened, while Vaucan tries to convince his boss, friend, and brother-in-law Robert Bold to transfer him and his pregnant wife Rachel to the coast, with Bold accepting the request if Vaucan solves the case.

Going with Wallace to a brothel, they meet a robot in blue wig named Cleo, who is shot by Wallace in the belief that Cleo will go with the mysterious repairman that Vaucan calls The Clocksmith.

However, Cleo travels to a mechanical workshop property of Dr. Susan Dupré, who informs Vaucan about a terrible possibility: that the robots can alter their second protocol themselves to acquire self awareness, implying a non-human intelligence that could easily surpass the human brain, after a test where she mixed a biocore from the Wallace’s shot robot with Cleo’s own biocore.

Vaucan reports secretly Bold about it, but ROC’s chairman intercepts the message.

When Dr. Dupré is killed in front of Vaucan by a ROC’s squad group, he and Cleo run from the assassins, ending outside the city, lost in the white desert that surrounds the city.

Forced to meet ROC’s chairman, this reports Bold about the secret of the two protocols: that the Pilgrim 7000’s prototype was created without them, and due to its unlimited intelligence and learning, he overcame the human owners just eight days later.

After the escape, all the next Pilgrims were created with the protocols to limit their capacity in order to have them under control.

Fearing the extinction of the human race if all the Pilgrims evolve beyond the protocols, ROC’s chairman blames Vaucan of Dupré’s assassination and the alteration of the robots to cover up to the public, and Wallace is hired to find Cleo and Vucan and kill them.

According Vaucan, Cleo and three robots more travel across the desert to the forbidden and radioactive zone to meet The Clocksmith, Vaucan will find himself as witness of something that it would change the world as nobody could imagine. —Chockys


Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Film Idea

I only remember part of the end of this dream because I was suddenly scared awake by accident when my body jumped like it did in the dream; which caused me to forget almost all my dreams and I only remember some of the end of this dream.

I remember being in a windowless board/meeting-like room that was possibly a bit restaurant-like, like a private room.

I was there with various people like: Grace Randolph from YouTube, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Antonio Banderas, an old man with metal dentures designed to look dangerous/tough/cool who was probably an old James Bond villain or henchman, and several other people.

There was probably a television screen on the wall on the right side of the room that probably played some film trailers/et cetera as we talked, ate, drank, et cetera.

One of the film trailers was for a new James Bond film, and I remember us talking about it and Grace seemed to be the organizer/whatever.


A The Last Ship Inspired Dream | A Dominion Inspired Dream | Antonio Banderas? | Abby Martin And James Franco

I am still having problems with my hearing in one of my ears (among other things), maybe swimmer’s ear, and I do not feel like typing my dreams today especially with the many Annoyances happening at this time; but I will try to type my dreams anyway, amazingly I remembered part of over four different dreams and I voice recorded them each time that I woke up, except for after the last time I went to sleep and woke up permanently for the day.

During the next to last time that I woke up I voice recorded three dreams and I wanted to type them but it was too early in the morning, so I made myself go back to sleep, and I over-slept and I possibly had a quicksand-like sleep cycle that caused me to forget what I dreamed about exactly; but during that last time I know that part of what I dreamed about involved the four dreams that I do remember part of where I thought those dreams, and maybe I continued some of those dreams but I can not remember.

Dream 1

The first dream seemed to be inspired by the TV show The Last Ship but I can not remember most of the dream, I think that most of the dream took place on land, and maybe it involved some of the characters from that TV show and I traveling mostly on land trying to survive and find a cure for the virus; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream seemed to possibly be somewhat inspired by the Syfy TV show Dominion but I can not remember most of the dream, I remember seeing the inside of a probably multi-story building on an upper floor of the building, but I can not remember if I was in the dream or not.

I remember that the dream involved two male beings or angels or humans (possibly archangel Michael and his brother archangel Gabriel or two beings/angels/men similar to them) who both had whitish colored skin and short hair, during the end of the dream the man/being/angel who was like the archangel Michael was talking to another man/being/angel inside the building, and things were going good until the other man/being/angel attacked the man/being/angel who was like the archangel Michael.

Another man/being/angel came ran into the room to help but the other man/being/angel escaped, the man who came to help told the man who was like the archangel Michael that he thought that the other man possibly was possessed by his brother or was his brother who was like the archangel Gabriel, but the man who was like the archangel Michael did not want to believe that his brother would try to kill him; but even he had to admit that was a possibility.

