My Former Classmate AM | A Dream Fragment

Dream Fragment My Former Classmate AM

I had this dream fragment a few days ago, and it took place at night-time at the park in D.

At the beginning of the walking trail there was a little apartment or room, and I remember walking in there with a woman I used to go to school with and work with, named AM.

She wanted to tell me something, so we walked into the room so that no one else could hear us.

As she started talking, her husband burst the door open looking angry, and he wanted to know what was going on; so I guess he thought that AM was cheating on him.

I told him to calm down and that she was only talking to me about something, and them AM went to explain the situation to him; but I woke up.

Dream Fragment March 1 2009

Last night I only remember part of one of my dreams, I was not in this dream, but I could see things like a camera person.

A woman was driving a car all alone on a quiet road on a gray day, and later a police car came driving up the road fast; and the police car hit her car.

Somehow the police car accidentally went into her lane and hit her car from the side, and both cars flew to the side of the road.

Another car with four young men saw the wreck, and so they stopped to watch from a distance.

I am not sure what happened to the woman, but I remember the police officer calling for help with his radio; and he said that the woman hit his car, which was a lie.

The four young men in the other car heard this and they started to get scared since they were witnesses, and as they were talking the police officer saw them.

The four young men panicked and they drove off very fast, they wanted to tell the truth about the wreck, but they were afraid that the police officer would arrest them & cover it up; so they drove off hoping to escape, so that they could tell someone the truth.

They drove up the road past some other police officers that were on the way to the wreck site, and then they drove into a field & they drove over a fence; and as this happened, two police cars drove across the field past them.

The two police officers seen that they were driving too fast, over 100mph, and so the two police officers started to chase them.

The dream then jumped to someone interviewing one of the young men that was in the car, and I guess he had explained what he saw that day; and I was seeing this.

The young man said that they wanted to be heroes and make sure that the truth about the wreck was told, and so they drove back to The United States (USA) to escape the police; so that they could tell the truth.

The interviewer then started to interview his lawyer, and the lawyer said that his client was a nice young man; but that he was immature.

He said that his client should not have fled the scene and that he should have told the police the truth; even if they thought that they would be put in jail, and that the police would try to cover up the wreck.

I do not know what happened to the woman in the wreck, so I am not sure if she died or not; I only remember waking up as the lawyer was still being interviewed.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


2-21-2009 | Dream Fragment | A Stressed President Obama

Barack Obama

Last night I had several dreams and could have remembered some of them, but my brother had his TV on loud, so I forget all my dreams except one very short one; maybe I will remember some other dream fragments later.

The short dream I do remember was about President Obama, he was at what appeared to be the Oval Office having an interview.

President Obama appeared to be very stressed, tired, and frustrated.


The Wrong Path

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This was an odd, confusing, and uncomfortable dream in some ways. (I used words related to sexual orientation for added detail in this dream description, and I do not mean to offend anyone when I used them in this dream description)

This is the only dream I remember from last night, it started in a building that looked like a brighter & bigger version of the L Technology Building.

A male FBI agent had temporarily left work without permission, to meet with a teenager that had left school without permission.

The boy was probably in junior high school, and they met in a secret FBI room in the building.

There was something very odd about this meeting and their relationship, and it seemed very inappropriate and probably homosexual.

They were talking about something, and the FBI agent was your typical ideal good guy Christian type except that he seemed to act differently around this boy.

I am not sure if they hugged or kissed or anything, but they did seem too close and not in a friend or family type way.

After their meeting the FBI agent went back to his job, which was in a room that was like a 4 bedroom apartment / office.

There was a living romo, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, 4 bedrooms, but one of the bedrooms was probably an office.

Standing in the kitchen area was the FBI agent’s boss, who did not look happy.

The boss told him that he had found out about his inappropriate relationship with the boy, and that even though he was a good FBI agent, he had no choice but to fire him.

The FBI agent was shocked and the boss felt sorry for him, but he knew that he could not allow him to continue his job.

The FBI agent looked devastated, like he was going to die or explode, but before he could do anything, a man ran into the room.

It was a man who looked like the actor Elijah Wood, he ran in screaming, and he attacked the FBI agent like a wild animal.

There was a female FBI agent in the room as well, and the boss & her ran into the hallway.

I was in the hallway and the fight followed them into the hallway, so the boss, the female FBI agent, and I ran; but the fight kept following us like a magnet.

We ran to the end of the hall and the two men fell to the ground wrestling, but as they fell, three floating pieces of flooring like flying carpets or something, went under our feet.

