Neighborhood Snakes | Kenneth Copeland & The Red Ball & A Fish Tank

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I went to visit a fictional neighborhood with my fictional wife or girlfriend.

There were alleys & sidewalks in this neighborhood with children & adults in the area, someone we knew, knew someone who lived in this neighborhood, maybe this person was a woman with dark-color skin who lived in a one-story house in this neighborhood, and this neighborhood had a snake problem of some kind.

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Imogen Poots? | A Roach | Game Of Zones | A Hostage Situation

Dream 1

This possible dream was inspired by me watching some of the movie Vivarium before I went to sleep.

All that I can remember is that Imogen Poots was possibly in the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

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A Doll-Like Child | Printers & An Attempted Framing

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city and I was with my mom, my brother GC, and my brother KDC and / or my brother TDC.

We were walking outside across maybe a small field by a street, this area reminded me of the area near the McDonald’s on B Street in the city of LC, and we saw a white and black cat.

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My Aunt VE Gets Fish As A Gift

There was more to this dream in the beginning and during other parts of the dream that I can not remember now, and all that I can remember of this dream now is that during one part of the dream my aunt VE was given gifts like it was maybe her birthday.

She was given gifts from her family, my family, and maybe some other people; and one of her gifts were some orangish and whitish colored fish that she had in a aquarium/fish tank, I had false memories of her getting fish the year before as well, and that is why she already had a fish tank probably.

I remember us being outside in the yard of E Manor at some point with her fish tank, my Aunt VE asked me if I would take care of her fish for a while (maybe she was looking for another job, and could not take care of them at this time; and she probably did not want to take care of them, and she probably did not know much about taking care of them), and she asked me if I would be available sometimes if she needed me to help her with something (maybe computer problems).

I do not know much about taking care of fish and I did not want to take care them but I was okay with being available sometimes to help with computer problems, I probably agreed to help with both things, but I probably was going to ask my brothers KD and TD to take care of the fish because they have knowledge and experience and an interest in things like that; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I remember being at The G House a lot like maybe I was using it or living there, it looked a bit different than in real life and it looked like the fictional version of it that is sometimes in my dreams, and there were two front porches instead of one; and the house was probably more of a blueish color.

Family members from my mom’s side of the family were arriving at E Manor for a family gathering it seemed so I remember trying to avoid being seen mostly and using the front porch to avoid being seen when I would go outside, and there were repetitive and/or repeating parts of the dream that took place at The G House but I can not remember the details of this.

At some point in the dream some of my family and I drove to what seemed like the city of L, I remember us talking to the sisters of my former male classmate JC and an unknown woman with whitish colored skin who was possibly dating my former classmate JC or one of his family members, and maybe I briefly saw my former classmate JC but I am not sure.

We were talking to them outside near the road in an area like the area outside the Oriental Market, I remember them saying that my former male classmate JC was working at a doctor’s clinic along the road not far away from where we were standing, but I was not sure if he was working as a nurse or not.

I remember either seeing or imagining/daydreaming seeing my former classmate JC at the doctor’s office working, to me it seemed that he still was suffering from the death of his mother and from other things, but that he was trying to keep busy working and maybe pretend that he was okay; and so most people did not know that he was still suffering, but I could tell.

At some point I remember driving back to The G House, some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family came to The G House several times like: my aunt DE, my cousin EE, et cetera; and at some point I went to E Manor to visit with them and the others, and then I went back to The G House but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Woman Gets Attacked Twice In A Public Aquarium-Like Shower / Bathtub Room

Dream 1

I did not voice record my dreams and so I forgot several of my dreams when I went back to sleep except for barely part of two dreams, and the end of the first dream took place inside a windowless dimly lit apartment/dorm-like building with brownish colored walls/carpet/et cetera with public bathrooms/showers.

I remember walking into a room that was maybe a public bathroom with part of one wall being completely glass with a large aquarium-like shower/bathtub area in another room (that entire room was a shower that could fill up like a bathtub/aquarium all the way to the ceiling) on the other side of the glass, and so you could see whoever was showering/taking a bath and they could see you.

A woman was taking a shower/bath in the other room standing up and oddly it was like a shower at first but it also started filling up like a bathtub, oddly I can not remember how the woman looked, and a clothed man with maybe dark brownish colored skin entered the shower/bathtub room with her.

I was probably using the bathroom still but I heard the man arguing with the woman, he was her boyfriend and it seemed to be an argument about their relationship, and then he started choking the woman like he was trying to kill her as I was probably washing my hands; and so I was going to run to the other room to stop him, but he stopped choking his girlfriend and he walked into the bathroom where I was.

The woman was on the ground almost unconscious and trying to recover while probably crying in the other room, and I confronted her boyfriend about the situation to stop him from leaving before I help his girlfriend; and he was shocked/sorry that he had tried to murder his girlfriend.

I was talking to him about the situation, about calling the police to turn himself in, about him getting help with his anger/attempted murder problem, and about getting his girlfriend to the emergency room to make sure that she was okay; but then another man with dark brownish colored skin opened the door to the other room where his girlfriend was.

The man seemed to have heard the attack earlier and he was smiling with a negative/evil grin, the water level was above their heads now, and he blocked the woman from leaving so that she could drown; and when she tried to run past him he attacked/started choking her trying to murder her.

I warned her boyfriend and we ran to save her but the man ran away before we reached the room and the woman was unconscious or dead, and I remember running after the other man; but I am not sure if anyone started to drain the water out of the room or not or if they moved his girlfriend’s body to another room or not.

I am also not sure if we caught the other man or not or if his girlfriend was dead or not, I am guessing that we caught the other man but I could be wrong, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day on a slightly fictional version of Eastside, and my brother CC and I drove in my automobile to a fictional empty piece of land near where the dead Reverend M and his wife used to live.

Our parents had two of their automobiles in the field and they wanted us to drive my dad’s truck back to their house while they go to get a rental car in my mom’s automobile, and so they left to get the rental car.

My brother CC would not drive my automobile or our dad’s truck home and he walked home, and so I drove my dad’s truck to their house; and my parents returned in a strange fancy sports car, and the front of the sports car could move left or right when you turned it seemed based on the design.

I asked them if one of them would drive me to pick up my automobile because my brother CC did not drive it home for me, one of them said yes, but I woke up before we could leave to pick up my automobile.

The end,

-John Jr