The man who was like the archangel Michael wanted to go talk to his brother about this but the other man objected to this idea, they stopped to have a debate about it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third dream is a bit confusing and unclear but it seemed that a disaster or something like that happened, and a small group of survivors went to live in the yard at E Manor it seems but some parts of the house were fictional/different while others were the same as they are in real life; and it seemed that the actor Antonio Banderas was among the survivors like he was playing a character similar to his character Ahmad ibn Fadlan from the movie The 13th Warrior dressed in an outfit with a head-covering or turban, and he had his family with him (a wife, kids, and probably some extended family).

On the other side of E Manor inside where the family room and dining room should be there was a fictional museum-like area that had relics from past/ancient heroes, legends, royal families, et cetera like swords/clothing/armor/paintings/text/et cetera.

Mr. Banderas, his family, and the other survivors were doing a pretty good job finding resources in the yard to help them stay alive; but slowly men in the group kept getting killed by mostly throwing knives when they would get too close to the edge of the fence while looking for resources because some bandits would attack them from the bushes.

At some point an old man in their group got killed from behind with throwing knives by the bandits while searching for resources or patrolling too close to the fence, leaving Mr. Banderas as one of the only if not only men left in the group of survivors, and Mr. Banderas ran to the body of the old man; but then the bandits ran out of the bushes to kill him, and so he told everyone to run.

He grabbed a stick or something and he ran as the bandits tried to hit him with throwing knives, he dodged them and he started fighting them, but there were too many of them and they were too dangerous and they had high quality swords and other weapons to his surprise; and then I became Mr. Banderas, and I started floating/flying toward the front of E Manor to avoid them but I could only float/fly low to the ground so I had to swing my stick to block the tips of their weapons from stabbing me.

Somehow I made it to the front of E Manor where they could not reach me quickly and I ran into the museum-like place to grab a weapon and a man or being or something with an old man voice started talking to me explaining the history of various relics/weapons/et cetera, and he/it told me that maybe some of my ancestors were some of the heroes/legends/royal families who owned/once wielded some of the relics; and so the power of the relics/the full potential of the relics would activate or be restored for me since I was a descendant/member of one or more of those families/individuals.

For non-descendants the power would not activate and the relics would not be restored if they tried to use it and I remember picking up a few relics that looked shiny and new like a sword, a saber, a butcher-like knife with jagged edges, et cetera trying to choose one; and I think that I picked the butcher-like knife and a sword, and they started to activate and be restored.

I was about to run outside to fight the bandits but the animated character Eren Yeager from the Japanese animated TV show Attack On Titan walked into the room from the hallway, I asked him and probably the man/whoever talked to me about the relics/history/my ancestors to join me in my battle against the bandits, and Eren eagerly said that he would join me; and he grabbed one of the relics, a sword, and we ran to go outside to fight the bandits with a battle cry/yell/scream but I woke up or the next dream started.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream was possibly two connected dreams but I am not sure, so I will type it as one dream, and it started during what I think was a cloudy dark/gray wet/rainy morning inside a fictional fast food restaurant where McDonald’s is in the city of D (it possibly was a fictional version of that McDonald’s), and I was waiting in a long line of people that was not really moving; and there was a TV on the ceiling near where I was standing in the middle of the line of people.

On the TV to my surprise was the journalist Abby Martin with her own news show on public/mainstream/whatever television, as I stood there watching it I noticed a woman in line to the left of me, and to my surprise it was Abby Martin standing there looking a bit neutral or negative-neutral; and so I decided that I would say hello to her and let her know that she was on TV, but I started to get nervous so I paused for a moment.

Eventually I said pardon me to Abby, I nervously and somewhat stutteringly apologized for bothering her, I asked her if she was Abby Martin and she said yes, I told her that she was on TV and I pointed to the television, I told her that I liked some of her work and that I used to be subscribed to her YouTube channel Breaking The Set; and she told me thank you in a somewhat neutral way, and then there was probably a pause as I looked away/down because I was still nervous and not sure what to say or the conversation stopped there.

When I was looking away/down somehow Abby’s appearance, voice, personality, and reaction toward me changed without me noticing and somehow I still knew that it was her; and her hair was now longer and a dark brownish or blackish color instead of being dyed a reddish color, her skin color was a bit yellowish/very light brownish/whitish color instead of a pale whitish color, her personality was a bit more positive, and her reaction toward me was very positive like we both had a special connection.