One went under the two men fighting, and it came from the direction that they were looking at.

One went under the feet of the boss and the female FBI agent, but I do not know from which direction it came.

One went under my feet, and it came from the opposite direction that I was facing.

I looked down and I think I saw something that looked like a piece of a basketball court or courtyard, and my first thought was school or college.

The two fighting men stopped fighting and they looked at me, and I think they said that I was facing or going in the opposite or wrong direction of my path.

I stopped to try to understand what they had meant by that: was it about my choice of college was wrong and/or about my choice of a college major was wrong and/or since I am not in college, was it a reference to that and/or should I not go to college and/or should I not learn French?

But before I could ask them and/or think more about it, I woke up.

That was interesting, a dream that ended with some of the dream characters giving me a message.

To me this dream was about conflict, decisions, and the path they mentioned at the end (which I am not sure what/which path they were talking about).

To me that FBI agent had a conflict with himself, and made some bad decisions.

His decision to start that relationship and leave work secretly, was a mistake (going down the wrong path).

His bad decision cost him his job, and the man who attacked him, also represented conflict.

They fought each other and they both were very similar, and so I think that represented an internal conflict with himself.

I know it is just a dream, but I do find it interesting.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Murder In Brooklyn | The Apartment On Fire | The Baseball Game

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Murder In Brooklyn

Last night I had another dream that had something to do with the Jewish ethnic group for some strange reason, this has been a common theme for about a week now, and I have no idea why.

Anyway, it took place at an apartment building, in what seemed to be Brooklyn.

I lived in an apartment and I remember some of my neighbors: two of the neighbors were a Jewish man and his daughter who was about my age and the other three neighbors were a man who looked like Robert De Niro, his girlfriend, and his daughter that was a bit older than me.

The Jewish man seemed to be very protective of his daughter, and they seemed to stay in their apartment most of the time.

The man who looked like Robert De Niro was lower class like me, but his girlfriend was not, and she did not know that he was lower class; because he pretended to have a lot of money.

Mr. De Niro would do almost anything to make her happy, and the most strange thing he seemed to do for her sometimes, was that he would dress in these strange wild feminine costumes for her sometimes; which made him look like a cross-dresser or something, it was strange.

He would dress up in these strange wild costumes for her, when his daughter was out of the apartment, but one day his daughter came home early, and she saw him in one of the costumes.

She did not like that he did crazy stuff like that to please his girlfriend, and she did not like that he was lying to his girlfriend about being rich.

He apologized to his daughter and he said that one day he would tell his girlfriend the truth, but not yet, and then him & his girlfriend left to go to her house I guess.

I went walking around the apartment building and I think that I went outside, during this time, I think that the dream switch to the apartment with the Jewish man and his daughter.

I think that his daughter was secretly trying to date someone, but her dad found out and killed him.

I did not know this in the dream because I was outside, anyway, as I was walking outside the Jewish man walked up to me; and he said that he would pay me to bury a box or something.

I asked him what it was but I think he either did not tell me or he lied,  and since he was my neighbor and since he had never broken any laws before that I knew of, I agreed to bury the box; not knowing what was in it.

He gave me a shovel and he told me bury the box or whatever, somewhere up the road, behind an abandoned building.

It was nighttime but I did it anyway, if the box would have been heavy, I probably would not have done it; but the box did not weigh that much, to my surprise.

After burying the box I went back to the apartment, and the next day I heard the man who looked like Robert De Niro, talking about a rumor that the police thought that the Jewish man had killed someone.

I was shocked and I wondered if the box had anything to do with the murder, and so I went downstairs and the police were asking people questions.

I decided to tell them about the box, and I showed them where it was buried.

The police said that they found the bones of the murdered man, so I guess that is why the box did not weigh that much, and he must have cut the man into pieces and burned the body or something.

I was mad that the Jewish man had tricked me into helping him bury the evidence of a murder without telling me, and so I wanted to help find him for the police; to make up for my mistake.

So I joined the police to catch the man, so we asked his daughter where he was, and we told her about the situation.

She was sad and told us that her that her dad probably did commit the murder, and that he had left as soon as he found out that police were in the building; and she told us that he /might be hiding at the library, I think.

So the police and I went there, the library if that what it was, and it was a nice modern three floor/story building.

There were people standing around talking, eating, drinking, and looking at art; and there seem to be an artist showing off her paintings that day.

We saw the Jewish man on the second floor, so we decided to sneak around and try to trap him, and the plan was that I would go talk to him pretending that everything was normal while the undercover police would slowly move in to arrest him.

