The Horror! The Horror!

Trying to put this into words is too hard for me, so I avoided putting it in writing for a long time.

I could not even come up with a title for this post, and so I had to just pick something.

I am sharing it as a complementary post to go along with my staff pick for the film A Patch Of Blue.

My post about this film is called: A Patch Of Blue, which I hope to watch tomorrow because I ran out of time to watch it today when I started this post.

A Patch of Blue (1965) Official Trailer – Sidney Poitier Movie

Hanging With Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & Tpindell & Accidentally Starting A Fire

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream that I can barely remember, and it took place at a fictional apartment-like building on the first floor in an apartment room.

Dashie and Tpindell from YouTube were in the room along with my brother GC & maybe a few other people & I.

At first, it seemed like the apartment room belonged to Dashie, and we were hanging out with him like he was having a small party / gathering / hangout.

I remember us having fun, and at some point someone mentioned ordering pizza.