This different version of Abby Martin started a conversation with me and I remember us having a very good/positive conversation, the environment also changed to that of a classroom (the classroom was possibly still inside the fast food restaurant but I am not sure) so we were sitting at desks talking to each other as other people sat in desks instead of standing in line (some people were possibly still standing in line), and we were having so much fun that someone told us to be quiet.

Abby kept talking loudly so I reminded her that we should talk more quietly and so we started talking more quietly, at some point it seemed that we possibly started an unofficial romantic relationship, and I remember us both making small dagger-like objects for each other (one for each of us) to carry in our pockets; and I guess that the dagger-like objects represented a special bond between us and a symbol of protection/defense and/or something like that but I am not sure, but I can not remember what happen next until near the end of the dream.

At the end of the dream I was somehow in what seemed to be the city of LC during the day on PL Street as a fictional annual parade was taking place, it seemed to be a parade for protecting the environment/world peace/et cetera and/or maybe something like that, and I was stuck in the parade on foot walking along with it/them because they were in the way I guess.

To my surprise I saw the actor James Franco in the parade in front of me, he had a terrible haircut that was very short and uneven with patches of hair that was not cut correctly and he seemed to be acting a bit strange like he was preparing for a movie role or maybe he was acting eccentric like he is often described in the news, and I greeted him; and we started a conversation as we walked along with the parade.

Mr. Franco asked me to ride with him in his bus or van, I said okay and so we got into his bus or van, and we drove behind the parade slowly while we talked; and I remember having to keep reminding Mr. Franco to look in front of him to avoid hitting people in the parade because he kept looking away from the road as he talked to me instead of paying attention as he drove, and he came close to hitting people several times.

Mr. Franco and I had a good conversation but he was still acting strange, I still assumed that he was preparing for a movie role or that he really did act eccentric like described in various news articles, and at some point we magically were on a bigger bus that was being driven by someone else; and we were still slowly following the parade, but now other people were on the bus with us.

I remember everyone talking and I was still talking to Mr. Franco until I realized that the different version of Abby Martin was on the bus with us sitting in the middle of the bus on the right side, I was on the left side closer to the front, and Mr. Franco was on the right side closer to the front; and so I greeted Abby, and I introduced her to Mr. Franco.

I was happy to see Abby again and we all had a good and long conversation, and Abby even made me a paper dagger-like object as a reminder of the dagger-like objects that we made for each other earlier in the dream and as a reminder of our special bond/whatever maybe; and this made me smile and feel happy, and I found a piece of paper and I made one for her and gave it to her and I made a joke about how the paper versions were safer than the other version we made and that we would be less likely to get arrested by the police for having them in our pockets.

At some point almost everyone on the bus started taking a nap because we still were trapped in the slow parade I guess, and Abby and Mr. Franco moved toward the back of the bus on the right side to talk so that they would not disturb the rest of us who were going to take a nap.

Before I could go to sleep I heard kissing sounds so I barely opened my eyes and I saw Abby and Mr. Franco kissing somewhat to my surprise, I opened my eyes completely and they realized that I was watching them, and they went to apologize I think; and I paused staring at them trying to think about what to do and say next.

I felt a bit hurt because I thought that Abby and I had a special bond and that we were unofficially in a romantic relationship with intentions to officially start a romantic relationship, but I also predicted that something like this would possible happen because why would Abby be interested in someone like me over someone famous/rich/better-looking/et cetera like Mr. Franco.

I tried to think positive about the situation and relax before saying or doing anything, I enjoyed my time with both of them and I still wanted us to be friends, and so I tried to think about how to say this; but I heard an unfamiliar quiet voice (possibly male, but I am not sure) quietly say my name (John…) once from what sounded like the real world, it sounded like they wanted to wake me up calmly to avoid scaring me like they were trying to protect me from the pain of this situation and/or trying to protect me from doing or saying something that I would regret, and so I woke up instantly in the real world calmly.

The hearing in my right ear was not normal again (it was normal or mostly normal before going to sleep) and I looked around the room but I did not see or hear anyone calling my name, I wondered if someone said my name in their sleep or if I was imagining things, and then I got up to voice record my dreams.

The end,

-John Jr