I went to talk to him but he was very paranoid and he seemed to know that something was not right, and so he ran before the police got close enough; and so we began to chase him out of the building.

We ran to an area by a bridge on what was/they called, the Jewish part of the city, and there were people about my age around the area talking and doing other stuff, as we chased the man.

The police caught the man before he crossed the bridge, and as the police was taking him away, I stopped to talk to a woman who was on the bridge.

There was water by the bridge, and the woman had talked to a group of women shortly before I reached the bridge.

I told her about why we were chasing the man, and I told her that this was my first time being on the Jewish part of the city.

She said a few things but she appeared to be keeping a distance/being reserved, and she was using sarcastic comedy toward/directed at me.

I guess that I was flirting with her in a way and I was curious about the fact that her part of the city was an all Jewish neighborhood; and I did not know much about their culture.

I wanted to learn more but I felt that it would take time before she got comfortable enough to tell me more about her culture, and so I told her that I hoped to come visit her again; and then I left, but then I woke up.

The Apartment On Fire

My second dream started with me seeing things from the view of a camera person, and there was a man with tattoos that had argued with his girlfriend over the telephone, I think.

He was on his way back to their apartment, and when he got there, the apartment was on fire; and so he ran inside, and he appeared to be looking his girlfriend.

There seemed to be someone with a video camera following him, as he looked around the apartment building.

He went up the hall looking into different rooms, but after a while there was no more fire, and he seemed to be looking for things to steal; instead of finding his girlfriend.

There seemed to be no one in any of the apartment rooms, and no one was standing outside that I could see.

Most of the apartment room doors were open, and so it was easy for him to get into each room.

While he was in one room, a man who appeared to be a janitor was walking through the hallway, and so the man with the tattoos hid behind a wall in the room; and for some strange reason, I appeared in the dream, in the same room.

The person with the video camera stayed outside the door to distract the janitor, while the man with tattoos and I hid.

The janitor looked into the room but did not see us, and so he started to talk to the person with the video camera.

They got into an argument about religion and about something to do with some stuff/things that the Mormon church believed could heal people, and they said it was supposed to be some substance from the Christian God or an angel or something; but I am not sure, and all that I know, is that it was supposed to be holy.

The person with the video camera said that he did not believe in deities and that he believed that substance was fake, and that it was dangerous for the Mormon church to lie to people; especially since that old substance could make people sick.

The janitor got angry and said that the Christian God was real, and that the Mormon church was telling the truth; and he asked the camera person would he believe it, if the substance really did heal someone.

The person with the video camera said that would probably not happen, and that if it did, that it could be explained without religious mythology.

He said that the Mormon church should let some scientists test the substance to see what it is, and to make sure that it would not make people sick if they ate or drunk some of it.

While they were arguing, I told the man with the tattoos that we should sneak out of the window, and so I started to sneak out of the window; but he stayed in the room for some reason, I guess he wanted to continue stealing or looking for whatever he was looking for.

After I went through the window, I was outside of the first floor, and it was night-time.

There was a three floor/story building right next to the apartment building, and a little boy was looking out of a window on the third floor.

He saw me and ran screaming to his mom that he saw a ghost coming out of the apartment building, while he was running to get his mom, I ran around to the other side of the building; so that they would not see me.

On the other side of the building, it somehow was magically the front yard of my parent’s house, and my dad was outside working in the yard.

On the other side of the building the kid and his mom were looking out of the window, but I was not there, so the mother thought her son was just imagining things; and she told him to go to bed. (I guess he thought I was a ghost because it was dark and I was far away, and so he just thought that he had seen a ghost or something)

Back on the side of the building I was on, my dad was telling me that my grandfather was going out-of-town to see one of his relatives have a baby, but then I woke up.

The Baseball Game

The last dream I remember was a short dream about me playing baseball on a baseball team.

It was the last inning and the other team was up to bat, and the score was 0 to 0 with no outs.

The next batter was a woman my age, and the teams had women and men, unlike when I used to play in real life; and so that was nice.

Our pitcher pitched the ball to her and she hit the ball between the catcher and pitcher, and so I ran to get it and I threw it to the first baseman; but she was already running to second base, and so he threw it to second base.

She was now trapped between second and first base, so I ran over to help the first baseman, but she was running back to first base; and so the second baseman threw me the ball, and so she started to run back to second base, and so I chased her but she was too fast.

She made it to second base, and so I threw it back to the pitcher; but she then ran to third base.

I felt that it was my fault and so I went into the outfield to help them, and the next batter hit the ball and they reached first base.

The next batter hit the ball & reached first base, and the batter that was on first base was now on second base; and so the bases were loaded now.

The next batter hit the ball to the outfield, and I got the ball and threw it to the catcher, hoping to stop the woman on third base from scoring; or we would lose the game.

I could not see what was happening or what happened exactly but I think that the catcher stopped the woman from scoring, which counts as 1 out, and he was going for a triple play to get the other two players out in one play; which would have ended the game in a draw or our team would bat next, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Lakewood Church And Fire Mountain Restaurant Dream Fragments

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember two dreams, and the first dream took place at a fictional version of Lakewood Church.

It did look like Lakewood Church, I have been to the real church twice but I think they have a new and bigger church now.

I do not remember who was preaching or what was going on, but I think it was a normal church service and I think I was there with my family.

I remember walking to a hallway that had two bathrooms and on the other side of the hallway was another church.

This church was only one room and was connected to Lakewood Church by a hallway, which is strange, I think it was empty so I walked around in there thinking or something, I guess I did not feel like going back to the church service or something.

There was a double door or two doors at the entrance of this church, on the other side was another double door or two doors that led to another building.

The other building seemed to be a hallway with apartments, so I guess this church was connected to an apartment building.

It seemed like a cheap apartment, and as I was looking in the hallway I noticed people started coming inside the church, a few people were coming ever few minutes.

I walked around the apartment a little, but I can not remember what I saw.

I think I saw a few people, and maybe someone I went to my high school.

I went back to the church and there was a lot more people there and they started having a church service, except it did not seem like a normal church service to me.

I had the feeling they were Lutheran or some other Protestant group that I did know much about.

There was a variety of people there, and then things got a little weird like an extreme Pentecostal church service.

People were jumping, dancing, falling, probably speaking in tongues, clapping, praying loudly, and stuff like that.

But the noise was loud and the building was shaking like someone had big speakers, an earthquake, or many people jumping.

I decided to leave and go through the hallway back to Lakewood Church, it was hard to walk because of all the shaking and noise, I had to try hard to keep walking, it was weird.

Once I got to the hallway, I noticed Lakewood’s Pastor Joel Osteen was walking out of the bathroom and one of my little brothers came out of the bathroom too, Mr. Osteen seemed to have his same relaxed, nice, and peaceful personality; and for some reason I could feel a relaxed and peaceful feeling similar to the few dreams that had my grandmother in them but not so strong, I think this may be an important piece of information that will help me understand this dream better.

He was saying something and I think he was going to show my brother the way back to the Lakewood Church service, I just stood and watched.

After they left I went back to the Lakewood Church service too, but for some reason all the church people were gone and I did not see my brother or Mr. Osteen.

Also I think I found what was causing the building to shake, there was super load music and a lot of high school and/or college students jumping up and down like at a party or something.

Most of them had on Letterman jackets or jackets with their school emblems and school colors, and they all may have been guys like some fraternity or something.

I walked by and noticed one of my cousins, M, and I remember people started leaving & I think I saw my family but I went outside to talk with my cousin.

I do not know what we were talking about but I remember him getting mad and we started fighting, and I won by putting him in an arm bar submission and he gave up.

Then for some reason I was no longer there, and two other guys were fighting instead of us and I was watching it like I was invisible or watching TV or something.

They fought a few times and one of the guys kept winning, and the other guy got very mad, there even was a referee there.

Things got real serious when one of the guys tried to break the other guy’s arm, so the referee stopped the fight and an argument started.

Dream 2

Then I switched to another dream, in this dream I was at the Fire Mountain buffet restaurant in LC.

I was in the parking lot in my automobile and I went inside to eat, something happened so I left out of the building after only eating a bit of food.

I was going to go back inside to finish eating, but for some reason I was nervous or uncomfortable so I go back in my automobile, and I remember thinking that I did not pay but for some reason I thought it would be taken care of somehow, I do not remember how.

I then started thinking about what places in LC I should eat at every week, it seemed that I was just getting back to LC to start college, work, and live there again.

I think drove toward the M Soccer field, but I stopped by the apartments next to Fire Mountain and started to look around.

The apartments looked different and weird I think, I can only remember seeing some glass or something, like the building had some strange artistic style made from glass and other modern style materials.

Then I thought about going to look around M, and I started feeling nervous about my return to LC.

Then I woke up,

-John  Jr 🙂